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File 139880164382.jpg - (308.23KB , 800x582 , wat.jpg )
73385 No. 73385

I DON'T get to go home with her? Are you sure?

It's her birthday, and she gets a VISIT from a puppy? That's lame! Are you sure?

Oh, maaan...
>> No. 73386
dat poor dog
>> No. 73388
Office presents aren't all that great usually, so I was impressed with the Animalists team when they brought her something she enjoyed.

They could've got her socks for her birthday
>> No. 73389
Humor aside, it was a great way to promote awareness of local animal adoption, and that puppy is probably in a good home as we speak.

Of course, I would name him "POCKY"

It was a special gift because it was a lot of trouble, it clearly wasn't an anfterthought. I feel like the people at Discovery are really loving Catie, not just because she's, you know, Catie, but because she's great to work with, and anyway, I don't worry about Catie getting nice birthday presents. She'll make out.
>> No. 73390
Actually, when I really imagine what it must be like to get a visit from a puppy, it seems wonderful, like a little box of sunshine.
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