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File 139665207490.jpg - (95.58KB , 500x714 , 1376333087360.jpg )
72774 No. 72774
Hi guys!
Eep, first free moment of the day! I do intend to post today. (:
I will be posting at 6:30 pm <3
See you then.
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>> No. 72775
thanks Catie <3 6:30 is a great time. See you than
>> No. 72776
Ohay Catie! :3

I won't be here foar posting AGAIN. </3

timezones suck. D:
>> No. 72777
:/ 4am here
>> No. 72778
6:30 is perfect for me :D
>> No. 72779
2:30 am for me?

No problem!
>> No. 72780
i might actually make it this time
>> No. 72781
File 139665318134.gif - (480.29KB , 320x182 , pikachu cry.gif )

Now I'm even sadder. :'(

>> No. 72783
>> No. 72784
I just noticed - that girl in the pics is doing a Pips impression :P
>> No. 72785
Because I'll miss Catie posting and you being here :3
>> No. 72786
6:30 is perfect, also Catie posted that picture before :O
>> No. 72787
>> No. 72788
File 13966573143.jpg - (62.50KB , 600x800 , BjsmVGjCEAAjRDt.jpg )
>I will be posting at 6:30 pm <3
Well, well, well. Looks like my ongoing battle against sleep deprivation will keep on going, that's like 3:30AM here in Central Europe.

Always worth it.


Yeah, I noticed that too. Bretty cool.
>> No. 72791
Hello everyone. Glad I'm actually gonna be here for the whole time.
>> No. 72793
Glad I got here in time!
>> No. 72796
lol. spoiler tag made it funny

That'll be stuck in my history and YouTube will start suggesting animal sex videos to me now
>> No. 72797
the fuk
wrong thread
>> No. 72800
waiting for catie
>> No. 72801
we too. Always waiting for Catie, and it's always worth it
>> No. 72802
Just sittin here, mashing the f5 key
>> No. 72804
CATIE!!! fucking congrats on being declared "2014 Internet Goddess" by this no-name upstart website! XP

j/k! <3 U!!! XD

anyway! how've you been!? XD
>> No. 72806
File 139666149285.jpg - (31.62KB , 500x374 , 137186461762.jpg )
like dis?
>> No. 72807
I'm watching the fucking Game of Thrones marathon! pretty excited. :p
>> No. 72808
File 139666155582.jpg - (115.62KB , 1300x957 , broken-pc-keyboard-16014612.jpg )
More like this.
>> No. 72809
hey, guys... what are triptags for? lol! XD
>> No. 72810
I am so fucking amped for GoT Season 4!!
>> No. 72811
I'm playing D&D with my friends right now.
>> No. 72812
and I'm back on my computer! no longer having to borrow my mom's tablet! LOL! XD
>> No. 72813
File 139666173212.jpg - (98.65KB , 912x1216 , 453Di.jpg )
upside down keyboard with watermarks on them? :O
>> No. 72814
where art thou catie? D:
>> No. 72815
why hello my babes. :3 <3
how is everyone doing today?
i'm doing well, except today was Anthony Carboni's last day. :C he hosted DNews, for those of you that don't know.
We work(ed) in the same office, and he's way nice and stuff. ;_;
but other than that, i'm really good.
>> No. 72816
>> No. 72817
she's a very busy star now
>> No. 72818
i'm great now that you're here
>> No. 72819
Did he quit? What happened?

He's also the guy that informed us of you cold cuts odor.
>> No. 72820
I was doing fine til I read that. But I shipped you guys together. He can't leave.
>> No. 72821
I'm glad you're doing good, so why is it his last day?
>> No. 72822
Hey Catie! I'm doing fine. How was your week?
>> No. 72823
I'm doing fantastic, Catie, because you said "Fuck you" to me. (I shit you not, it made my life)
>> No. 72824
Yayifications, Catie's here!
>> No. 72825
hi catie. what'd ya have fer dinner?
>> No. 72827
Doing good so far c:
What happened with Anthony?
I remember him for the make-up video
>> No. 72828
Well Hi there Catie! How have you been doing? congrats on the award.

Why is Anthony leaving? Another job? I liked him; he seemed cool.
>> No. 72829
omg! What's Anthony gonna be doing now!? XD
>> No. 72830
Anthony nooo D:
>> No. 72831
omg what was it like winning the contest? Are you gonna post a picture of you with the plaque?
>> No. 72832
So how'd your week go?
>> No. 72833
Lol, I only just watched that today.

Catie its okay if you smell like lunch meat. <3

I'll still love you.
>> No. 72834
Greetings Catie, and happy Friday! Anything interesting happen, this week?

Oh, did you get the Elbow song I tweeted to you, the other day?

Oh, and Mikachu asked me to say 'hi' for him, and also to ask you a question: He wants to know if you'll be doing meetups on all three days of Vidcon?
>> No. 72835
nothing happened, he's moving to LA, and it's time for him to move on. and yes, he let you guys know that on that day I had a sammich for lunch. He has since then let me know that my hands don't always smell like cold cuts. xD

:3 <3

lol ship. he's moving on to the biiig hollywood citay. O:
>> No. 72836
That makes me jealous. Wish she'd say "fuck you" to me. Catie, don't do so now cause I said that. I don't want a "fuck you" from you like that. I want it to be natural.
>> No. 72837
hi catie :D
>how is everyone doing today?
not terrible!
>> No. 72838
how come alex gets to host more episodes than you?? we like you and want more of you. YOU.
>> No. 72839
I saw that about Anthony Carboni. Also Meg Turney and Elliot Morgan are leaving SourceFed ;_;
Rumor has it that Adam Sessler is leaving Rev3, please let that not be true :(

I have been doing well, I caught what my sister had (some annoying bug/cold), missed a total of three days of work and have had a hoarse voice. On the bright side, I now sound like a bonafide badass.

Congratulations on winning the 2014 Internet Goddess award! It wasn't much of a surprise but it left some bootys tickled :p
>> No. 72840
Hello, Catie! Hope you are as glad as I am with the weekend coming. Sleep and sleep, at least.
>> No. 72841
It was awesome :D
>> No. 72842
>> No. 72843
Catie you make my weeks worth it. You make fridays so awesome now. ilu
>> No. 72844
How hard is it to handle twelve conversations at once
>> No. 72845
are you gonna replace him as a new host for DNews? xD
>> No. 72846
yes this
>> No. 72847
File 139666244482.png - (416.64KB , 613x612 , acarboni.png )
It's hard to save pictures from instagram.
>> No. 72848
Ello' there brosefina :33333333
>> No. 72849
anything crazy or worth sharing happen lately
>> No. 72850
Wouldn't that be awesome? :D
>> No. 72851
No-one would've known what the picture was about though :)
>> No. 72852
you need firefox. Right click and view background image
>> No. 72853
I feel stupid.
I was using firefox and there it is, it works. Thanks fanonymous.
>> No. 72854
just keep goin. you can't miss it.
>> No. 72855
FUCK YOU!!!...did that make you feel better? :p

I really liked the pichur you posted yesterday on your twitter for throwback thursday :3 it was/is very cute.

How is Pips? Occupy any more box shaped objects? :o I don't think I have told you, but Pips is verry cute, so is Krysta. You have very cute kitties :3
I remember the Thanksgiving photo of Pips, that was a nice picture too, where he was sitting on a chair as if he were waiting to be fed XD
>> No. 72856
any time :)
>> No. 72857
File 13966629723.jpg - (35.52KB , 400x509 , h90057FDB.jpg )
Catie, I just want to say that if you had always gotten the respect you deserve, I wouldn't care about any lame internet goddess poll, but I was really happy, and spread the news everywhere I go one the internet.

What it proves is that you're still around. They said you'd be forgotten, but you're not only still around, you're more around than ever. It's just good to know that sometimes, innocence kicks ass. It makes this a better world to live in.

These days, when I watch the 2009 Philip DeFranco video about you and Joe The Plumber, I have to remind myself who Joe The Plumber was.
>> No. 72858

You said last week that there was something special you were working on, if I remember correctly.

Was that the animalist video where you interviewed your coworkers? Because that was pretty special.
>> No. 72859
File 139666312675.jpg - (11.63KB , 268x200 , 1238166_542514659131378_2137527404_n.jpg )
pic related
>> No. 72860
True about the cats.

Her friends cat from the CETWC videos is awesome too, makes me want one.
>> No. 72861
for those wondering about anthony's departure:

it was pretty great. (: I got aloooot done this week. :3

lawl seriously I was like
"ducks. ducks are cool. i'll do that for him.
/hour of research later

I started with a baby serving of my mac and cheese i made in the second CETWC, and now i'm waiting for my vegan chicken nuggets to bake. o:

thank you very much for the congrats. :3
anthony is way cool. ;_;

it was pretty neat. you guys are awesome and i love you. :p
i will certainly post a picture of myself with the plaque when i get it.
truestory, i didn't think it was a real plaque, and thought it was shopped, and then he emailed me like "whats your p.o. box?" and i was like "nowaaaai."
so pretty cool. :p

very well, thank you. how did yours go?

I didn't get it! D:
i swear, my twitter is messed up.
sometimes people send me tweets, and the only way i see them is because i happen to be looking at a conversation. i KNOW there are tweets that I miss. :c
as far as vidcon goes, i'm not sure yet. I hadn't really thought about it. it depends on how many other things i'll be doing at the con.

i lold. i'll do my best to let it be natural.

mostly because i'm working on lots more than him. o:
other shows and things.

It makes me sad, because I just got here.

Dude, my week has been really good, but LONG.
I am so ready for the weekend. :p


eh. I got used to it. :p

lol I would if I was suicidal. :p

Not really.
I'm really excited for BABScon.
today I almost put chicken broth in my smoothie, but i tweeted about that.
>> No. 72862
I saw a duck the other day...I couldn't keep eye contact O.O
>> No. 72863
Ah. What did you do this week? Today was hilarious for me.
>> No. 72864
I showed the shout out from you to me to all my friends and they thought it was hilarious.
>> No. 72865
>the 2009 Philip DeFranco video about you and Joe The Plumber
haha I know that video, I remember Phillip was all into boxxy

Catie do you feel any different now that you're Goddess of the Internet? Did you listen to the radio announcement cause they were *really* into you on there
>> No. 72866
any plans for a new ANH vid?
>> No. 72867
My weeks been awesome. Apart from work it's been a lot of prep for my Vidcon trip! I am so super excited to be going!
>> No. 72868
I Lol'd :D
>> No. 72869
I heard some people were upset about the result of the internet goddess award, but I haven't found out on what site the butthurt was coming from.

>i'm waiting for my vegan chicken nuggets to bake. o:
I need an explanation. :confused:
>> No. 72870
>I didn't get it! D:
i swear, my twitter is messed up

try going to notifications and then clicking on mentions. That might help. Sometimes I don't see tweets to me unless I click on mentions
>> No. 72871
you should have tried the chicken broth smoothie. maybe it would have been good ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>> No. 72872
File 139666348168.jpg - (56.29KB , 500x370 , tmR2rCa.jpg )
All you gotta do is liek something she doesn't like.
>> No. 72873
  Catie have you seen this?
Forrest Gump Casserole
>> No. 72874
>I didn't get it! D:
i swear, my twitter is messed up.
sometimes people send me tweets, and the only way i see them is because i happen to be looking at a conversation. i KNOW there are tweets that I miss. :c
as far as vidcon goes, i'm not sure yet. I hadn't really thought about it. it depends on how many other things i'll be doing at the con.

Ah, bummer! No worries, I'll tweet the song to you, again.

Also, noted about the Vidcon thingy.

Btw, just wanted to say: That WGB Bloopsers video was so funny. Highlight of my week! :D
>> No. 72875
>Adam is leaving. :c
;_; why, cruel world, why?
They seem like awesome people and I wish them the best of luck, but it just seems like I just found out about them...then they're...leaving. I wish nothing but the best for them in their future endeavors.
>> No. 72876
>I heard some people were upset about the result of the internet goddess award, but I haven't found out on what site the butthurt was coming from.

They clearly just can't accept the truth, dave
>> No. 72877
I was thinking the same thing.

Have you ever watched Littlest Pet Shop? While not as good as MLP (of course), I think it's a fun show.
>> No. 72879
>mostly because i'm working on lots more than him. o:
other shows and things.

o: when are we gonna see them? We still haven't seen any sketches with you yet D: or interacting with real animals
>> No. 72880
Feel like if I went to Vidcon I'd go give Catie a hug and end up being bored between seeing her. Maybe if I went to hang out with some of the people from here, like deshi has been offering.
>> No. 72881
Haha, i'll post a picture next time, doubledave's right about instagram pictures being hard to save though :D

Also, it's a little late but I really enjoyed your "What's on My Wall" video. As for going to Italy, I went there last summer and it was amazing! Not trying to make you jealous or anything, haha :D
>> No. 72882
missed ya, sweetheart. ;D

wait until next thursday. you don't even know what cute is.
dude i was so cute as a kid and i don't even know what happened. :p

anyways, YES, my kitties are super duper cute. Pips is well, he has been liking his Kitty City that we got them. Krysta likes the top, and pips like the bottom cubby. He hates being up high. I think it's because it throws his equilibrium off.

Thanks man, that's really nice of you to say. (: <3

it's not even close to the special that is coming.

that cat is ADORABLE
she's super sweet and i love her. :3

I mostly worked.
that is what most of my days consist of.
not very exciting.
but i'd love to hear about your day. :3

lol i'm glad you didn't take it seriously. :p
I figured you would think it was funny.

i do not feel any different at all.
it was really just a reminder that you guys love me, and i love you. :p
lol i didn't listen to the broadcast. was it super weird? :p

yes indeed.
but i will say, that the ONLY thing I don't like about my new house is the lighting.
like, you thought my lighting was bad before?
you aint seen nothing.
so i have to figure out some lights and stuff. :p

omg I'M so excited that you're going. :3
eeeep, can't wait to see you.

eh. i'm just trying to eat healthier.
also, something that I re-discovered about myself since starting with discovery is that I really like animals.
so i'm not vegan or anything, but when I can, I avoid meat.

i seriously doubt that, lol. :p
>> No. 72883
so wake her up earlier than her alarm is set for, then kick her on the back of her knee? (srry Catie, pls dont kill me)
>> No. 72884
>truestory, i didn't think it was a real plaque, and thought it was shopped

haha I thought the same thing. I was almost going to ask if you would really be getting a real plaque.
>> No. 72885
Catie you should bring pips to work one day :3
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