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File 13948220432.gif - (1.04MB , 505x405 , sadpinkie.gif )
72411 No. 72411
Hi guys.
This whole day and weekend is going to be super busy for me. So unfortunately no posting this week. :c
I can provide two options, though!
One is that I try to post a little bit later in the week (like on Tuesday or something), the other is I just double post on Friday like I normally do when I can't post like this.
Please let me know which you would prefer!
I love you guys! Talk to you soon! <3
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>> No. 72412
1 vote "double post on Friday"
>> No. 72413
Hi Catie <3 I vote for double posting next friday. Sorry your so busy
>> No. 72414
i like "singleposting" better.
sorry you're so busy :(
>> No. 72415
Opps catie, I forgot... have a great weekend too and try to find a little time to relax :) <3
>> No. 72416
I vote double posting sucks and you should just frequent the chan as much as possible this week <3
>> No. 72417
If you end up posting later in the week will you let us know ahead of time when you gonna post?
>> No. 72418
>This whole day and weekend is going to be super busy for me. So unfortunately no posting this week. :c
Nothing to worry about. Everyone knows you're in the middle of moving and everything, so I doubt anyone feel like you've let them down, haha.

>I can provide two options, though! [...]
>Please let me know which you would prefer!
Double posting on Friday sounds good, but you should just go with whatever suits your schedule best.

Have a great weekend, Catie.
>> No. 72419
I vote for whatever is easier for you personally, probably double posting but idk if that's easy for you :c
I hope you find some time for some rest and relaxation this weekend. Keep on being awesome!
Pls enjoy the rest of your day.
>> No. 72420
:O nice dubs Catie
>> No. 72421
^totally agree w/ everything this person said. I know *I'm* not disappointed. I just miss u. :/ and whatever you think will work best for you. XD
>> No. 72422
File 139482479190.gif - (712.17KB , 384x288 , Pikachusocute.gif )
Aww that's fine Catie, hope all is well! <3

I'd prefer just a double-posting on Friday because of schooool :c

See you next week!<3
>> No. 72424
Double posting !
>> No. 72425
>> No. 72426
This, Catie, is why you are so AWESOME!!
I don't think there is any other youtuber that cares for their fans as you do. :D

aaand i don't really care what you decide. It's totally up to you. You know we will be very thankful anyway.
>> No. 72427
You do whatever's best for the videos, if you think you can make a good one on a weekday then go for it. Don't feel pressured to make a video when you're this busy, we love you all the same at whatever you're doing. Thanks for being in touch through all of this Catie, you're wonderful.
Come and visit the Chan whenever you feel like ⌒.⌒
>> No. 72428
Did someone say Double Dave?
it said double post, hehe.

Hi Catie! Whichever you decide to do will be fine. You can tell us on Twitter beforehand to let us know.

Then we can ask the usual things... How is the move going, and so on.

Stay awesome as usual!
>> No. 72486
File 139534495961.jpg - (27.69KB , 450x599 , WQmDx4j.jpg )
This, single-handedly is the reason why you are an amazing person.
Busy as all hell, really don't have stop by the chan/forum and yet when you cannot stop by for a week, you intend to make it up as if you had an unbreakable promise.
You have cemented your genuineness and with that comes a shit load of people who have your back.
I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you :3
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