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No. 72285
  My bad if this topic was already posted to death but it's story time.
I saw FOAR EVERYWUN back in 2010. I did a reverse image search on a boxxy gif that I thought was cute. As a teenager, I thought she was pretty and the video was weird. Didn't think nothing of it after that. I don't think she was known as Catie Wayne back then. Fast forward a couple of years, I Googled "boxxy" again after seeing a GIF and thinking "I know her from somewhere", and I was taken to her KnowYourMeme page. By this time, her identity has was revealed and that's when I found Catie's channel. Fell in love at the "Working In Retail" video, it was certainly her personality, how she said she would handle customers and such, it was so sweet.
Then I watched all of her videos that week... I wish I could've witnessed the things that surrounded her story, at the time I just thought that it was just a video of an energetic girl. I didn't know that I'd see her again like this, all grown up and doing her own thing.
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>> No. 72294
File 139398406529.gif - (2.00MB , 215x332 , Special attack.gif )
I can't be bothered actually writing this using a readable format, so a greentxt it is:

>Be 15 year old internet pleb
>Watch FE some time in late 2010 (I think a classmate showed it to me at school or something, but I don't really remember. Might even have watched F4 first.)
>Forget about her until I come across TAATGI around February 2011
>Subscribe to both main channels
>First Svetlana video released in April 2011
>Slightly lose interest because of it
>Return of Boxxy with FS in June 2011
>Notimpressed.jpg (Edit from future: I don't know why I disliked it, I love it now, I guess it took some getting used to)
>Still hoping to see more of TAATGI Catie on ANH though, so I keep following her YouTube activity on a semi regular basis (not closely by any means though)
>Santa Baby released in Dec 2011
>So awful that I start thinking about unsubscribing
>"storytime", "Oh, swoon" and "FLK" uploaded in a period from April to August 2012
>17 years old, still have no idea what Uni, CC or ILB is, cause pleb still be plebbin'
>Catie mention her website in one of her videos
>Still slightly creeped out by her surrounding obsessive fandom, but decide to join up with ILB in late 2012 to start lurking anyway
>Basically start cyber stalking her from thereon out, and have been visiting her fan sites on a daily basis since February 2013

And yeah, that's pretty much it.
Boring story really.
>> No. 72295
>creeped out by her surrounding obsessive fandom
haha I was weirded out by that too, but then I realized you can't help it

>Boring story really.
Na man it's cool to see how we got here from all those years.
>> No. 72304
Always nice to hear a story from a fellow fan.
>> No. 72386
File 139462412844.jpg - (12.72KB , 199x253 , kruger.jpg )
>> No. 72387
File 139462936815.jpg - (85.76KB , 640x480 , FTFY.jpg )
>> No. 72423

OK, so with me it's that I first heard about her in Aug 2009 when this guy named "Galen" (@hallcyon) posted a link to FE on twitter, and he said, "watch this. Then watch it again. Then watch it again." Lol. yeah, I didn't rly know how to feel about it when I first saw it, but I was fascinated by it/her. Lol. In July 2010, I lost regular internet access, so I had no idea what was going on with her, but I finally got regular internet access again at the end of December 2012, but I still didn't find out she was back on the internet until April 2013. And, yeah, I can see what you mean about fellow members of her fanbase, but, actually, they're mostly nice, good-natured people. :D
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