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File 140174910069.jpg - (18.41KB , 540x314 , 2014-06-02_18-32-56-1.jpg )
73587 No. 73587
Her reply when asked about Costa Rica

It could be an ANH video or just an Animalist video. Preferably one from ANewHopeee. Or she'll be posting here on the Chan or in the forums.
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>> No. 73588
I think she just meant she'd tell us about it when she posts here.
>> No. 73589
Yeah, there's no way she's making a video about Costa Rica before a babscon or birthday video.
>> No. 73590
lets not pressure her, guys.
>> No. 73591
We're not, it's just speculation.
>> No. 73592
File 140178042380.png - (600.44KB , 915x949 , Distracted.png )
>birthday video
I had totally forgotten about that. Last year it was uploaded on the 9th of June, but I doubt she's making one at all this year, if she is it'll be uploaded really, really late.
>> No. 73601
File 140193526611.jpg - (2.17MB , 4000x2256 , photo1slothweek.jpg )
In Costa Rica, Catie puts pressure on you!
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