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73405 No. 73405
In the time it's taken me to get around to cleaning my apartment, Catie has established herself as a professional infotainer, and also had a chance to do some real comic acting. With others doing the photographing, writing and editing, catie not only has become incrdibly prolific, she seems happy and energetic. She doesn't complain about being tired (in my hearing, anyway) and her performances have become tight, professional, and really really good.

But it's true that something has been put aside for now. The rich sense of personality, the will to be suprising, to do something different every week, that period where she had a different outfit every week, and you'd just click on the button and go DAMN!

It's never going to be the same again, but it never is with Catie. I think in a couple years, she's going to be doing new things, with new hair. (My ride is here)
>> No. 73406
yeah man we're all waiting for the next ANH video too
>> No. 73407
Well, before I was interrupted, my point was going to be that this might be a good time for fans of ANH to look back at last year's videos. You might see things you didn't see before. Going back over my favorite ANH video to produce the meme above, it just looked better than ever with the passing of time.

I think Catie is doing exactly what she needs to be doing right now. From early 2009 to late 2010 we had the three boxxy videos, plus the two Satisf4ction videos, and the community kept Catie's legend alive just on the lulz and the luv those generated, without any promise that there would be more. Now we have a huge output from over the past year, just amazing. She put out a video a week for what... ten months? when there was no Catie we had to be creative. We collaborated and contributed. Now we're just waiting to be entertained some more.

I just took a fresh look a my favorite ANH video, "I bought a car once", and I was "renewed" (to use Catie's word) at the power of it all. She manages to evoke danger and defiance, and she seems so vulnerable and formidable at once. It's a legitimate criticism of Catie's ANH videos that all her male characters are creepy drunken belching crotch-grabbers. But that makeup was SICK. She really looked like a couple of dudes, in my opinion.
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