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No. 73339
  I always make a video for Catie's Birthday. It's become a personal tradition, and I consider it one of the two important video-making occasions for me, the other being christmas.

This is the third year I've done this. The first two years I drew heavily on Catie's videos, this time I tried to do something different.

My videos are all about open source. Instead of using fancy mac software, this was put together on a linux machine that cost me about 100 dollars total. The "psychedelic" effect in this video was arrived at with layers of slideshow effects, combined with greenscreen effects. The moving backgrounds were handmade, that is, individually edited png files created on GIMP, which is the Linux equivalent to photoshop.

To me, the cats and the song are funny and moving in ways I can't explain, and I'd be a fool to try.

The young guys are all in love with Catie, and want to marry her. I am just as much in love with her, but I want to IMPRESS her. That's not always healthy. Catie has taught me most of what I know about being about being a YouTube artist, but she makes me want to be a YouTube celebrity, because I want to impress her.

Catie, and many others, have demontrated that being a YouTube celebrity is not a bad thing to be, but it can be a bad thing to WANT to be. I need to step back a little. I always thought I'd get over Catie eventually, but Catie tharted that plan by becoming more aesome, so I need to manage my interests. I started a new twitter account, @qalcohol originally to help people find Catie's videos in twitter, but I aso need a place to seperate my Catie affairs from my main plan to become a serious video artist. I want to get out of the fanzone.

Is it possible to love Catie Wayne too much? I think it's impossible not to.

Next year, I think I'm going to go back to using Catie's videos in my birthday tribute. I have an idea that's EPIC. It's been a long time since Gastric Penguin, and by now she's seen it all... but I still live in hope of giving Boxxy one more heart attack.

My birthday video looks better on Vimeo https://t.co/ZBtm7wAA
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>> No. 73340
how old are you ?
>> No. 73341
File 139864138561.jpg - (59.36KB , 600x367 , vfbarnabasfeat__span.jpg )

>> No. 73342
It's intresting for me becouse if you doing the birthday videos for about 3 years you must be realy into this
>> No. 73343
btw "I want to get out of the fanzone".I think the boxxy/catie content it's a love/hate formula so she already has the hardcore fans and getting out of the box (xdd)wil be real hard.
>> No. 73344
File 13986430567.jpg - (105.61KB , 1024x683 , Paris_Tuileries_Garden_Facepalm_statue.jpg )
I'm not sure I meant what you think I meant.


What ever gave you THAT idea?
>> No. 73345
" for about 3 years you " i wanted to say that you have boxxy related channel for 3 years, my bad.Sorry.And if you want get out of the fanzone just make a new account becouse i think that you your account will be always "just another fan of boxxy " even with new content.
>> No. 73346

My main channel is on Vimeo. That's where I upload my best stuff. I have 3 youtube channels where I upload whatever I have to come up with, including stuff that's totally unoriginal that I edit just to post in discussions.
>> No. 73348
File 139865648857.png - (53.29KB , 1440x810 , 2424.png )
Looks like the YouTube jews win this time...
>> No. 73363
Tell me more about this, like what country are you in, and did you try the vimeo link?

>> No. 73364
>> No. 73365
File 139870797170.png - (474.94KB , 944x803 , eh.png )
>did you try the vimeo link
Pic related.

I'll proxy up and watch it later though, so no worries.
>> No. 73381
File 139875803952.png - (643.90KB , 1000x743 , good grief.png )

Here... https://vimeo.com/92923808
>> No. 73382
I'm not sure what's going on, but I like it. Cool effects, cute cats and a lovely song. Nice.
>> No. 73393
File 139883880560.jpg - (95.87KB , 639x426 , catie_kittens.jpg )
at first I thought one of the cats was Krysta but realized you had been putting yours or your friend's cats on a greenscreen. That one looks pretty close to Krysta & Pips.
>> No. 73394
These are greenscreened cats I found on the internet Here's what happened when I put my cats in front of a Greenscreen.
>> No. 73395
Nice. Good work.
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