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File 13953002816.png - (113.84KB , 1161x897 , 2014-Internet-Goddess-Tournament-Bracket-Round-4.png )
72483 No. 72483
There is already a thread about this on /b/oxxy - but this needs to be visible.
In the internet goddess award tournament, Catie is losing; today there have been over 4000 votes and she dropped down from 66% of votes to 45% of votes and continues to fall rapidly.
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>> No. 72487
File 139534625583.png - (116.27KB , 1473x708 , Back to scratch.png )
Reminder to keep on voting.
>> No. 72488
Poll is closed. Catie won, right? Last to I checked was yesterday. She was ahead with 65% out of, like, 10k votes. Lel.
>> No. 72489
I'm not sure what happened. I think the poll should still be open. Maybe they noticed all the spamming and closed it.
>> No. 72492
The poll closed 3 hours ago, and Catie won with 59% of the votes. Not sure about the total number of votes, but it was around 16K few hours before the poll closed.
>> No. 72493
I'm so glad that Catie won :D
>> No. 72543
Bullshit that 16,000 people voted

Finals are gonna be a bitch, Lara won with like 80% last time I checked
>> No. 72545
>Bullshit that 16,000 people voted
Never claimed that, people were cheating heavily on both sides. I doubt more than 300-500 people actually voted.

>Finals are gonna be a bitch, Lara won with like 80% last time I checked
Last time I checked she barely had 1000 votes. There was no point for her fans to keep on voting after they realized Justine's fans didn't care though, so it's hard to tell how many extra votes they'd given her if it was a close race (and what to expect in the final).

That said, I'm pretty sure she'll get raped by Catie either way, but good luck to her and her fans...
>> No. 72550
File 139545228425.jpg - (11.30KB , 230x216 , bugs-bunny-this-means-war.jpg )
>good luck to her and her fans
fuk dat
>> No. 72685
File 13955046754.png - (929.42KB , 1457x1080 , 4678.png )
>> No. 72686

Let's look for other irrelevant tournaments she's in once this is over =|

>> No. 72687
File 13955124505.png - (137.76KB , 788x1216 , I-Am-Not-Queen.png )
She doesn't even want to be "Queen"... so why would she ever want to be "Goddess"?
>> No. 72688
She's been retweeting tweets about the competition since day one, so I don't see how Formspring answers from 2011 are relevant. I doubt anyone consider this competition as a serious thing though, so there's no point in questioning its significance.
>> No. 72690
lulz formspring

At least you have a pic of that cause that site is gooone.
>> No. 72691
Nah, it's still there, just changed domain.
>> No. 72692
I went on an internet trip because of that, took me to some weird places yo

Like, Bo Burnham songs
>> No. 72694
File 139559622711.png - (71.56KB , 972x572 , Finals.png )
>I'm pretty sure she'll get raped by Catie either way
Never mind, looks like the same person(s) who used scripts to vote for Colleen in the semi is doing it for Lara in the final as well. Turning into another Catie fans vs Catie haters vote apparently. Still 7-8 days left until the poll closes though, so I doubt that hater is dedicated enough to keep on voting until then, even with scripts. Might turn into another close one though, but we've got this.
>> No. 72695
Слава Кейти, Королеве Слава!
>> No. 72696

The competition isn't above cheating.


>> No. 72697
We won't ever know who really won this thing now
>> No. 72698
>Still 7-8 days left until the poll closes though, so I doubt that hater is dedicated enough to keep on voting until then, even with scripts.
I think you underestimate his autism.
>> No. 72699
>one day has passed
>8,400+ votes

We're currently at 60-40 Catie. Shit's gonna be big by the end, we might break the poll system
>> No. 72700
We already did break it once, when voting for Catie against Taylor Davis; Chris Dace said. Total votes in that round barely broke 1000.
Source: in the last minute of this episode of Chris Dace's webcast
>> No. 72701
File 139563770347.png - (64.47KB , 575x487 , 1395609478124.png )
>try cheating
>fail horribly
>delete tweets of admitting to cheating
>cry to the mods
>> No. 72702
File 139563775388.png - (165.71KB , 757x435 , 1395609115527.png )
>> No. 72703
File 139563782779.png - (148.83KB , 934x418 , 1395630221044.png )
>> No. 72706
The only winners of these polls are the guys who host them.
>> No. 72707
File 139569727354.png - (15.54KB , 591x241 , GoddessPoll Results - 03-25-14.png )
Ok... I voted.

Mainly because they said:

"So the time has finally come: Who will wear the tiara of Internet Goddess? Lara de Wit? Or Boxxy?"

I voted for Boxxy.

So sue me. :)
>> No. 72716
File 13959782787.png - (5.01KB , 258x134 , Untitled.png )
It looks like the "competition" gave up for the most part. It's been stuck on 65-35 for a while now.
>> No. 72717
File 139598480350.png - (31.23KB , 686x318 , screenshot.png )
>>The only winners of these polls are the guys who host them.

Not exactly.

This is a nice promotional opportunity for all concerned to pick up a few subscribers and followers. The results aren't really the point. it's a great opportunity for everybody to pick up some new fans, followers, and subscribers. I voted for Catie, of course, but I also subscribed to Lara, and am now following Chris Dace on Twitter. I'm not really sure you're not supposed to vote more than once. You get to vote more than once in American Idol, and I've voted four times because whenever I go there on a different computer I have to vote just to see who's ahead.

A lot of people still don't understand the difference between Catie and Boxxy, and I've been posting videos and information to help people get educated.


"Cheating is the best way to win", seems like obvious sarcasm, which she later took down after people were taking it literally. Both of these women are way too accomplished to really care about the results of this silly little poll, which are likely to be bot driven, and therefore unreliable, and everybody knows it.

Now, the way this was set up, as a tournament, is a great way to build up anticipation, so I really do hope Catie wins, but it's not a serious thing.
>> No. 72718
We'll see. If I was going to bomb the polling with fake bot votes, I'd do it on the last day, so that the other side wouldn;t have a cance to respond.
>> No. 72719
> I have to vote just to see who's ahead.
Yeah, stupid poll is stupid.

> A lot of people still don't understand the difference between Catie and Boxxy
Let's... not go there, this time.

> If I was going to bomb the polling with fake bot votes, I'd do it on the last day
So, all votes until now are actual votes? I mean, someone is actually manually clicking on the vote? Even if every person voted 5 times, that's still a lot of votes.
>> No. 72723
Not surprising, but still sickening, that the Rat has made as big a creepy ass of himself on the Fanboys' page as he does here on CatieChan.
>> No. 72745
File 139641896627.png - (24.08KB , 529x161 , Untitled.png )
It's ogre, and they're announcing the winrar on some radio show tomorrow.

Here's the link if anyone cares

>> No. 72746
who @'s themselves in their own tweet
>> No. 72747
File 139648212712.gif - (1.95MB , 302x170 , NeonBoxxy-Sm.gif )
I already know who won.

(Pic related)
>> No. 72748
Yeah Catie won. I only caught the last two minutes of the radio show, so I didn't know the full results.
The dudes were swooning weirdly over her tho
>> No. 72749
>The dudes were swooning weirdly over her

who isn't?
>> No. 72750
File 139649060673.png - (340.54KB , 575x601 , Untitled.png )
important people
>> No. 72752
The tension between me and Boxxylvr is beginning to feel palpably sexual.
>> No. 72753
Swoon normally, guys.
>> No. 72755
yeah, you two are cute together ;^)
>> No. 72757
File 139649645940.gif - (1.96MB , 767x344 , NeonBoxxy2.gif )
Catie, please post a full-size image of your congratulatory plaque.

Thanks, and congratulations on your victory. :)
>> No. 72759
Yeah, people took the queen thing way too seriously. Even Chris Dace favorited my tweet about how the internet goddess polling isn't to be taken that seriously. But I'm still glad she won.
>> No. 72760
I think he just wanted us to stop accidentally taking his site down by voting too much, and the voting didn't get out of hand until the opposition starting using bots. Once we knew that we were going to win, we stopped voting.
>> No. 72761
File 13965463526.png - (1.25MB , 1402x1080 , vlcsnap-2014-04-03-10h07m29s179.png )
We weren't even using his site to bot.
I wasn't, anyway.
All that got traffic from me was the easypoll site.
Maybe his site wouldn't go down so much if he didn't have gifs and flashy shit all over the place. That site was garbage.

I didn't like the way they sexualized Catie in the winner announcement thing either. Very professional.
>> No. 72762

From what I heard, I'm not suroprised. Dace seems like a nice guy, but every guy on the internet with a radio call-in show wants to be Howard Stern.

If not for the haters, this wouldn't matter. Where would we be without them?
>> No. 72766
Plaque looks tacky af
It doesn't even look like fake gold
>> No. 72769

Oh look... Unichan is here.
>> No. 72771
It's a no-name site. I'm not sure what you were expecting.
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