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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 139706033844.png - (6.44KB , 346x89 , ad.png )
73010 No. 73010
Some advertising I was asked to do:

Boxxosphere spreadshirt news:

the spring promo started yesterday and runs through Wednesday 4/16. The promo is Buy 2 get Free Standard Shipping. Your customers need to enter the code SPRING14 at checkout.
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>> No. 73011
cool :D
>> No. 73013
We need more esoteric shirts to test the boxxy fans around us
>> No. 73018
>> No. 73082
File 139766714995.png - (129.42KB , 1063x858 , Spreadshirt.png )
Last day of the "Buy two; get free international shipping" promotional offer is today (Wed 16).

Saw some people on the forum claim that the shipping costs were too high for them to order anything, well, here's their chance for free international shipping (watch out for that import duty/tax though). Bought two myself earlier this week (pic related).

A thread worthy of a bump.
>> No. 73383
>Tell others to watch out for import tax
>End up having to pay a $32 fee on a $42 package

And to think I would have saved about $25 if I had bought them separately and just ignored the free shipping offer...

$74 for two shirts...now that's just excellent.

I just love my country's import laws.
>> No. 73384
File 139878838847.jpg - (762.32KB , 2836x1763 , shirts.jpg )
Oh, and on top of that, these shirts are so big I could probably use them as tents. Strange, considering I just ordered some other shirts from a different American shop using the same size chart. These shirts feel like XXL, but in reality they're just US Large. The other shirts I bought fit me nicely.

Ah well, I wasn't exactly planning on wearing them in public anyway.
>> No. 73387

We tried to eat less french fries and cheetos and our size chart is still larger than others

But hey you showed Catie some support
>> No. 73392
File 139882688273.gif - (448.46KB , 500x275 , jBXuE.gif )
Well, the sad part is how little she actually earns from the sales in that shop.

According to Spreadshirt's site, a minimum of 66% of the sale price goes into their pockets. So that only leaves about $13 for Catie from all of this...
>> No. 73397
New spreadshirt offer starts soon!

The May savings promo will start this Friday 5/2 and run through the following Thursday 5/8. Your customers will save $5 off a purchase of $30 or more. They need to enter the code 5OFF30 at checkout.
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