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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 139665207490.jpg - (95.58KB , 500x714 , 1376333087360.jpg )
72774 No. 72774
Hi guys!
Eep, first free moment of the day! I do intend to post today. (:
I will be posting at 6:30 pm <3
See you then.
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>> No. 72958
>> No. 72959
Oh my goodness hello to their cute little faces. :3

I have not seen your tweet to them.
But if they like it, you should submit it man.
Maybe re-work it to be a little cleaner. :p

Someone came into the studio I think. :p

lol i'll do my best. (: <3

omg that's awesome. :3
please let me know how you like it!

ehmmm, not really.
there are some sketchy neighborhoods.
the mission is generally pretty sketchy.
>> No. 72960
Catie don't let your vegan chicken nuggets burn D:
>> No. 72961

Good to know! Thanks!
>> No. 72962
^ this
>> No. 72963

You don't know what moodies are because you haven't been initiated -YET- into the fine sacred ancient fantabulous mysteries of the moodie.

There's a PM waiting for you, for when you wanna read it :)
It was written before reading this post, there's another one on the way explaining Russia, moodies, and how I became famous amongst the Chinese.
>> No. 72964
I would be absolutely shocked if anyone said yes.

Oof! I just straight disagree with you there, man.
Frisco sounds like a cleaning product, not an amazing city. :p

I already got them and ate them a while ago. :p
>> No. 72965
>I already got them and ate them a while ago

well you sneaky girl you :p
>> No. 72966
Plus I thought you northerners were supposed to be all about love and going with the flow ;) oh this is adam btw (:
>> No. 72967
So I just finished playing D&D with my friends, and I think I should tell you, Catie, that my wizard has a duck familiar. I had it before you made the WGB about ducks
>> No. 72968
When I lived in the area, we called it San Fran. I don't think that shortening is as abrasive.
>> No. 72969
Since its Friday and such, are you replying to PMs? I keep rereading mine to make sure its not stupid.
>> No. 72970
Then maybe you didn't get a notification then cause your name was also in the tweet. Main problem is that I think that shark image is from Jaws. I assume that would be a problem.
>> No. 72971
Yeah, how bad is that one?

This is pertinent information if I'm planning on going there
>> No. 72972
You people talking about your silly big cities. I live in a Illinois, surrounded by cornfields.
>> No. 72973
>I would be absolutely shocked if anyone said yes.

Yes, there I said it. :p

So to-do list, pichurs of pets and writing a to-do list of shows and movies (doctor who, game of thrones, last half of Breaking bad...etc) that I wish one day I will have the time to watch. Understood!
Have a great weekend everyone!
>> No. 72974
I work with a some people that are in their early 20's.

Hey do you go on the internet a lot?
>Yeah, of course, for sure, etc..
Ever heard of Boxxy?
>Yeah, OH YEAH, I think so, (various answers)
How about Antoine Dodson? Ever heard of him?
Double Rainbow guy?
Chocolate rain guy? Leeroy jenkins? Boom goes the dynamite?

So anyway, how's CoRR coming along?
>> No. 72975
CATIE! I suggested crows/ravens for WGB on twitter! idk if u saw it, tho! :/
>> No. 72976
oh yeah. Any thing new with the movie?
>> No. 72977
alright guys, i gotta get going!
I love you! I really do! :3

well la-tee-dah. I look forward to reading those, baybeh.

i know. i'm a goddamn ninja.

dude y u like ducks so much?

not as abrasive as "Frisco," indeed. :p
>> No. 72978
catie ilu also can you make a video about bunnies on your new channel one day please
>> No. 72979
oh. hey. Catie! btw! have you listened to The Bird and The Bee yet!? XD
>> No. 72980
Aw bye Catie!

Hope you have an awesome weekend!
>> No. 72981
thanks for playing with us, catie. You're the coolest.
>> No. 72982
June! I missed you.

Bye Catie, have a great weekend. Relax if you can. <3
>> No. 72983
bye! pls complete favor for me and gets your rest. /puppy sad eyes
>> No. 72985
Bye, Catie! Also, I liked ducks a lot more before I learned how rape-y they are. Ah well. MY new favorite bird is Blaziken.
>> No. 72986
bye Catie <3 ilu2 I hope you have a good weekend. You ninja master Catie :p
>> No. 72987
>alright guys, i gotta get going!
I love you! I really do! :3

See ya, Catie! Have a lovely weekend, and stay awesome! <3
>> No. 72988
This fuckin' guy
>> No. 72989
i've really only lurked today but... bye catie. have a good weekend <3
>> No. 72990
Goodbye Catie! Have a great weekend :D
>> No. 72991

2 pms down, 1 more to go
Too-da-loo, :*
>> No. 72993
File 139666785748.jpg - (55.75KB , 800x533 , Untitled.jpg )
they're great, eh?
>> No. 72994
File 139666786592.jpg - (82.25KB , 479x600 , tit.jpg )
here's a tit for you :D
>> No. 72995
File 139666811467.jpg - (37.52KB , 530x400 , Tit - Long-Tailed.jpg )
Tits, indeed?
>> No. 72996
:O you work with Catie? :O
>> No. 72997
I think he quoted the wrong thing
>> No. 72998
>*Triple checks trip*
Ohaider. Nice to see that you're still somewhat around. Collab with Catie when?
>> No. 73000
File 139667402557.gif - (0.98MB , 245x202 , tumblr_myy1wf8IVG1rcny7ko1_250.gif )
>June's face when

>alright guys, i gotta get going!

right before her post
>> No. 73002
A cuteness overload bunnie video is now anticipated.
>> No. 73520
File 140010783669.jpg - (23.35KB , 320x180 , dah bunnehs.jpg )

>> No. 73521
Nice tits
>> No. 73522
File 140020220091.jpg - (76.74KB , 219x298 , 1339958217114.jpg )
>> No. 73575
File 140156589733.jpg - (35.69KB , 400x225 , Glenn Beck - Sean Hannity - 12-2-13.jpg )
Here's an impressive pair of boobs.
>> No. 73605
>> No. 73606
omg :O

how are you Catie?
>> No. 73720
File 14021194538.gif - (2.59MB , 412x304 , r6n8j9t.gif )
That's hot.
>> No. 73721
File 140213337894.jpg - (186.88KB , 640x466 , pair of ts.jpg )
But there always seems to be a pair if them, not just one.
>> No. 73746
File 140245403756.jpg - (451.97KB , 1200x900 , pair of booby.jpg )
Boobies hang in pairs.
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