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File 139967361420.jpg - (143.95KB , 580x386 , l-Cute-little-baby-platypus1.jpg )
73409 No. 73409
Hey guys!
I'm sorry for the short notice, but one of my shoots was cancelled for today, so I can post earlier than I thought I could!
I'll be here for posting at 3:30! <3

here is a baby platypus.
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>> No. 73410
<3 cool see you in a few
>> No. 73411
>> No. 73412
File 139967405185.jpg - (358.99KB , 1600x1200 , 8lpEPhH.jpg )
Awesome sauce! It leaves your Friday evening uninterrupted. Talk to yew in a few :3 Hopefully you aren't too stressed or busy D:
>> No. 73413
why was it cancelled D:
>> No. 73414
File 139967431340.jpg - (1.34MB , 2884x1392 , platy1.jpg )
how can they start off so cute as a baby and end up like... this?

also hi catie
>> No. 73415
That's still cute man
>> No. 73417
That's hairy muff.
>> No. 73418
hey catie, how you been?
>> No. 73419
hey! I sent you a tweet earlier today! did you see that? (it was about how I downloaded Greek characters on my phone)

I can't believe you're getting to hang with us so early! I've been looking forward to this all week! XD <33333333
>> No. 73420
Hello Catie! How're you doing? :D
>> No. 73421
File 13996749019.jpg - (459.28KB , 1303x1092 , platypus1.jpg )
meh, maybe a little... should have posted this instead.
>> No. 73422
mrow. :3 sup guys?

nah, actually today was pretty good. :3

nothing bad, we just didn't need to shoot. we're a little ahead of schedule, apparently. (:

platypuses are super cute man.

i've been pretty good. (:
excited for the weekend. how are youu?

i did see it! that's pretty cool. (:
i've been missing your spanish translations lately, btw. xD

I am doing very well. :D how was your day?
>> No. 73423
I wanna ask you about mlp, but you probably can't talk about it :P
>> No. 73424
hi catie
>> No. 73425
Hey Catie. Busy week?
>> No. 73426
yeaaaaah, i way can't. :p
<3 sorry!

hi fanon. :3
>> No. 73427
>we're a little ahead of schedule, apparently

did you let you take the rest of the day off?
>> No. 73428
Oh my god! That is the cutest picture I've seen all day!

How are you, Catie?
>> No. 73429
>platypuses are super cute man.
well of course they are... as babies! :P
>> No. 73430
That's always nice to hear and congratulations on being ahead of schedule considering you are on a billion channels!
Anything neat planned for the weekend, or just chillaxing?
>> No. 73431
it's ok Catie. I'll see it tomorrow. I can't wait to see your recap afterwards. So what happens now? Are you gonna start from season 1?
>> No. 73432
My day was very calm, thank you for asking. :) I hope you managed to make your week a little less stressful? ;)

I was wondering about something however: Why are people so obsessed with your hair? I mean I'm glad that you're not affected by that because I think you know best how your hair hast to look like but why are they never satisfied? I really liked your long hair but I also love your new hair because it looks cute and elegant. <3
>> No. 73433
Catie! I'm finally here for posting after about 2months D:

This 2nd gen iPod is all I have access to noaw so it's going to be painful.
I hope you're well! The videos have been consistently amazing as usual :3 <3
>> No. 73434
Catie, you should write a book. pls. Maybe.
>> No. 73435
my day was a little stressful, but better now that i'm home and it's friday
>> No. 73436
Will we ever see the long hair again or are you sticking with the short hair?
>> No. 73437
oh. [I didn't know whether you had seen it because you didn't favorite it... ;__; :p ]

and what did you mean by:
>i've been missing your spanish translations lately, btw. xD

I don't think I've done that many lately, so did you mean that you hadn't seen them lately or did you mean that *I've* been missing people tweeting at you in Spanish? ;__; :p
>> No. 73438
Catie what was your favorite birthday present you got?
>> No. 73439
Ohai Catie!
I got here right on time.
How you doing today?
>> No. 73440
How do you deal with awkward situations. I mean when something starts smell spaghtetii you act more "Stop it"or "Di something about it" or you pretend like nothing happend ?
>> No. 73441
Well hello there!
Hi Catie and everyone else. /waves
>> No. 73442
  Catie talking about Dinosaurs :O
>> No. 73443
indeed. it typically is. xD how about you? :3

sort of. i'm still here, i have to wait for an edit to get done so I can look it over and give my notes. but the day is almost over, so it's no big deal. (:

me also. that's why i shared it with you. :p

well it's my friends birthday, so i'll be attending that. :3
but other than that, not really. i'll just be hanging out. :p


mmm, nothing is for sure yet, but I think we're gonna finish the rest of season four first. (:

actually yes! I got together with all my people i work with and worked out a new schedule. i think it's going to be much better than before. :3
as for my hair, i don't know why some people are so obsessed with it, but i don't really care. :p it is mine, and so i shall do with it what i want. you can't please everyone. (:

I hoped you would make it! I was thinking about how you can't make it so late and trying to figure out how to fix it, but unfortunately there really isn't much of a way to, unless something like this happens. D:
Thanks for the compliment on the videos, i work hard on them, so it's alway since to hear that you guys like them. :3

lol maybe one day i will. (:
it's nice to see you again.

oh gud. i'm sorry your day wasn't so super. snuggle with a pillow and watch your favorite comedian when this is over. or now. or don't. whatevs you want. x3 <3
>> No. 73444
File 139967572851.jpg - (126.80KB , 625x390 , DJvRQ9b.jpg )
Catie, I think it's amazing that you get to work with your favorite show (and watch shows ahead of time :D) I mean that must be like a dream come true for many MLP fans out there. It would be like me working as a video game reviewer where I got to play video games before they hit the market and talk and make jokes about them, that's really awesome :3

Also, expect a late birthday present from me :( I have been super busy working my ass off trying to make enough money so I can make it to VidCon!!!
>> No. 73445
File 139967575674.gif - (4.76MB , 480x270 , w7qx3jW[1].gif )
Woah, wait am I not too late? Did I make it?

>> No. 73446
My week was alright. The weather is getting better, which is making me pretty happy. I hate cold weather, haha. I didn't get to watch any Mad Men at all though because my Netflix thing ended. But I got it back today, and I'll watch it later.
>> No. 73447
File 139967596785.jpg - (26.45KB , 217x260 , morrissey-tshirt.jpg )
It's nice of you to have acknowledged my absence.
Another thing, I really need to know; Do you like The Smiths? Dx
>> No. 73448
oh neat! youtube hasn't emailed me about that video yet.
Catie you look great in the "Birds Are The Only Dinosaurs still alive" video. I guess blue is my favorite color is why. And that necklace is really cool.
>> No. 73449
Hello Catie. Hope you had a nice week. I was really looking forward to this but I have to go out for a bit. Damn real life commitments. Anyways, I have some questions and since I can't spread them out between multiple posts, I'm gonna ask them all right here.

1. sWooZie uploaded a video a couple weeks ago that you appeared in where you met up with him in L.A. How often do you travel to L.A.? Do you go there for stuff other than YouTubers React?

2. Any upcoming movies you are excited for? Godzilla comes out next week. X-Men: Days of Future Past the week after. Maybe Maleficent is what your looking forward to at the end of the month?

3. Are you bothered at all by when I pair you up with Anthony Carboni. I know you thought it was funny at first, but I've done it a few times now and maybe you rather I stop?

Anyways, sorry for all the questions at once if they annoy you. Have a pleasant weekend. <3
>> No. 73450
>> No. 73451
File 139967607058.jpg - (54.46KB , 500x487 , spike.jpg )
you do a great job playing Spike Catie. I'm glad we got to see a lot of him lately.
>> No. 73452
sounds like a good weekend to me :)

Question: Have you ever watched "the pursuit of happyness" I watched it a few days ago for the first time... the feels, Catie, the feels! ;-;
>> No. 73453
I'm really glad to hear that. I mean I probably don't have to but I always worry that you might overwork yourself too much. ._. So if you should ever feel that you need a break then don't worry about us and take it. x]
Is it really true that the most consistent people are chosen for your #WGB videos? Does this mean I have to annoy you with my otter suggestion and cute pics about them?
>> No. 73454
>I got together with all my people i work with and worked out a new schedule

you're like a super star now :O
>> No. 73455
Any plans for the weekend, Catie?
My folks have gone away, so I'm reeling in the glory of having the house to myself!

>> No. 73456
hope you don't mind, but here's some stuff I was gonna post in previous weeks, but you didn't see or w/e:

oh. hey. catie. might I perhaps make some more suggestions for tv shows? XD I've already mentioned Game of Thrones... here are some others...

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (must-see! :p)
Parks & Rec
maybe Hannibal... hm...
I've also been watching Rake (w/ Greg Kinnear). I mean, they're probably gonna cancel it, which is a shame. I mean, it wasn't a bad show. but, hey, if you ever *do* start watching it, at least there won't be that much to catch up on. lol. XD

OMG! CATIE! It's been just about 13 months since I rediscovered you! :O! (I mean, I saw your first Boxxy videos in 08/2009, but then, I didn't have internet from 07/2010 - 12/2012, so... :/ ) anyway, yeah, just wanted to let you know... (I think the first ANH vid of you I saw was "Catie reacts," which made Felix Ray's list of top 10 Catie moments of 2013...)
>> No. 73457
>Is it really true that the most consistent people are chosen for your #WGB videos? Does this mean I have to annoy you with my suggestion and cute pics about them?

Yes I had the same thought, but I feel terrible and selfish spamming Catie's twitter feed so I only made one suggestion once. I mean, I'm not in any hurry to see 'my' suggestion as a video, but I just wanted to know the process so it doesn't bother Catie D:
>> No. 73458
ohmy don't worry about it :3

My Vidcon dreams were crushed by my parents a few days
ago, so Im pretty bummed. So I guess next year it is!

Can you tell us any specifics about what other shows/content is going to be on FandomBeat? I undertake if it's sooperdooper secret ^.^
>> No. 73459
it will be short for a while, but one day i'll grow it out again. i don't stick with one certain hairstyle for too long, i'm sure you've noticed.

hahah, you've probably missed them. but it's not a big deal. (: you can't catch them all. despite what pokemon would encourage you to do.

well i try not to have favorites. :p but i got some really cool and thoughtful stuff this year. (: you guys know me so well.

Hi! I am doing vrr good today. :3 how is you?

i have yet to encounter a situation SO awkward that i had to act out of the norm. :p i don't even know what that would entail.

herrooo :3

why yes i am. :3

it's pretty amazing. :3 i feel very lucky.
also that picture made me laugh so hard, the whole animalist team came over and looked at it and we had a giggle together. so thanks for that. :3
seeing you at vidcon will be gift enough. :D
>> No. 73460
hm. I think Catie's Spike voice sounds A LOT like her Rainbow Dash voice (or at least it did at the beginning, idk). anyway, yeah, great. [idk what else I could add there]
>> No. 73461

Aw that sucks! Hopefully you can go next year? I know I'm making this an annual thing now
>> No. 73462
omg Catie I can't wait until you recap my favorite mlp episodes. It's going to be so great.
>> No. 73463
Aww Mikachu. I'm sorry you can't come to vidcon, I wanted to meet you.
Well you can use the money you saved up for Vidcon to get yourself something nice then.
>> No. 73464
Hey Catie, 47 days until Vidcon, are you excited? I know I am
>> No. 73465
Catie tell your mom we all wish her a happy mothers day <3
>> No. 73466
>also that picture made me laugh so hard, the whole animalist team came over and looked at it and we had a giggle together. so thanks for that. :3

pic related

I was going to tweet that picture or the one I ultimately ended up tweeting you earlier this week. Glad you guys enjoyed it as much as I did :3
Also, I WILL WORRY ABOUT A PRESENT, UR NAWT MAI MUM! I think you will enjoy what I got you tho, but thank you for your kind words :3 <3
>> No. 73467
I'm happy that you're doing good Catie! I'm fine too.

I think somebody asked you something about movies somewhere here, and that reminded me:
I'm kinda bored tonite. Do you have any nice movie to recommend?
>> No. 73468
well, thanks. I'm glad you appreciate the minor content contributions I make. XD (of course, I mean, you haven't even said anything about this yet: http://adderall-apocalypse.blogspot.com/2013/11/im-in-ur-threadz-translatin-ur-tweets.html lol]
>> No. 73469
Oh, dude that's a shame! I hope I can go next year, too.


Lol Dave
>> No. 73470
This. I'm asking about this too.
>> No. 73471
>47 days until Vidcon
Well, someone keeping track :p

but holy shit, 47 days! That's...like...3 days less than 50.
I'm excited to meet everyone from the sphere there.
>> No. 73472
Yeah it sucks, I wanted to meet you too.

Our date is held off for another year I guess :P heh

I'm gon buy some cool stuff this summer & save some for next year.

Also yes, Party at Chewie'sss!! :D
>> No. 73473
you have a great fashion sense Catie. We have been seeing that a lot lately in videos.
>> No. 73474
File 13996773585.gif - (1.32MB , 320x200 , yesss.gif )
fml, I forgot to attach the pic related .-.
>> No. 73475
I wish I could go to Vidcon. That would be awesome.
>> No. 73476
Catie show us your goddess plaque in the birthday video lol
>> No. 73477
lol hi deshi. :3 <3

oh yeah the weather has been really nice around here too. was a little rainy yesterday, but very warm today. i dare say i could wear a sundress if i wanted to. :3
and that's cool about netflix, i don't even know what i'd do without mine. since i don't have cable. xD

yeah man, i like you, i was bummed when you left.
i don't DISLIKE the smiths, i've never heard of them. o:

my mom and sister got me that dress and necklace for my birthday. :3 you should see the shoes i'm wearing! so cute.
xD but thanks. <3

have fun with your real life commitments!
1. eh, i go about once a month or so. sometimes to visit friends, other times for youtubers react. i plan to start collaborating with others when i go down there.

2. if you hadn't mentioned maleficent i would have forgotten about it, but yeah! i am really excited to see it. :D

3. lol nah i don't care. totally harmless. :p

LOL i think spike is probably my worst job. :p but i try!

omg yeah man, it's a good movie! ;____; i haven't seen it for a while, but it's way good.

lol it's not annoying. (: i pick the most consistent people because it means that they really want to see it and so when i pick them it means something to them. there are some exceptions here and there, but yeah. :3
what's your twitter handle?

lol yeaaah, having the house to yourself is fuuuun. x3

i don't really have time to get into new shows right now, but I do watch parks and rec. :3
that's really cool! i'm glad you've become part of the sphere! <3


aw man! start saving up for next year for sure!
as far as fandombeat stuff, i don't think it's exactly a secret, but i don't know specifics exactly. i'd love to do some star wars and doctor who stuff. probs adventure time also.
>> No. 73478
File 139967761855.gif - (1.45MB , 480x270 , adventure.gif )

We'll see you there one day. And then we'll all have an amazing party :3
>> No. 73479
Have you done any cooking lately? I really like your cooking videos.
>> No. 73480
Dude, I want to move to California. I hate Michigan. I think it's ugly, and I hate winters so much. Never have any fun when it's winter. Family said they might consider moving to Texas or Arizona. I'm fine with that, as long as there's no winter. Hahaha.
>> No. 73481
>i plan to start collaborating with others when i go down there

are you going to ever collab with Miranda Sings? :O I love her.
>> No. 73482
File 139967789596.gif - (551.43KB , 320x180 , wookie-dance-o.gif )
>Also yes, Party at Chewie'sss!! :D

Pic related
>> No. 73483
On Twitter I'm @niko_meyer and I'm the one who suggested otters today with these cute cuddling otters. <3 :3

I was thinking about making another twitter account for the fanpage however so people actually know that this is me.
>> No. 73484
>Aw that sucks! Hopefully you can go next year? I know I'm making this an annual thing now
Mikachu got cut off from his internet connection & wanted to reply with:
>me too, it'd be Great to meet you :3
>> No. 73485
>i have to wait for an edit to get done so I can look it over and give my notes

haha what's it like to have someone else edit videos for you? Also is Alex jealous of you?
>> No. 73486
what are some of your favorites? :D

yeah they both need a lot of work. but i think my dash is slowly improving. spike is really hard. xD

i lold.

omgomgomg i'm SOOOO EXCITED rarity.gif

I totally will! :D

daw. :3 <3
>pic related

whatcha in the mood for?

oh yeah i remember that! xD
so awesome!

lol thanks. :p
you have also seen my days where i can't even be bothered to put together a decent outfit. xD

lol omg i'm just the worst.
i was actually thinking about that today. xDD
>> No. 73487
everyone is talking about sphere content but why not ask you about something that can i ask every normal people, so:

What do you think about Ukraine,Crimea'n'stuff?
>> No. 73488
File 13996782303.jpg - (30.99KB , 217x260 , Morrissey (3).jpg )
>yeah man, i like you, i was bummed when you left
Oh, well, I'm surprised you explicitly noticed that I left for a while. Are you trying to be nice or do you lurk more often than we think you do? ;P
>i don't DISLIKE the smiths, i've never heard of them. o:
but alright, you should give them a listen, I guess. I was just curious to find what would happen if my favourite youtuber likes my favourite band. Then I would have noted the chemical reaction.

What kinda books do you read? Hae you read any Oscar Wilde?
>> No. 73489
Maybe some comedy. I want to have a fun time tonight.
Thanks Catie! :)
>> No. 73490
>lol yeaaah, having the house to yourself is fuuuun. x3

You bet it is! I'm just having a total pig-out eating pizza and drinking beer while I watch Monsters University
>> No. 73491
eeep! :D that'll be so awesome.

mmm, nothing really cool. otherwise i would have filmed it. :p

the weather is pretty neat here, man.
you should definitely consider it.

well i'd like to! but unfortunately she doesn't know i exist. :p

OH! Well okay then, no worries. (: i knew you were from the sphere, i just wasn't totally sure who you were.

eh, it's an odd experience. takes a lot of trust. i didn't know i had this much trust. xD but it takes off a LOT of pressure for videos.
and idk. D: probably not. alex is super cool.
>> No. 73492
>what are some of your favorites? :D

my favorite episodes are in season three "Spike at Your Service" the one where AppleJack saves Spike and he insists on being her servant and "Just for Sidekicks" where Spike babysits all the pets. I have a few other favorites, but I can't think of what they are now.
>> No. 73493
>you have also seen my days where i can't even be bothered to put together a decent outfit. xD

I don't think that's true. I think you have always looked great.
>> No. 73494
Maybe I should sign all my tweets with ~Your lifetime fan Dreamforce~. xD

Now I finally need to ask something that I wanted to ask the last two fridays but I was always too late: Are you planing something for your 300.000 subs (only 17.000 more) on your ANH-Channel?
>> No. 73495
Yup. Well, I hope you have a great day! See you next Friday.
>> No. 73496
File 139967871799.gif - (925.37KB , 370x208 , w7LVD.gif )
don't make fun of me just because i'm too stoopid to remember to attach the pic ;_;

pic related >:D
(god I hope i remember to attach it this time)

PS: I don't know if I told you but I got around to getting pichurs of mai pets as promised! I PM'd them to yew so they are there for whenever :D
>> No. 73497
>alex is super cool
Alex is pretty cool, huh.
>> No. 73498
>oh yeah i remember that! xD
>so awesome!

aww! SO glad you liked it! that means SO MUCH to me! XD
>> No. 73499
That sounds great, I can't wait for more great content there! :D

Well I'm going to sleep noaw, exam revision calls tomorrow! :c

Glad I got to chat this week, thanks for hanging Catieee! :3 morethantwo.
>> No. 73500
>well i'd like to! but unfortunately she doesn't know i exist. :p

:( Yeah, she did a video where she does impressions of other youtubers and I was hoping she would have done you but she didn't. maybe you will meet each other at vidcon?
>> No. 73501
alright you guys, back to work for a bit for me! <3
i love you soooo much. :3 <333

>being nice or lurk moar?
lol the latter, i think. in any case, i'm not just being nice. :p
do you have a twitter? tweet me some of their stuff and i'll give it a listen on the way home.
i don't do too much reading nowadays, but my all time favorite book is catcher in the rye. i also recently read The Stranger by Albert Camus
it was damn good.
I haven't read any Wilde that left an impression on me... hmm. what do you recommend?

i recently saw Hot Rod for the first time, and I liked it enough for it to be the first comedy to come to mind. so, yeah. :p

>Monsters University

wow, that is not an answer i expected. most people dislike spike episodes.
>> No. 73502
what was your hardest school subject
>> No. 73503
bye!!!!!! Have an awesome weekend! Glad everything is working out smoother for you at work :D
>> No. 73504
Noooo! My question got ditched again. xD

Have a great weekend Catie! <3
>> No. 73505
bye catie <3
>> No. 73506
Bye Catie, have a great weekend
>> No. 73507
>eh, it's an odd experience. takes a lot of trust. i didn't know i had this much trust. xD but it takes off a LOT of pressure for videos.
and idk. D: probably not. alex is super cool.

just think if you had to edit all these videos :( but I think this person editing your videos does a good job.
You are really successful doing all this different stuff and Alex just keeps doing animalist videos and really nothing else. I like him, but honestly his Jim Carrey thing is annoying and not funny.
>> No. 73508
Bye Catie! Have a nice time.

And thank a lot foar suggesting the movie :)
>> No. 73509
Ales uses electrostimulation to make the Jim Carey faces
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