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No. 72767
  lol so hard at how weirded out Catie is, I love these videos
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>> No. 72768
I love them too :)
>> No. 72770
Ducks are pretty badass.
>> No. 72773
Do you know what ducks get after a meal?

a bill
>> No. 72782
File 13966532269.gif - (0.99MB , 508x306 , 130850663434.gif )
Wait till she finds out about CAT PENISES!

>> No. 72789
File 139665806139.gif - (1.73MB , 295x211 , ohgodwhy.gif )
>> No. 72790
Best WGB to date.
>> No. 72792
the best WGB so far was the hedgehogs one.
>> No. 72794
Yeah, I just like this video cuz I suggested it.
>> No. 72795
File 139665961778.png - (1.37MB , 1610x1080 , Cutest thing EVAR.png )
Meh, sharks for the win.
>> No. 72798
funny how they just happen to have a shark costume
>> No. 72799
File 139666084967.png - (1.13MB , 1373x1001 , Dunno.png )
Maybe Discovery used it during Shark Week or something, who knows? Either way, I hope they have some more costumes lying around, cause nothing beats Catie cosplay <3
>> No. 72803
File 139666133161.gif - (930.46KB , 300x169 , 647474.gif )
Wait, did I just call dressing up like a shark "cosplaying"? Err..I think I did. Ah well, I can't into English language, so there's that. You get the point though...
>> No. 72805
So she's supposed to be a shark, and not someone that a shark has lately swallowed?

Cool costme either way.
>> No. 72826
File 139666201958.gif - (1.94MB , 371x209 , SHAAAAARK.gif )
Seeing as she meowed in the intro, I'd go with the shark. We all know how famous sharks are for their distinctive meows.

Nah, but now that you mention it, I have no clue...
>> No. 73007
I thought I was supposed to be an actual shark.
>> No. 73008
I love you and June replied to you in your other thread. Please do either the praying mantis or a platypus at some point for WGB
>> No. 73009
File 139689722013.jpg - (51.80KB , 405x540 , Mascot.jpg )
Well, either way you know where to go if you ever get tired of making videos...
>> No. 73034
File 139740246042.jpg - (45.88KB , 640x480 , The_Rat\'s_cat.jpg )

Sounds like the voice of experience talking.

Again, I am not surprised.

(Pic related)
>> No. 73081
I still stand by my decision that this is the best video ever made.
>> No. 73097
The costume was used for Shark week last year. Anthony Carboni wore it in this video.
>> No. 73098
File 139777747165.gif - (1.62MB , 558x393 , High five.gif )
Well, looks like my guess wasn't too bad after all. Well spotted!
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