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File 140216125553.jpg - (59.56KB , 618x348 , uJRHubK.jpg )
73723 No. 73723
I found a video


Some of you might've seen it already, but it wasn't published on YouTube so I thought I'd share it
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>> No. 73724
yes a lot of us have seen it already, but thanks for posting it
>> No. 73725
File 140217047391.png - (907.17KB , 1280x717 , Thank you.png )
I was actually looking for this recently. Thank you.
>> No. 73726
No problem. I remember Catie saying something about the video not being completed so I just forgot about it after a while
>> No. 73727
yeah, she said something about the editor or something. I forget what it was, but I think the video turned out great.
>> No. 73731
Anthony seems cool, I liked him in this video with Catie

Why'd he have to go
>> No. 73740
Yeah, I liked Anthony too. I thought he had better chemistry with Catie than Alex does.
>> No. 73800
This is the best makeup tutorial ever. Thank-you for teaching me how to be pretty.
>> No. 73801
I watched this video some time ago. I think they make a fantastic team.
>> No. 73804
I thought so too, but I guess they had their reasons. Having a video like this in a channel dedicated to news would be weird. They should've gave the video to Catie, it'd have more views on her channel.
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