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No. 73024
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>> No. 73025
Oh my god.
Firstly, nice change! (Spoiler free comment)
Something tells me that the guy at the end of the video is just the embodiment of all your creepers everywhere. XD
>> No. 73026
It looks good, I just prefer the longer ones better. She keeps cutting it down I hope she won't go bald. The video got me laughing from reading the title and the thumbnail, these sketches are getting better whenever Catie's in it.
>> No. 73027
I hopee she kept it this time.

I want a piece.
>> No. 73028
>> No. 73029
I think it looks pretty good! Nothing bad about it.
>> No. 73030
My name went weird there for a second, lol.
>> No. 73031
Did you notice how beautiful Catie looked in that video?
>> No. 73032
I notice that in every video
>> No. 73035
File 139742384246.png - (37.21KB , 833x768 , 1396203552639.png )
>> No. 73036
Oh lawd, her hair looks fuckin awesome
>> No. 73037
File 139748885176.png - (596.08KB , 850x468 , I\'ll miss the racoon.png )
Reminds me of how her hair grew between F4 and FE.
I hope it grows again; I understand the need of a change and all that... she still looks pretty, but I prefer long haired girls.

She does look less like a child, somehow.
>> No. 73038
It makes her look mature, yeah

I hope she lets it grow back, it's a nice change and she'll probably keep it for a while, but I like the familiarity of the long hair
>> No. 73087
I guess this is alright, because in order for it to be symmetrical again, the long side needed to be cut to even it out.
>> No. 73102
Catie now has the hair I had in 2009.

ima guy btw
>> No. 73114
File 139786280889.png - (556.57KB , 1280x800 , snapshot7.png )
The big news here isn't the hair; Catie changes her hair all the time. It's the video! Catie has tweeted at least twice that she's very proud of this video, making a real point of letting her fans know that this is a big step for her, and it is. This is catie's most sophisticated and professional video ever, with real cinematography, real scripting and real acting.

Above all, this video has ACTION. A guy actually lunges at Catie with scissors! I remember taking a playwriting course, and the professor would always talk about how the great thing about Hamlet was that Shakespeare resolved all his philosophical themes and conflicts in a swordfight at the end. I know this isn't Hamlet, but it's a lesson I've seen repeated many times over the years in good movies and tv shows. ACTION is the thing, but it has be natural, and it has to tie up the story.

Listen to Catie's sharp little scream when Alex finally goes for it. That's not random, it's the perfect comic touch, perfectly timed. She's so good!

As usual, Alex and Catie are just fantastic together. My gratitude goes to whoever first thought of putting them together
>> No. 73132
File 139791877192.png - (847.53KB , 917x691 , wats_wrong_alex.png )
I was laughing IRL when she slowsly turns and puts that grin and asks with malice "what's wrong, Alex?".

Like, "you have a problem with me having a dead racoon on my head? <trollface>&<umadbro>".
>> No. 73135
That part was hilarious.
>> No. 73172
The video was really well done. Here's a gif.

(won't let me upload so... link: http://www.ultraimg.com/images/o0KzM.gif)
>> No. 73180
File 139809131048.jpg - (30.15KB , 480x640 , cat-its-beautiful-757604[1].jpg )
I'm thinking about slowing it down and adding some captions.
>> No. 73183
Feel free.

I tried to do it in photoshop, but then I saw a bug on my screen and threw my laptop at the wall.

I used an online gifmaker instead
>> No. 73185
not been here in ages!
I like her new hair!
>> No. 73399
File 139918708696.jpg - (47.44KB , 1023x515 , stfuhair.jpg )
>> No. 73402
I don't think i could ever get used to her new hair.

▲ ▲
>> No. 73408
File 139957108486.jpg - (969.92KB , 1920x1200 , datcowlick.jpg )
I am on board.
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