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No. 72309
this is the best present ever.
Here is the new ANH video. <333
I'll be posting on the forum at 12:00 p.m.
I hopes you like it. <3
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>> No. 72313
I wonder what the settings going to be like at the new house! Great video!
>> No. 72314
File 139422313347.jpg - (18.39KB , 260x194 , 1393633956324.jpg )
finally a ANH video!
>> No. 72318
>First reply to thread submitted 2 hours after creation
>A total of two (now three) replies 5 hours after the thread was made
Nah. This place is kill.
May it rest in pieces.
>> No. 72319
File 139423150890.jpg - (54.33KB , 960x491 , image.jpg )
>I've never been in Italy but one day I will

AW YISSS! I'll welcome you!
>> No. 72321
I hope the lighting is better at the new place. I dig the collage thing, it's appreciative of the fans who send you stuff, and it's a form of self-expression. It shows us who you are and what you're like.
>> No. 72323
File 139424472455.png - (1.05MB , 1920x1080 , ohgod.png )
Is it wrong that I actually liked the wall better without all the stuff on it?
Nice and simple ;~;

Also this screencap pretty fucking creepy
>> No. 72326
I liked the wall, and I'm gonna miss it. I'm excited to see that the new one will look like.
>> No. 72327
Oh, gawd.
Zalgo Boxxy.
>> No. 72329
Welcome back Catie. It's been too long. It's nice to see a light in a moment of darkness for me.
>> No. 72330
File 139426527545.png - (1.54MB , 1920x1080 , Thanks.png )
This image is so great.
It speaks volumes to me.
I could see this being my desktop wallpaper for a little while.
Thanks for the video, (and everything else you do for us) Catie.
>> No. 72333
File 139428536574.gif - (1.31MB , 448x252 , boxxy 145.gif )
>> No. 72337
It's a nice thought
>> No. 72342
File 139431839890.png - (803.62KB , 1035x1076 , Smoooooth.png )
>Mfw Catie names the next ANH video "ANewHomeee"
>> No. 72344
Brilliant. So damn brilliant
>> No. 72345
File 139433287559.gif - (1.92MB , 387x291 , mah-nigga-gif.gif )
You a muhfuckin G.
That mean genius, bitch
>> No. 72346
File 139434879030.png - (460.15KB , 707x633 , 1393650014104.png )
fucking this!
>> No. 72352
I will take you to italy catie!! We will have so much fun!
>> No. 72360
File 13944902535.jpg - (14.50KB , 300x300 , img-thing.jpg )
mow that is exactly what i'm going to call the house tour video.
>> No. 72362
File 139449296752.jpg - (114.80KB , 435x435 , tumblr_ltw666q3zK1r2g7mto1_500.jpg )
mfw autocorrect tries to correct mfw to "mow."
>> No. 72363
that's awesome <3
>> No. 72364
:p lol how are you Catie?
>> No. 72366
File 139449394467.jpg - (64.01KB , 1024x575 , rb-youtube2-1024x575.jpg )
just wishing for one this week
but quality > quantity
>> No. 72370
File 139453225383.gif - (470.76KB , 300x194 , hallelujah.gif )
>> No. 72371
File 139453246886.png - (656.53KB , 970x980 , Straight face.png )
>quality > quantity
>> No. 72372
Implying Friday as in she puts one up that day
>> No. 72373
File 139454245141.png - (592.37KB , 935x817 , Embarrassed.png )
I see...
>> No. 72375
At least we still have WGB to look forward to. It's the closest thing to an ANH video. She's her own self in that show, not like in Animalists where she's reading a script.
>> No. 72378
WGB? WBG? What?
>> No. 72385
File 139461756057.jpg - (35.77KB , 600x361 , Bh-7o1VCYAEBbDy.jpg )
WGB is an acronym for the animal show Catie hosts, "Weird, Gross & Beautiful".

>> No. 72400
  YouTubers React to Little Baby's Ice Cream
>> No. 72402
File 139474312377.png - (950.89KB , 1139x1080 , Ice cream lust.png )
Would've been best to make a new thread for it, but oh well.

Catie appears at:
>7:58-8:06 (!)

All of the above might be one or two seconds off, but you get the point.

Lost my shit at the last part.
>> No. 72403
Catie is always never given enough time in these videos. Too many other people and not enough Catie
>> No. 72405
That's probably how the other YouTubers' fans feel for them too.

lol @ Catie being OG and giving 0 fucks
>> No. 72406
Do people actually watch these videos like this? How do you even know what questions she's answering?
>> No. 72407
I thought the same thing, YT React is good enough by itself, Catie just makes it way better. So just watch the whole video.
>> No. 72408
Even if someone doesn't like the series without Catie, it seems like an unnecessary pain in this ass just to avoid some parts that seem boring.
>> No. 72409
>Do people actually watch these videos like this?
I originally added the time signatures with screencappers and GIF makers in mind, but sure, lazy people can use them too. Some people simply just don't give a shit about the other YouTubers' reactions (I sure as fuck don't), so I figured I'd provide the chan with shortcuts to the Catie parts in case anyone wanted to use them. Fail to see the problem here.

>How do you even know what questions she's answering?
Thought that was self-explanatory, but apparently not. Well, there is this cool feature in 2014 that lets you jump back in a YouTube video if you feel like you missed out on anything. Mind-blowing, I know.

>YT React is good enough by itself
Well, I for one, think the whole "Reacts to" series is the very definition of YouTube trash, and I never watch anything related to the Fine Brothers unless Catie happens to be in it.
>> No. 72410
cool, thanks. If I could edit I'd edit out all the parts without Catie :D
>> No. 72430
nice, it'd make it easier for people to screencap, never thought of it that way.
I like the React series, and I think you would have to know the YouTubers in order to enjoy it. Like how you enjoy seeing Catie react, it can be the same if you're a fan of the others.
>> No. 72435
File 139488477865.jpg - (430.55KB , 1828x415 , JewTube.jpg )
>I think you would have to know the YouTubers in order to enjoy it
I'll admit that I only knew who 8 of the 11 YouTubers featured in that video were, and out of those 8, there were only four people included that I've watched more than 5 videos from (pic related, green checks). Sure, the ERB guys are creative, Alphacat is hilarious and Lindsey is very skilled with her violin...but does that make me want to spend my time watching them react to random videos from the internet? Nope, not in the slightest.

>Like how you enjoy seeing Catie react, it can be the same if you're a fan of the others.
Questionable. I don't watch their videos cause I have a need of seeing Catie react to random shit, I watch it out of habit and obsession with Catie (In other words: No matter what kind of crappy content Catie produced, I'd probably watch it anyway). I find it hard to believe that the rest of the YouTubers from that video have fans as obsessed as Catiebots though, so why the fans of said people would dedicate their time to watching these people react to random videos (that they could instead be watching themselves) is beyond me.

I guess this is just another classic case of "Either you get it, or you don't". To me, watching other people react to random videos will always be among the lowest forms of entertainment available. That said, this franchise obviously gets a lot of love from Fine Bros' 7,500,000+ subscribers, so I doubt they give a rat's ass about all the people disliking their videos and business plan as long as the greenbacks keep on rolling in. They've obviously reached a big chunk of their target audience already, and their franchise will most likely provide them with a stable income for years to come, so hats off to that I guess.
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