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File 140095768714.jpg - (25.54KB , 350x250 , image.jpg )
73551 No. 73551
What type of medicine does catiebox use for her ADD? Adderall? Ritalin?

Plz halp.
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>> No. 73552
File 140096060761.png - (29.38KB , 313x384 , 57.png )
Ritalin I think.
>> No. 73555
>first of all, it's not ritalin.
well then, I guess it's ritalin
>> No. 73556
Guess that means it's Adderall. Not really a wide variety of ADD medication, right?
>> No. 73557
I believe she takes chemical compound C12H17N204P, otherwise known as psilocybin, otherwise known as magic mushrooms. She be shroomin' all day erryday
>> No. 73558
I doubt the legitimacy of this post.

Plz be cereal. I have ADD and I'm not taking anything unless cate in the box took it and gives the ok.
>> No. 73559
Just take what your doctor prescribes, everyone is different and they'll probably know best.
Or you could not take it and instead sell adderall to college kids. Your choice really.
>> No. 73560
I'm very cautious about what medicine I put into my system and don't wanna just take anything prescribed to me.
>> No. 73561
My point is that you're probably better off taking your medical advice from a medical professional than from a girl on the internet.
>> No. 73562
I trust catie more than some doctor tho. It's a business, after all. All they really care about is getting paid.
>> No. 73565
they also care about lawsuits against them for prescribing the wrong medication
>> No. 73566
It's not "wrong" if they say you need it. Psychologists are some of the biggest bullshitters in the medical field.
>> No. 73569
There are ADD meds other than ritalin and adderal. There are nonstimulant medications.
They didn't work very well for me, and I've been taking adderal for 15 years, most of that time in the generic form. I've always been curious about what meds Catie takes, but I always thought it would be rude to ask, and not necessarily helpful to my own situation.


>>I trust catie more than some doctor tho. It's a business, after all. All they really care about is getting paid.

I'm not sure Catie is certified to prescribe drugs in your state. So, you're still going to have find a doctor and explain to him or her that you want to take this drug, because it's what Boxxy told you to take. Please let us know how he or she reacts.

>>It's not "wrong" if they say you need it. Psychologists are some of the biggest bullshitters in the medical field.

Psychologists can't prescribe drugs. You need an MD for that, that can include a psychiatrist, but my regular doctor has been prescribing my adderal for years.
>> No. 73572
Were you in school when you started adderall? Did it improve your grades significantly?
>> No. 73574
No I wasn't in school, so the grades question isn't applicable. One interesting thing that has happened to me since I started taking adderal is that I've gotten pretty good with computers
>> No. 73583
File 140157936575.gif - (0.99MB , 452x271 , 1389862378427.gif )
Not saying that this is in any way true, but that would explain the "magic".
>> No. 73732
File 140234116081.jpg - (103.10KB , 1000x688 , image.jpg )
Went to doctor. Told him the symptoms and everything. Asked for adderall. He kept asking me if I abused drugs, crack especially kept coming up (he asked this about 5 or 6 times). Of course I never took a single drug, or smoked, or drank, not even so much as an Advil. I told him over and over. He said he wasn't going to prescribe me adderall because I would get addicted and abuse it.
Then he prescribed me something to help me stop smoking.

I do not smoke.

All in all it was a 10/10 experience. Great. Fanfuckingtastic. Not gonna take this bullshit medication because it'll do fuckall for my ADD, so money wasted and nothing solved. Love it. Love everything about it. Maybe I'll get lucky and get hit by a fucking bus.
>> No. 73737
File 140238166294.png - (477.22KB , 550x694 , 1379532446388.png )
You could always sell it
>> No. 73738
File 140242281677.jpg - (46.33KB , 465x300 , brainonadderall.jpg )

Until you've been diagnosed with ADHD, any doctor who is responsible isn't going to just give you adderall because you ask for it. It's a controlled substance, and it's a popular abuse drug right now. If you think you have ADHD, get a decent psychiatrist and work with him or her. Get a diagnosis, and try some medications. Take whatever is prescribed, and if it doesn't work, try something else.

Taking Adderall is a real commitment. If I can't get the drug for some reason, I'll end up sleeping 16 hours a day for maybe 3 days. You're not going to want to enter into that lightly, and there are other medications besides stimulants.
>> No. 73742
This. Taking adderall is a commitment that will come with some downsides. It's not some magic pill that's going to automatically transform you into a better person. If you don't seriously need it, I wouldn't take it.
>> No. 73753
File 140258977066.jpg - (27.69KB , 249x386 , image.jpg )
Yeah I'm probably just gonna trade my medication with someone who has adderall. Or sell mine and buy adderall from a 3rd part. So much safer than being under a doctors watch. Good thing he didn't prescribe it to me, I might've gotten addicted.
Goddamn I can't get over how stupid he was.
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