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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 72440
  Second on YouTube's front page

Most of the comments are about her hair

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>> No. 72449
that's so cool that she's on the front page
>> No. 72452
Never really got how they do the front page, because it's not just about view count

I doubt that it's curated
>> No. 72456
Now #1 Popular on YouTube Worldwide
1.7 million views.

Those comments.
Almost 12 and trying to be edgy.
>> No. 72457
They don't know

We gotta educate them on da hierarchy of the internet

Or at least brainwash
>> No. 72458
>> No. 72459
File 139502045249.png - (1.17MB , 982x830 , dat smile.png )
I love how I can find a little of Boxxy in any of Catie's vids
>> No. 72461
File 139502083947.png - (581.40KB , 1155x780 , yt.png )
so how exactly does this work?
>> No. 72462
I mean, yeah. She still has the same face.
>> No. 72463
does what work?
>> No. 72464
I'm going to guess Discover paid for it.
>> No. 72465
I just made the connection that Boxxy works for Discovery.
>> No. 72466
Nah, they didn't. As far as I know, it's not possible to pay for the front page. But if it were possible, I'm pretty sure discovery wouldn't pay for a video where I say "fuck," (bleeped or not) to go on the front page. :p
How YouTube chooses what goes on the front page is pretty mysterious.

still, it's pretty cool. x3
>> No. 72467
  I want one of Catie's videos to pass this
>> No. 72468
cool, thanks Catie
>> No. 72469
File 139510539785.jpg - (54.23KB , 720x540 , cat_family.jpg )
So your guess is that you can buy the "most popular on youtube" place, and Discovery had the most money. More than the VEVO people or other big companies. Wouldn't that be nice, I want to live in that world.

I'm happy for the turn of events. Glad to see you working in such a positive job. I'm... happy that you exist.
I hope you make a lot of vids. Good luck and may the force be with you.
>> No. 72475
>I just made the connection that Boxxy works for Discovery

I just got that

Because nobody would've ever thought of it XD
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