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File 140083140997.jpg - (48.92KB , 428x662 , image.jpg )
73542 No. 73542
So I'm a little confused after reading the FAQ, so to get noticed I make a username follow it with 2 numbers then a password all in the Name Bar? Or does the password go in the Password Bar? This may be a dumb question but the way the FAQ was worded confused me. I'd be very grateful for any reply's.
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>> No. 73543
File 140083220092.jpg - (126.59KB , 768x1024 , image.jpg )
Sorry guys wrong pic
>> No. 73546
>I make a username follow it with 2 numbers then a password all in the Name Bar
Yes, except not numbers, just hashtags:


Example: Yui##Chan

This translates to my current tripcode/ID.
>> No. 73553
being fanon is the way of life man
>> No. 73554
>> No. 73769
this is true for all others but Caties chan is much different, and how cool would it be to get recognized by her in a video or something like the silly face challenge
>> No. 73770
Most of the people Catie has recognized on camera are from twitter. Only rarely does she mention people from her site. And we don't know if she'll ever do another silly face challenge video again.
>> No. 73774
such a downer bro
>> No. 73776
I'm just being realistic. Fanon > trip
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