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File 139379188973.png - (910.15KB , 978x619 , anna.png )
72258 No. 72258

Can someone who has twitter tweet this to Catie? I stumbled across it and think it's really cute and sweet. :)
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>> No. 72259
I will
>> No. 72260
Thanks, I'm sure the girls in the vid will appreciate it :)
>> No. 72261
I'm linking to this vid everywhere. Cute girls doing cute things. God, I want a Friday video so bad.
>> No. 72262
Such sweet girls, and overall an adorable video, but really...kids this young DO NOT belong on the internet.

I'm not sure what kind of parents would seemingly deem the internet safe for their 10-12 year olds to browse without supervision, but when a girl at this age has already uploaded nearly 150 videos to YouTube (a lot of which includes real life footage judging by thumbnails), it's probably about time they all sat down and had a long talk about the dangers of the internet.

And well...judging by how self-conscious she seemed about her singing, I'm gonna go ahead and guess she's already taken a few hits.
>> No. 72263
I don't know, I was using the internet when I was 10-12 and I got by just fine. I don't think she's doing anything inappropriate or dumb (such as giving strangers her address)

I imagine more problems might arise once she hits 12-14, puberty, getting curious... hormones a'buzzin. Right now this is just innocent creativity and play.

>judging by how self-conscious she seemed about her singing, I'm gonna go ahead and guess she's already taken a few hits.

Aww, I hope not. Hopefully she's just a little bit timid.
>> No. 72264
File 139381350110.png - (15.29KB , 591x109 , catietweet.png )
Awww yeee! you're awesome, catie <3
>> No. 72265
I love how Catie tweeted this. She's so awesome.
>> No. 72266
>I don't think she's doing anything inappropriate or dumb
It's not that I believe that kids this age actively seek out inappropriate material, but inappropriate websites, pictures and videoes are pretty much guaranteed to hit them in the face these days if they're not under supervision.

Seeing how someone already linked her to Unichan in the video's comment section just proves my point. When that comment was posted, the front page of Uni could offer you the following kid friendly threadstarter pics (only one click away from YouTube):
>Camwhore flashing tits
>Interracial threesome
>A guy with a snail wrapped around his dickhead

That last one is my personal favourite.

Anyhow, I'm not going to be this massive moralfag and tell people how to raise their kids, but I personally wouldn't leave my kids (assuming I had any) alone with the internet at this age, nor would I ever trust a 10 year old to be responsible of his or her own internet safety. They're kids after all, gullible and unwary as few, and one wrong click, befriendment or decision can end up haunting them for a very long time.

This will definitely brighten the two girls' day (or month?), haha. So sweet of Catie to actually reply.
>> No. 72267
They'll be YouTube stars in five years. You heard it here first, we were watching them before it was cool.
>> No. 72270
The f word was unnecessary though, those are little kids
>> No. 72271
It's not as if Catie doesn't utter that word multiple times in pretty much every video she makes...

I agree that it was unnecessary, but seeing that they are seemingly big fans of Catie and her videos, they've definitely heard it before. Besides, Catie's tweet wasn't directed at them, but her Twitter followers in general (her reaction to the video was posted in a YouTube comment by a fan though).
>> No. 72272
File 139390892194.png - (9.16KB , 557x91 , wxGR7As.png )
daww mission accomplished :3
>> No. 72273
File 139392434388.png - (446.38KB , 640x1025 , Approved.png )
>> No. 72278
File 139393086648.png - (3.99KB , 556x71 , unichan.png )
I can't believe this jackass put a unichan link on these innocent girls' video.
Trying to get them to go to a site which has practically died out so all that's left is the swarm of predators that keep it active.
>> No. 72281
You can always downvote but that won't do anything.
>> No. 72377
>practically died out

Lolno. Dude they get a ton more posts than this shite board
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