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File 140209366885.jpg - (70.57KB , 552x353 , 02.jpg )
73607 No. 73607
Probs gonna post around five I love you guys I gotta go for now see you soon. <3
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>> No. 73608
ok, see you then <3
>> No. 73609
Talk to yous later then.
>> No. 73610
I'm already really excited for it! x] Hope you had a great day so far, Catie. :)
>> No. 73611
File 14020979462.png - (941.17KB , 1829x1080 , Peaceee.png )
>Probs gonna post around five
That's 2AM my time, and considering I have a wedding to attend to tomorrow I should probably get some sleep instead of hanging around here in the middle of the night.

Have a nice weekend, breh. Hope you had a lot of fun and took lots of pics in Costa Rica.
>> No. 73612
This just in: 5:15 is the new time ily.
>> No. 73613
:D cool
>> No. 73614
File 140210006392.gif - (2.02MB , 306x360 , f5.gif )
>> No. 73615
ILY2, Catie!!! Don't really know what to say... how was ur CR trip? XD I bet it was awesome! Did you need a translator? Lol XD
>> No. 73616

Haha I like that gif!
>> No. 73617
hello there everyone.
To answer some questions I'm sure I'll get:
I am doing quite well, my day was very fun. I did lots of video-ing.
Costa Rica was AMAZING. It was one of the greatest experiences ever, seeing those creatures up close.
I did not get to hold them or anything though, because sloths are creatures of extreme habit, and so when they are presented with daily changes (like different people holding them every day) it stresses them out on an extreme level and they get sick and die. So I didn't get to hold them, but (obviously) that was okay. I didn't want to do any harm. :3

So how is everyone else? :D
>> No. 73618
did you miss us ;_; when you were in costa rica
>> No. 73619
Oh, hey, could you tell @Babylonian (forgot his name :/ :p) to do "Excel Saga" for Behind Anime Lines? And I'd prefer it if you did it with him, but it would be OK if not since you haven't seen it [As of yet, to the best of my knowledge, lol]
>> No. 73620
Hi Catie! I'm doing great. I've got a few good things going on in my life lately.

Did you know there are pictures of you on the sloth sanctuary website?

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you have when sloth week comes.
>> No. 73621
have you seen this http://www.slothsanctuary.com/blog/
>> No. 73622
File 140210056458.jpg - (15.58KB , 500x331 , zMpun.jpg )
I don't want to overwhelm you with Costa Rica questions, but how was your overall experience?
I hope your trip was awesome, I thinks sloths are adorable.
question: have you ever heard the natalie portman rap?
>> No. 73624
of course I did. :3

lol, his name is Nick. :p
I will let him know. He has lots of other animus to pick from right meow though, he may already have plans to do it (or not).
>> No. 73625
I'm feeling really good, thank you for asking. :)

Did you have time to do other things on Costa Rica too? Like visiting places, beaches or something?
>> No. 73626
did you do any filming for ANH in costa rica?
>> No. 73627

Hiya, Catie! Wow! Sounds like you had an awesome time!

I finally watched Frozen the other day. If I'm honest, I actually found it kind of meh, though.

I rescued a bee earlier - it was on the ground, looking like it was on its last legs, so I gave it some sugar water on a spoon. However, it was getting dark and cold and it was getting torpid, so I brought it inside. It's still alive and appears to be drinking sugar water as I type. I hope to release it tomorrow.

In other news, I'm in the middle of setting up a photograph (that I meant to get done WAY earlier, but will have to edit tomorrow) that is gonna be an homage to the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings, which was today.
>> No. 73628
I heard that sloths smell really bad, because they excrete most of their waste through their pores and it makes their fur sticky and gross. Do they smell bad?
Luckily for me I just see pictures and videos of them and I can be blissfully ignorant of their smell and just see how cute they are.
>> No. 73629
File 140210081854.jpg - (72.47KB , 960x478 , DHWbUym.jpg )
Ignore this part since Catie ninja'd me.
>I don't want to overwhelm you with Costa Rica questions, but how was your overall experience?

I finally landed a permanent contract job with my school district this week. Finally getting my foot in the door and a much needed break!
>> No. 73630
yes, I have. :p

That is so good to hear! I'm glad you've got some good stuff happening. :D Sloth week is going to be amazing, I can't even wait.


The overall experience was amazing-- though it really wasn't a Costa Rica experience, it was the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica experience. :p We were so busy the whole time we didn't have time to go do anything else while we were there.

I have indeed heard the Natalie Portman rap. :D It's very good.
>> No. 73631
>Sloth week is going to be amazing, I can't even wait.

move over shark week
>> No. 73632
Chewie, that reminded me of the reddit-famous "bee bro"
>> No. 73633
Catie what were you so busy with this week?
>> No. 73634

>> No. 73635
It was probably worth it. I mean who has the chance to visit a sloth sanctuary? x]

Have you been to other countries before or was this your first time leaving the US? :)
>> No. 73636
>> No. 73637
> it really wasn't a Costa Rica experience

Is it just me or do they look like their fur would be really coarse like coconut skin or whatever it's called?

>ninja'd again
>> No. 73638
my money's on making another channel :p
>> No. 73639
It's good to hear you had a good time.(:
>> No. 73641
I'd guess making an extra special WGB to be released smack-dab in the middle of sloth week.
Makes sense right?
>> No. 73642
it wouldn't take a week to do that, but yes there's probably going to be a sloth WGB video :D
>> No. 73643
only a little. I haven't quite decided if I'm going to make a video out of it or not.
Plus i accidentally fucking forgot my camera, so it's all on my iPhone and ON TOP of that, I filmed it vertically like a gawdamn idiot. ;___;

you rescued a bee today?
that's very interesting.
Good luck on your photograph! :D that's awesome.

lolwat? no, they don't smell bad. I mean, they smell like animals, but not particularly bad. where did you hear that they excrete through their pores? do you have a source? cause I don't think that's true. :p

congratulations! you completely deserve it. :3 I'm so happy for youuu! x3

Damn straight. B3

well it was my first week back to work after a trip away. so I had a lot to catch up on. :p
>> No. 73644
Please not another one. I can hardly keep up
>> No. 73645
How was the food? Did you get to try anything exotic or was it more like 'normal' stuff at the sanctuary?
>> No. 73646
Talking of D-Day (well, sort of), I have a pub quiz question:

D-Day was 6th June, 1944 - but which European capital city was liberated on June 5th, 1944?
>> No. 73647
File 140210205058.jpg - (81.66KB , 594x600 , 1401934979773.jpg )
>> No. 73648
Hey! My mom and I are going to drink wine and listen to music at the winery! Which is...funny...to me... XP I'll still be "here," though. XD
>> No. 73649
How much footage did you film for sloth week?
>> No. 73650
>where did you hear that they excrete through their pores? do you have a source? cause I don't think that's true. :p
Must have been some myth that was going around that I picked up a few years ago. Seems I'm not the only one who heard it. I stand corrected. :)
>> No. 73651
Catie what are some place around the vidcon that would also be nice to go to? Are there a lot of places to eat?
>> No. 73652
>you rescued a bee today?
that's very interesting.

Yeah, it's been a good opportunity to see one up-close & I think it's fascinating!

>Good luck on your photograph! :D that's awesome.

Haha thanks! I'm sure you'll probably see the photo at some point
>> No. 73653
File 140210235524.jpg - (33.55KB , 371x400 , lolno.jpg )
It was ABSOLUTELY worth it!
It was my first time out of country! :D

Judy (the sloth sanctuary founder) said that it's really soft even though it looks coarse. ;_____;

pic related.
>> No. 73654
*some place's
>> No. 73655
Thank you for the kind words :D
I actually had two job offers, made me feel pretty neat that two schools wanted me to work for them. Hopefully I can get my Master's through the district too. :D
>> No. 73656
lol, owls are so cool and have weird necks.

Anyway, Catie it was great talking to you, I need to go and get back to work.
>> No. 73657
File 140210252921.jpg - (709.05KB , 1280x548 , 1401834767367.jpg )
>> No. 73658
Oh man. I have a huge headache... "why don't I go out and drink some red wine right now?" Great idea. >_>
>> No. 73659
File 140210274844.png - (1.22MB , 821x697 , convention.png )
Catie I've been using google maps to look around and the convention center looks huge.
>> No. 73660
File 140210282347.gif - (1.49MB , 400x225 , 1MGPZEQ.gif )
>Judy (the sloth sanctuary founder) said that it's really soft even though it looks coarse. ;_____;

omg, pic related
that makes me want to pet them but i don't want to stress them out ;-;
wat do
>> No. 73661
>implying you'd ever meet one in person
>> No. 73662
I think it's across the street from Disney.
>> No. 73664
Gotta go now, but hai Catie!!
I hope you had soooo much fun in Costa Rica :)
>> No. 73665
Great idea! I have no idea where any of this shizz is at. First 'vacation' and first time traveling alone, imma gonna get lost for sure D:
>> No. 73666
their cook like up and quit so everything at the sanctuary was soup and sandwiches. It was sad.
But at dinner time I got to have some AMAZING seafood dishes. Also I got to try a star fruit for the first time which is like my new favorite thing ever. They are soooo sour.

I have no clue. O:

lol have fun. :p

Animalist filmed a LOT. :3 It was a good time.

lol that is so silly. :p <3

There are a lot of nice restaurants right up the street from vidcon. (: Plus some tiny ones in the vicinity.
>> No. 73667
yea...thanks for that Buzz Killington, also thanks for stating the obvious
>> No. 73668
Was it strange or any kind of scary for you to leave your country? I definitely was when I left my country the first time. xD

I also can't wait to see a new episode of Fandom Beat tomorrow and I have to say that you have improved your acting a lot since you started recapping episodes. :)
>> No. 73669
kick that guys ass that lit a cigarette on your train
>> No. 73670
>First 'vacation' and first time traveling alone

me too D:
>> No. 73671
>I have no clue. O:

>> No. 73672
>Also I got to try a star fruit for the first time which is like my new favorite thing ever

oh I never had one. I didn't know they were sour, but I'll get one the next time I go to the store.
>> No. 73673
Have a good night! <3

that picture makes me anxious because Rainbow Rocks. o___o

you are so silly, did you take some advil?

It's pretty big, man. :3


well if he ever went to the sloth sanctuary of costa rica, he could. :D

Thanks for stopping by! :D Have a good night! <3

You'll be fine! <3 :3
>> No. 73674
whoa are you posting from a train?
>> No. 73675
^nice get, Catie! XP <3
>> No. 73676
>They are soooo sour.
you have caught my interest.
Can you buy a star fruit in the states? I've never heard of them.
>> No. 73677
File 140210370739.png - (301.59KB , 637x476 , 1397701175586.png )
>> No. 73678
File 140210374289.gif - (1.63MB , 429x350 , DBKI3ub[1].gif )
Woah hey I'm here!

>> No. 73679

I'm sure we have star fruits in the UK, so surely you must have them in the US, too
>> No. 73680
Probably not :P They sound delicious tho
>> No. 73681
Thanks! I hope so XD
The flight I'm looking at currently leaves at 6 in the morning from Omaha.........I live two hours from Omaha >_>
>> No. 73682
Catie how long are you going to be in anaheim for vidcon? Are you going to go to Disneyland on Sunday after vidcon?
>> No. 73683
you could go to your local zoo. :3

No, I wasn't scared at all. Which was strange, because people kept acting like I should have been scared or nervous.

Thank you very much for the kind words. :D

he put it out.
I wasn't the only person who took issue with it. :p

>> No. 73684
I usually take Excedrin. Usually 2, but there was only one in the bottle, so we'll see how well that works
>> No. 73685
I've seen them in stores a lot but I never tried one :/
>> No. 73686
I stand corrected :o http://www.ehow.com/how_10053674_buy-star-fruit.html
>> No. 73687
>local zoo
ha, good one :p
Closest one is in Omaha and last year when my family went I did not see any. Maybe we missed them, I unno
>> No. 73688
File 140210410114.jpg - (21.95KB , 350x302 , 2-13042210315D31.jpg )
>> No. 73689
File 140210411897.gif - (441.00KB , 500x279 , 7aVp6Hp[1].gif )

Kinda want to ask everyone that's going this, because I'm not planning on a Disney visit, but if you people are planning on doing the Disney day I'd be down for it
>> No. 73690
combining pain drugs with alcohol? I'm not so sure about doing that, dude.
>> No. 73691
Is there going to be a new pony video tomorrow Catie? I'm really looking forward to seeing it. They are so good, and it's been a while since the last one.
>> No. 73692
yes indeed I am. :p

ikr? I thought of you when I eated them. Cool thing, they use star fruit to garnish like everything. So I got to eat a bunch of slices of it. x3 so good.


ew, gross. don't you live closer to any airports?

I want to, but I haven't decided yet! x3
>> No. 73693
>Disneyland on Sunday after vidcon?
say wut? Doesn't vidcon end on Saturday? What does Disneyland have to do with vidcon? can you please elaborate, im confused
>> No. 73694
>I want to, but I haven't decided yet! x3

ok, but if you do will you tell us? Or do you just want to have some fun and we won't bother you.
>> No. 73695
>> No. 73696
I am very jealous. What stores do you find them in? I CAN NEVER FIND THEMMM. Dx


Yes, there is a new pony video tomorrow. (:
>> No. 73697
yeah vidcon ends on saturday and sunday is after vidcon...also I think disneyland is giving people discounts on sunday that have vidcon tickets.
>> No. 73698
Hey Catie, I'm new to form joined about a week ago and i just wanted to say that's been really fun and your fanbase is really nice :D! Also, I love your videos :DDD
>> No. 73699
How've you been the last two weeks? How awesome was your trip? I bet it was pretty awesome

>> No. 73700
>ikr? I thought of you when I eated them. Cool thing, they use star fruit to garnish like everything. So I got to eat a bunch of slices of it.
awww thanks :3 but now know that I am extremely jealous of you :p

>ew, gross. don't you live closer to any airports?

there is a local airport in Sioux City but it costs way more since it's smaller, I wanna leave from there, but I don't think I can :(
>> No. 73701
They're in off season right now :'(
>> No. 73702
Hey Catie, I'm new to form joined about a week ago and i just wanted to say that's been really fun and your fanbase is really nice :D! Also, I love your videos :DDD
>> No. 73703
All this talk of Vidcon, and I'm not going :(
>> No. 73704
local grocery stores. I think I might have even seen them at walmart, but I'm not sure.
>> No. 73705
Alright guys! I must take my leave! I love you all so much! :3
I missed yew! <3
>> No. 73706
bye Catie <3 I missed you too. I hope you have a nice weekend
>> No. 73707
Thanks for the info guys,
I did not know this. Kinda changes everything. I never have been to Disneyland or world, so that would be interesting.
>> No. 73708
File 140210472236.gif - (1.95MB , 360x200 , dbpsWQ5[1].gif )
>> No. 73709

See ya, Catie! So glad you had such an awesome time in Costa Rica! Take care & have a great weekend!
Thanks for chatting with us <3
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