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File 139753362316.gif - (1.93MB , 320x315 , 9wuOwaw.gif )
73040 No. 73040
So, the forum is down for a few days.

So I guess I'm hanging out here for a bit.

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>> No. 73041
Hi deshi! :3
>> No. 73043
Hey, deshi. This is strange and i dont know what to do.
>> No. 73044
File 139753842448.png - (111.86KB , 540x807 , Screenshot_2014-04-14-23-02-33-1.png )
Unsure as to why Jelly is allowed to be a mod on ILB.
>> No. 73045
what, he doesnt follow intrepid blindly
>> No. 73046
you know how intrepid does thing without consulting people first? such as TAKING DOWN THE DARM FORUM? Well that is his standard practice.

He modded Jelly without consulting anyone, Jelly included. Jelly didn't ask to be a mod; he doesn't care if he says something to get his mod rights taken away.
>> No. 73047
It's probably fine. Jelly said that it was Trep who took it down for maintenance.
>> No. 73048
Sheep detected.
>> No. 73049
lel was more about how he was giving info only mods should know to uni. didn't trep make him a mod when he was still acting like he was a girl. you know, like Kelly.
>> No. 73050
Any user can see that Kelly is still a mod on her forum.

>didn't trep make him a mod when he was still acting like he was a girl. you know, like Kelly.
No, I think you're confusing Jelly with Mau5, and Mau5 pretending to be a girl, and Kelly pretending to be a girl are two completely different things. They aren't comparable at all.
>> No. 73052
>giving info only mods should know
Wat. The only thing he's saying in your cap is that the forum is under maintenance. After that he rightfully criticize Trep's inability to inform the users (or at least mods) about the reason(s) for taking the site down for over 48 hours BEFORE doing it. You would think an admin would know that disabling the forum without a word right after all this drama surrounding Kelly only adds fuel to the fire.

>didn't trep make him a mod when he was still acting like he was a girl
No, he pretended he was deaf for an extended time though, but that's long in the past and long before he became a mod as far as I know. He has apologized for that on multiple occasions, and still continue to do so even to this day.
>> No. 73053
Also Trep posted on twitter the site was down for maintenance, stop trying to start more drama retard.
And et your facts straight, he never pretended to be a girl
>> No. 73054
>Also Kelly is still a mod. Idk what regular members can see but I can see the whole forum so yeah

And correct me if I'm wrong, but Jelly said he knew what Kelly was going through in Forby's thread.
>> No. 73055
In that he got caught up in a lie and had a hard time coming clean about it, But he has (UN like Kelly) and its history now.
>> No. 73056
Trep only informed people he was taking the forum down AFTER he'd already taken it down. Even the mods didn't know what was going on.
...Trep creates his own drama.
>> No. 73057
>Also Kelly is still a mod.
Point of quoting this being what? I don't see how that should in any way be considered classified information. Like >>73050 pointed out, usergroups can be viewed by anyone (as long as the forum is enabled). Jelly shared what he saw because it was very relevant to the topic, and during the forum's downtime only mods and admins can access the forum like normal. It was interesting information, as Kelly should obviously have been demodded by now, but again, I fail to see how questioning an admin's decisions make you any less worthy of being a moderator.
>> No. 73061
>down for maintenance
Why do they lie to us? Do they think we're retards? It's obviously not a regular scheduled maintenance.
>> No. 73063
who's Kelly?
only kelly I know was someone who impersonated Catie on early 2010 on a chat
>> No. 73064
So, how's life under a rock?
You probably shouldn't use the Wiki as your source of knowledge about the sphere either. Just saying.

Anyhow, here you go:

Kelly is love.
Kelly is life.

>> No. 73066
Trep didn't post shit until I let Dave know the site was down.
>> No. 73067
>> No. 73068
the wiki does provide a lot of information, but also reading old threads helps
>> No. 73070
Or say fuck it to sphere history and form your own opinions of people as you meet them. The whole sphere is a big web of lies, it just depends who you like which one you fall into.
>> No. 73071
meh, shrimp seems to be the only one updating the wiki these day's, i trust him, but im also able to form my own opinions of people given the information im given
>> No. 73072
forgot to add, and conversations ive had with the people still around.
>> No. 73073
Fuck no, he's the admin. He's the admin, and he's done a pretty shit job at it. How the fuck can you take down the forum without any warning? Why is Kelly still a mod? Why can't he just admit that the forum has a security breach instead of going on with some bullshit about maintenance? He's taken on a responsibility when he assumed the admin position.
>> No. 73074
drama drama drama
>> No. 73076
i thought we were having a conversation
>> No. 73080
Soo, how is everyone's daaaaay?
>> No. 73083
I went for a walk, and I ate a gnat.

Pretty standard, really
>> No. 73084
Eating gnats are the worst.
>> No. 73086
File 139768721586.gif - (830.95KB , 245x180 , uVDdURq.gif )
>> No. 73088
>Eating gnats are the worst.

Perhaps. Little extra protein, though
>> No. 73089
File 139775043811.jpg - (483.17KB , 1594x814 , A_Game_of_Pretend_-_Yuki_bad_end[1].jpg )
> So, how's life under a rock?
Did I miss something?

> You probably shouldn't use the Wiki as your source of knowledge about the sphere either.
What wiki? boxxy.wikispaces.com? ED?

> http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/i0x27bzne97tvp0/kelly.html
I actually read all that. Is that really Forby? I remember him saying goodbye once and that anybody that used that name was a fake. I know, I know... but a lot of people have left for good.

So, in adition of telling lies to Catiefans she actually fooled Catie herself. That's some impressive trivia.
I still don't feel like missing something big. Perhaps if I used frequented the forums or the chats I would care more.
>> No. 73090
You don't have to put on an act for me son, I've seen your posts on 4chan.
>> No. 73091
Any word from Trep about when the site is going back online?
>> No. 73092
>Any word from Trep about when the site is going back online?

Down until Kelly picks new pictures from himself
>> No. 73093
You're mistaking me for someone else.

I insist, Kelly is not important, nor most of namefag's drama is. Unless you are part of that thing (as a namefag or as a namefag's drama fan).
>> No. 73094
File 139776164411.gif - (1.77MB , 322x221 , You know it.gif )
>> No. 73095
>You're mistaking me for someone else.
Yep, most definitely.
>> No. 73099
Forum still isn't up. *cries*
>> No. 73100
>Forum still isn't up. *cries*

I feel your pain.
>> No. 73101
of course not
>> No. 73103
Forum is up.
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