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File 139845022367.jpg - (115.57KB , 625x416 , 47db2ced60e29cdaeb1de7b0c43b48cf3301a629df6f1847c1.jpg )
73209 No. 73209
I am currently not entirely sure what time I'll be posting at, although I think it should be around 5:00 p.m.
I'll try to keep you as updated as I can. :3 until further notice, it'll be at five. <33
i loves youu.
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>> No. 73210
>> No. 73211
>> No. 73212
I'm already excited. :D
>> No. 73213
Is that 5pm Catie time?
What time is that?
I am canfused.
>> No. 73214
Should be 5 PST
>> No. 73215
Yes. CWT. Catie Wayne Time.
>> No. 73216
:) cool, don't worry about the time <3 5 is a great time
>> No. 73217
File 139846318753.gif - (496.88KB , 500x364 , waaaawaaaasosadpikachu.gif )
Oh...oh..ok. <3

Well looks like I'm going to miss this again because of timezones & work. </3

Hopefully see you next week Catie! :3
>> No. 73218
Alright, looks like i wont miss it after all!
>> No. 73219
just in time
>> No. 73220
aghghghghgh! so "excite"! XD
<3 u, Catie!!!!! >_<
just got a Samsung Galaxy Note 3! (I'm not using it for this, though, for w/e reason... hm...)
>> No. 73221
Hi gais, how was everyone's day?
Mine was good. I got to get off work a little bit early. :3

aww, i'm sorry. ;___; we keep missing each other. <3
>> No. 73222
that's cool catie. They better let you off early after working you so hard :(
>> No. 73223
I am here too
>> No. 73224
Nice timing. My day was boring. Did you do anything cool for the week?
>> No. 73225
Awesome! Looks like I rebooted my computer at exactly the right time!

How are you, Catie? You have a good Easter?
>> No. 73226
Catie are you doing anything this weekend for your birthday?
>> No. 73227
That's great! Getting off early is always great! What happened to fandom beat? I thought there was supposed to be a video Wednesday, I still don't see it
>> No. 73228
Hello, Catie. i think things are mostly fine here.

How was the day?
>> No. 73229
hello catie
>> No. 73230
Nice to hear that you had a good day. :3
Mine was good aswell.
>> No. 73231
Ohai Catie!
I feel like i haven't talked to you in a long time.
How you been?? :)
>> No. 73232
Catie! Happy birthday, a little bit early. Nathan_Earl wishes you a happy birthday himself and meant to send you a card, but couldn't when he was hospitalized in a sports injury.
>> No. 73233
Blah! I spoke too soon, I didn't realize it was up today! Didn't check for the past few hours
>> No. 73234
It's my first time here. So hey catie
>> No. 73235
Hey, Catie, my baseball game got over just in time. We lost, so I've been better. But my day has brightened up quite a bit since I don't miss posting.
>> No. 73236
hi catie :D
>> No. 73237
  Maud Pie: Friendship is Recapped :O

thanks Catie
>> No. 73238
Hey Catie
I really enjoyed your latest WGB show. It is really fun seeing you laugh.
>> No. 73239
Happy Birthday.
>> No. 73240
YAY!!!!!!!!!! XD!!!!
>> No. 73241
woah. 14 views.
>> No. 73242
Oh yeah? That's cool, now you have a smart phone too. :3 <3
Lemme know how you like it.

Hahaha. Don't worry about little ol' me. I'm fine. :p

wooty woot. how was your day?

lol unfortunately I'm pretty sure my answer to that question will permanently be "I worked." Which is cool, don't get me wrong, but I rarely get to do anything insanely different during the week. O:

I did have a good easter, thanks for asking. :D Potato salad is so nummy. How was yours?

Nope, not this weekend. I'm actually not sure I'm going to be "officially" celebrating my birthday this year. :p

Aaagh. A lot. It's still up and going-- in fact I think there should be some uploads going live today. ;D But mostly what happened was the internet got all fucked up. Plus FandomBeat isn't officially launched. It's just sort of launched. So occasionally you'll see little fuck ups in the upload schedule.

Good to hear. :3
My day was fine. I shot for WGB, Anyhoo and did some Animalist stuff. Also I got to do pilates today, so that was fun. :D

Hi there. :3 <3
How is you?

Oh good! What did you do?

Thank you for the birthday wishes. D: omg, I hope he's okay! Please tell him to not worry about a card and for him to focus on a swift and healthy recovery. Poor thing.

Hi! Welcome to the board. :3 <33
>> No. 73243
File 139847121740.png - (7.46KB , 583x132 , 2 views Maud.png )
:O 2 views

lol I love the Maud Pie outfit :3
>> No. 73244
Her hair keeps changing.
What sort of wizadardy is this?
>> No. 73245
Well, hard work pays off. You seem to be doing fine with all the work your doing! I'm actually thinking about buying one of the Animalist shirts. The videos are pretty funny and interesting.
>> No. 73246
ohhh pilates :P does that mean you're not gonna workout out later tonight? Cause you shouldn't. It's the weekend.
>> No. 73247
>I did have a good easter, thanks for asking. :D Potato salad is so nummy. How was yours?

My Easter was pretty good, thanks. I won the annual Easter egg hunt by quite a comfortable margin. A rather welcome return to form, considering I came last, last year XD
>> No. 73248
Listened to some of thoses remixes to your boxxy videos which are really awesome. Thank you by the way to answer to my tweet, I got a heartattack when I saw that you did. xD I hope you somehow managed to make your days less stressfull? =( Still don't know how you manage to be on so many shows at the same time and still doing so amazing work. D:
>> No. 73249
>I'm actually not sure I'm going to be "officially" celebrating my birthday this year

aww, how come?
>> No. 73250
Hi Catie. Lovely weather we are having (just a guess as I live on opposite coast). Hope you've had a pleasant week. Could you tell us about your Herd Chat panel? Have you heard if Ponyville Live got to record it? They started uploading panels, but everything they have so far was in a different room than your panel.
>> No. 73251
hay c8 guuurl

Do you plan on making another beach video eventually? You totally should, I really liked that one :3
>> No. 73252
Oh lookit that. :p
There should be more a-coming.

Oh thank you! :3 I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you. :3

lol. :p <3

or lack thereof.
>> No. 73253
the videos with her long hair were obviously filmed before her hair cut.
>> No. 73254
I remember some time ago you said you watched Wreck-it Ralph and that it was great. I watched it the other day for the first time and i can tell it's super great!! Vanellope is just so cute!
Also i liked all the references to real life videogames.

Disney keeps on making nice movies :)
>> No. 73255
So for Friendship is Recapped, do you get to watch new MLP episodes before it airs?
>> No. 73256
i'm doing great because it's friday, thanks for asking catie
>> No. 73257
lol. I guess someone had to state the obvious.
>> No. 73258
Do you watch any TV series expect Breaking Bad?
>> No. 73259
Oh I see, explains why there wasn't the pony video on Wednesday! Hope everything works out without problems in the future! And I almost forgot, thanks for the happy birthday shoutout earlier this week!
>> No. 73260
lol fluttershy saying "I will cut you"
do you get to write the scripts for these mlp videos.

>There should be more a-coming.

won't there be videos Saturdays too? I thought I read something about that.
>> No. 73261
File 139847192799.gif - (1.00MB , 480x267 , A9Kb5UG.gif )

>> No. 73262
File 139847200484.png - (923.47KB , 916x1031 , datposedoe.png )
>> No. 73263
File 13984720743.gif - (895.54KB , 266x150 , Awesome_.gif )
Best gif ever. Props to Marcin. :D
>> No. 73264
yes! last one in my family to get a smartphone! ha! >_> I'm gonna get, probably, a square or the paypal equivalent of a square or w/e... probably the paypal thing, though, because I already have paypal, and I've heard some complaints about square... anyway, I need one of those things so people (even some of my friends) who don't carry cash can actually pay me for my CD (in the case of one of my friends, in particular, I would have just given it to him, but he actually *wanted* to pay for it, or so he said...)

the note 3 is awesome because you can run 2 apps at once, and it has that cool stylus thing ("S pen")... yeah, pretty sure I'm gonna get a lot of use out of it...
>> No. 73265
File 139847213884.png - (685.19KB , 1440x900 , BEWTS.png )
I'm about to run out of battery life, so I just wanted to say that I'm especially loving anyhoo. You're great as always, Catie, and the more I watch, the more convinced I am that its one of the best WRITTEN things I've seen on youtube, the neat way jokes are tied together. Are you doing any of that? The Twitter video seems to at least have some input from you.
With writing at that level, I'd like to see a writing credit in the doobly.

Happy BDAY catie, later. <3
>> No. 73266
/fanon sends help :3
>> No. 73267
So I take it you'll be working on your birthday? I've always requested the day off even if I wasn't doing anything, though maybe you didn't want to since you didn't work the Friday of Babscon?
>> No. 73268
hey. Catie! So I notice that you "act" (or "act in") a certain way when you do #WGB... is that just because you're, like, so excited to be talking about animals? (it's not *really* an "act," is it?)
>> No. 73269
Catie tell us about babscon :O Did you and your sister and a great time?
>> No. 73270

International Rescue is on its way
>> No. 73271
I don't ever request a day off for my birthday, and I don't even like my job all that much.
What would there be to do if taking the day off besides just be lazy?
>> No. 73272
I havent got a smartphone but my whole family .
I only got an old nokia 3300 which is undestroyable...
>> No. 73273
Catie what's your favorite Easter candy?
>> No. 73274
File 139847259424.gif - (858.56KB , 400x412 , 1398446209961.gif )
>> No. 73275
I agree! the anyhoo videos are pretty great! really liked the twitter one. I was like, "I am SO MANY of those people! lol :p"

also liked the "secret bushes" video. I liked how you incorporated the fact that W's brother stole the election for him, but I did kinda think you maybe could've mentioned that W. can't leave the country now because he'll be arrested on war crimes or w/e... ha. >.>
>> No. 73276
Can you believe I found a camel spider in my room? :o It was a baby one too, so that means somewhere in my house Shelob is hiding...
>> No. 73277
Well you could do something for your birthday or it could be a lazy day. Choice is up to you man. And what's wrong with being lazy?
>> No. 73278
Catie, that was pretty cool that your sister went with you to Babscon. Is she into mlp too?

It's always nice to have someone you know go with you to conventions. That's why I'm so glad I'll be meeting some of my good friends from IRC and the forum at Vidcon when we come to see you. Good times will be had by many.
>> No. 73279
Nothing wrong with that. It is quite often my reward for a week of hard work done.
>> No. 73280
yeah but I got the nokia 2 months after I joined the forum xD
>> No. 73281
how do you think I feel? ;___;

It is certainly a lot easier to put out content when you have help from other people! :D
and you totally should buy an animalist shirt, but you should wait just a little longer. I think they're working on some new designs. :3

lol yes, pilates counts as my work out for the day. :3

were you up against children? xDD

you are very welcome for the tweets and I've been working on making my life less stressful. It's definitely harder with the 9-5/7
But I'm getting by just fine. :3

meh, no reason. :p 22 just never seemed like a big deal to me. I'm sure I'll be celebrating 23 because 23.

blaaah it's raining here and it's cold. ;__;
it was mostly me and a bunch of people arguing about ponies. :p I wanted to create a sense of equality and camaraderie so I challenged people to come up and talk if they disagreed with my opinions. I haven't heard from ponyville live yet, but I'm preeeeetty sure it was recorded.

haha, I didn't have any plans of it, but maybe I will. :p

Yeah! They've been really on top of their game. O:
aww man, I love that movie. :3 maybe i will watch it this weekend.

I mean...

Oh good. :3 do you have little homework?

Doctor Who
Mad Men
Adventure Time

Those are the current ones.

fingers crossed! :3
and you are very welcome! I hope it was a good one.

Although with recapped it's off the cuff stuff. :p
and yes, there will be a new episode tomorrow morning after the new episode airs. :3


Yeah I'm working on my birthday. It's not something I put a lot of effort into, my birthday just fell on a monday so i'm like "whateva" :p

I mean, i'm definitely putting on a show. Like I always do when a camera is on. Different shows for different videos. But I love animals.
>> No. 73282
arrgggghhh... i just spontaneously fell asleep again .-. I just woke up tho so Im good. Hello Catie. Just wanted to say that your hair is really awesome sauce. Short hair like that must be fun for a woman (my mom has a similar style). You could style it to be all classy business woman or go wild with putty and look like a punk rocker chick. Also, it takes less time to style than longer hair so that's always a plus. I've been diggin the new style, keep rockin it /5 thumbs up
>> No. 73283
oh. hey. Catie. I won't be going to vidcon. I had been thinking of maybe visiting my brother (in "downtown" L.A.), and then just taking the train to Anaheim one day to see what's up, but now I have to go to San Diego at the end of July (for job training...) anyway... next year? :p <3
>> No. 73284
File 139847304715.jpg - (178.89KB , 1441x1127 , USm2flamethrower.jpg )
there's only one solution
>> No. 73285
Oh, hey. Thanks for being awesome this week, Catie. I'm back up and running and feeling good.
>> No. 73286
>were you up against children? xDD

LOL! No, I was up against my 34y/o brother, his wife and his best friend
>> No. 73287
>I think they're working on some new designs.
Will do! All the designs look nice. Will the WGB shirt design be up on there too?
>> No. 73288
Great! I watch Mad Men too.
>> No. 73289
Catie great job on 10 anyhoo videos :D
>> No. 73290
Just realized I didn't put the rest of your sentence in that.
>> No. 73291
How does it feel to be voted to be the Internet Goddess? You must be really proud of your fans that they still support you so much. :3 I'm really sad that I didn't join the fanpage earlier so I missed the votes but I will surely vote for you next year! How are your cats doing by the way? :3
>> No. 73292
I don't write Anyhoo, but I do throw in my own jokes where I see them. It's a collaborative effort. :p

omg babscon was awesome. :DDDD
we had a wonderful time. The highlight was getting to meet the VA's (excluding Tara Strong), but the whole weekend was really really fun. I met lots of awesome people and had a blast on my panels and ABFWHGUI IT WAS SO FUN. :'D

Ferrero Rochers. :3

oh wow. where do you live?

yes she is. :3 it's something we bond over.
omg I can't even explain how excited I am for vidcon.
>> No. 73293
File 139847333230.jpg - (60.63KB , 600x800 , th9znHp.jpg )
I did take advil. ;-;

I think I'm dying.

Did you like the Tswift pic battle me and fanon did while unnecessarily tagging you?
>> No. 73294
>yes, there will be a new episode tomorrow morning after the new episode airs.

omg I wish I didn't have to work, but I'm gonna watch it as soon as I get home.
>> No. 73295
lol Ferrero Rochers aren't really easter candy, but yes they are good
>> No. 73296
I also loved it. It's now going in my favorite movie list :)
>> No. 73297
I bet you were surprised when that guy at the /mlp/ panel brought up Dark Souls 2 being a rip off of Flappy Bird. Was that party you went to an /mlp/ party?
>> No. 73298
muh help must have not get to you :(
>> No. 73299
dude it is seriously SO MUCH EASIER to manage. I can see myself getting attached to that, but I also know in muh heart one day I'll want to grow it back out. But in the meantime, I get to sleep in like a half-hour longer. x3

absolutely next year! I'm so sorry to hear that you can't go. :c oh well. <3

of course my dear. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Sometimes I still get sad about my kitty, so I know it's hard. :c

lol oh good. :p <3

yes I believe so! :D

aww thank you. :3

lol it is nice to see my fans rally around me like that. :p <3
I love them as much as they love me.
My cats are doing well. :3

you are probs dying rip in peace

i did like the tswift battle though. :p
>> No. 73300
File 139847383497.jpg - (19.74KB , 600x450 , Bl6FcZ6CUAE0Zfr.jpg )
Smack dab in the middle of the valley. I knew they got brought over cause they got all famous on teh internets but why my house? lol
>> No. 73301
dood, i have not celebrated a birthday in years. I think the last one that involved a 'party' and gifts was when I was 4 years old :o
>> No. 73302
That's awesome! I recently finished Breaking Bad, and I loved it. Who was your favorite character in it? And also, any other shows that I should start watching?
>> No. 73303
File 139847389416.jpg - (73.58KB , 587x215 , Wedding proposal.jpg )
I think Anthony proposed to you right here.
>> No. 73304
You hear horror stories about networks. I hope you goy lawyered up, but you're really good at working the network system. You're incedibly prolific, tight, and energetic.

I think you like working with other professionals a lot am I rite?

I g
>> No. 73305
:3 <3


dude I was SUPER surprised. But pleasantly so. :p <3
at first i was like "maybe it's a coincidence." but there is no way. :p
yes, the party i was at was an /mlp/arty. :p it was surprisingly pleasant. I had a great time.
a girl there shared her wine with me. It was lovely.
>> No. 73306
have you been able to get to your PO box lately? Did you ever get your internet goddess plaque? O:
>> No. 73307
I lol'd.
>> No. 73308
File 139847401183.gif - (853.36KB , 500x227 , jhyN4nP.gif )
>you are probs dying rip in peace
I'm going to haunt you SO FUCKING HARD.
>> No. 73309
>a girl there shared her wine with me. It was lovely.

oh yeah we saw you tweet that picture :) I'm so glad you had fun
>> No. 73310
Have you received the internet goddess award plaque in the mail yet?

and unrelated:
After new animalist t-shirt designs are available, I'm sure pictures of me wearing them will surface on the forum :)

I hope that bag of meow mix I bought for my kitties helped support your career at animalists since they were sponsors.
>> No. 73311
sup catie, how is teh an day? do you like to roller blade? odd question but thats all i can come oop with
>> No. 73312
oh. hey. catie. might I perhaps make some more suggestions for tv shows? XD I've already mentioned Game of Thrones... here are some others...

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (must-see! :p)
Parks & Rec
maybe Hannibal... hm...
I've also been watching Rake (w/ Greg Kinnear). I mean, they're probably gonna cancel it, which is a shame. I mean, it wasn't a bad show. but, hey, if you ever *do* start watching it, at least there won't be that much to catch up on. lol. XD
>> No. 73313
#TeamJesse for life. fuck that #bitch jelly and his stupid #TeamWalt
you should def check out madmen. :3

i'm gonna tell him you said that and he will giggle. :3

i do like working with other professionals. :p
>> No. 73314
what do you think how long you will be doing the videos? I hope there will be enough happiness.
>> No. 73315
That is really nice to hear! Cats can be really good friends and help a lot in sad times. I can't imagine how a #WGB about cats would look like because what is not beautiful or cute about them? xD
I saw that your ANewHopeee-Channel is close to 300.000 subscribers! Are you already planning some video for this event? I know that you are really busy with your work but just hearing some storys and stuff from you from time to time on ANH is really nice. :3
>> No. 73316
>yes, the party i was at was an /mlp/arty. :p it was surprisingly pleasant. I had a great time.
>a girl there shared her wine with me. It was lovely.

there was a picture of that on twitter, right? XD
>> No. 73317
Been wondering this for a while, but is A New Hope your favorite Star Wars movie, or did you just choose it because it went with the situation at the time
>> No. 73318
File 139847434886.jpg - (247.68KB , 1222x822 , 1321042882894.jpg )

>> No. 73319
you're surrounded by great people and you're more tah holding you're own; you're crushing it.
>> No. 73320
I know what you mean, not by personal experience :p but by observing. My mom has this weird ADD hair thing too but she is also into dying her hair. The last 4-5 haircuts, she goes to a hairdresser to get a short hair style cut, comes home...I'll hear the buzzing of hair clippers and snipping of scissors from her bathroom, and she is re-cutting her hair. Then she hands off the scissors and comb or clippers to me telling me to straighten her tips and make sure her hair fades nicely...so now I've learned how to cut woman's hair....yay! .__.

She's done crazier things with her hair too, I don't understand! Anyway it's a win win situation when you get more sleep, have to worry less about styling your hair, and look great afterwards still :D
>> No. 73321
b-but y-y-you can b-buy them year round :/
Cadbury Creme Eggs are where it's at
>> No. 73322
Hahaha. My favorite was Mike. A friend has also recommended Madmen to me. I'll look into it! I also have never seen any Starwars movies either. I want to get into that too. I have only seen one but I forgot which one it was. I have very blurry memories of it.
>> No. 73323
Alright guys, I gotta get going. <33
I love you all soo much. :3 <3
See you on twitter/next week!


you'll be the friendliest ghost ever.

i'm excited to see your pictures. :D <3

i don't DISLIKE roller blading. :p
>> No. 73324
Btw, Catie. Just so you know: I am sending something for your birthday - but it's gonna be late. Like, quite late. I can't even give a vague estimate :/

>Ferrero Rochers. :3

My god, I could eat those by the bucketload. When I was in first year at uni, I'd occasionally buy a small box of Ferrero Rocher. Inevitably, the whole box would be completely devoured before the evening was out. So bad, but SO GOOD!
>> No. 73325
I think caties fav part is 5.
>> No. 73326
Have a great day! See you next week.
>> No. 73327
Bye, Catie!
>> No. 73328
good night Catie <3 thank you for making my week. You are what I look forward to all the time
>> No. 73329
OMG! CATIE! It's been just over a year since I rediscovered you! :O! (I mean, I saw your first Boxxy videos in 08/2009, but then, I didn't have internet from 07/2010 - 12/2012, so... :/ ) anyway, yeah, just wanted to let you know... (I think the first ANH vid of you I saw was "Catie reacts," which made Felix Ray's list of top 10 Catie moments of 2013...)
>> No. 73331
I hope you're goind to have a great time, Catie!
>> No. 73332
Bye Catie! <3
>> No. 73333
Man, I need to be quicker on my posts.

See ya, Catie! Thanks for chatting with us! Have a great weekend, and have an AWESOME birthday!!
>> No. 73334
dat file name :/ lol you cray cray Catie
>> No. 73335
CATIE REACTS is why I made that fucking in list in the first place. That was when I really understood how smart catie is, and look where she is now. That's just in a year.
>> No. 73336
Damn, got late again.
Good night Catie, have a great week!
>> No. 73337

Of course I miss it
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