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File 13951568087.jpg - (86.63KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault_jpg.jpg )
72470 No. 72470
Alex is cool and all, and I hit the "like" button on any of his videos to contribute to the view count, but honestly I just watch it when I see Catie's name in the description. I kinda feel bad for the guy a little bit. They make great videos when they're together though, they seem to get along pretty well.
>> No. 72471
>How many of you guys only watch Animalist for the Catie?
Well, I most certainly don't watch Animalist News videos for the content, and considering I'm replying to this question on Catie's chan right now, my answer to your question should be fairly obvious.

Of course I do
>> No. 72472
Well other than Catie, there isn't much there.

Although Catie does a purdy gud jerb with it.
>> No. 72473
I like both of them. Catie is the reason I know what the channel is, though. Also that video is my favorite Animalist video, haha.
>> No. 72474
They're coming out with more sketches, which is awesome.
I miss Catie's skits when she was storytelling, so I'm definitely hyped to see her performing again :D
>> No. 72476
i really hate that Alex guy, i'm sure he's nice in person and i'm just being a dick but he irritates the fuck out of me to the point where i cant watch animalist
>> No. 72477
I didn't like him at first, but the man's just trying to make a living so I had to dial it back with the hate.
>> No. 72478
some times he is annoying, but he isn't bad. I started to watch some of his videos instead of only watching Catie's.
>> No. 74296
>>How many of you guys only watch Animalist for the Catie?

Are you kidding? I only turn on my computer for the Catie.
>> No. 74297
His channel's actually decent, he got content coming out pretty often
>> No. 74310
I know I'm going to sound like an ass, but yeah I do. Or, did. I'm not caught up with it anymore. As much as I love Catie, I love her telling her stories and all that good stuff.

I love what she does, don't get me wrong, but I can't really watch every single Animalist video just because she's in it. Every now and then one will catch my interest and I'll watch it, though.

WGB is super cool, tho c:

>> No. 74315
Someone cool made a playlist of all her Animalist & anyhoo videos so you can keep track of what you've missed easier.

Animalist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhfjHX1PnV77IF0tLoYBoynozLxEYFnFu

Anyhoo: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhfjHX1PnV75tgFGHyCtPQXPC9cD8lDSf

Anyhoo is pretty fun too, it's not as serious as the Animalist videos
>> No. 74359
The anyhoo videos are a chance to see Catie do what an actor traditionally does, which is interpret a script that someone else has written. It's tighter, faster-paced, and tougher than almost anything else we'd ever seen her do.

There are times when she's delivering the news when she just doesn't seem to connect with the content, and she kind of goes into Princess Leia expository mode. You may not like Alex's mugging, but he's actually better at simply reading the news. But when Catie's doing infogags for anyhoo, that's when you really get the sense of her incredible comic timing and deadpan delivery. Tara is not only gorgeous, but she's got her own dry delivery thing going on that I just love, and Trace is just incredibly likeable, and possibly even better looking than either of the women, but Catie does those jokes like an artist. She has the comedy instincts of a 50 year old vaudevillian.
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