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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 139371563758.png - (423.93KB , 352x499 , 3.png )
72249 No. 72249
Yeah, it's pretty old but I've been seeing a lot of fan art for it. Got curious.

Also I would like to know how the fuark chans work. It's mah first time.
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>> No. 72250
Only thing I know of it is that it's from Aqua Teen Hunger Force and it's been worn in one Boxxy video.
>> No. 72251
Oh,and on the shirts are the Mooninites.
>> No. 72252
>I would like to know how the fuark chans work. It's mah first time.

you seem to be doing alright :)
>> No. 72253
Got scared at first but I pulled through
>> No. 72254
>> No. 72255
File 139374452673.png - (401.30KB , 1405x1080 , Smiiiiile.png )
>it's been worn in one Boxxy video
>one Boxxy video
She actually wore it both in "FOAR 4DD1" and "FOAR EVERYWUN", plus the last 6-7 seconds of the "Catie reacts to YouTubers reacts to Boxxy" video (when she does her "Boxxy impression").
>> No. 72256
We're so hardcore we know her wardrobe. lulz, wonder where she's at, her twitter's been quiet. But I guess she doesn't have to be online every day.
>> No. 72257
She's moving this weekend. She's probably busy.
>> No. 72269
File 139383817580.jpg - (25.69KB , 308x309 , trollgirl.jpg )
she spent all day chillin at my crib. u mad?
>> No. 72279
File 139393139686.jpg - (348.48KB , 1137x1489 , catie_artsnfashion_magazine_winter2012.jpg )
I can probably locate some ATHF episodes with the Mooninites Ignignokt and Err.

Also Catie wore that shirt for the Arts & Fashion magazine article that she appeared on the cover of.
>> No. 72282
They could've done a better job with the photography on that issue, it's nowhere near how beautiful Catie is. Still cool how she was on the cover though.
>> No. 72283
File 139395900660.jpg - (264.43KB , 1159x1507 , Pls no.jpg )
I will never understand why Catie agreed on doing a photo shoot and interview for this random, no-name magazine, but whatever her reasons for doing it were (hope she was paid well), the whole thing turned out pretty silly and unprofessional looking. I mean, come on, just look at that front page layout...

>Dem smilies
>Dat font
>Dat text placement
>Dat awkward use of capitalization

(Was it by any chance designed and edited by a middle schooler using MS Paint?)

Anyhow, aside from the awful front page, the interview itself was decent (why so static though?), and so was the graphic design of those pages.

Heck, I even considered buying a glossy reprint of the magazine in the past, but the steep price/terrible front page combo put me off.

I wouldn't blame the photographer, Catie's make-up was very unflattering in this photo shoot after all. That said, I still love these pictures (you can never go wrong with high res Catie pics TBH), and I love the dress she wore in the picture they used for the cover. Wish I had access to the unedited, original version of it thought.
>> No. 72284
Yeah, that's what I meant, weird make-up and plain clothes. Although the dress was cute, they could've done something more with her, but I guess it's just a budget thing for this magazine. It looked like there was no preparation at all.

I don't think it was even a photoshoot, there would've been some kind of a backdrop if it was.
>> No. 72286
Whoops, my bad.
>> No. 72287
File 139397545414.jpg - (402.22KB , 1570x1575 , britbox.jpg )
>Weird make-up
Well, I'm 99,99% certain that Catie applied it herself, as there is no way in Hell a low budget magazine like that could have afforded hiring a make-up artist.

>Plain clothes
>they could've done something more with her
Once again, I'm pretty sure that was Catie's choice (they might have requested her wearing the shirt though). She wore those specific clothes because they make up one of Boxxy's signature outfits (the shirt in particular). As you can tell, the shoes, shirt, jeans and hairband on her wrist all match the ones worn in OPs pic (and the rest of that photo series). Still surprised she didn't go all the way while she was at it though, and applied the make-up like in the first three Boxxy video. It kinda made the rest of her attempt to be as "Boxxauthentic" as possible underwhelming and pointless.

Either way, I agree that it was strange that a magazine called "Arts'n'FASHION" couldn't provide her with something a bit more fashionable. Seeing as this was done in late 2012, I'm also really surprised she even picked those clothes in the first place. In late 2012 she had already been strongly expressing/hinting that she wanted to move away from her Boxxy past, and start focusing more on Catie content for a long time. So well, in that sense, this whole thing was pretty darnvhypocritical.

>I don't think it was even a photoshoot,there would've been some kind of a backdrop if it was.
I kinda worded myself badly there, but yeah, it's not like it was a professional photo shoot or anything.
>> No. 72288
It was good for her doing the shoot, even though it wasn't well done, she got paid, and nobody probably read that magazine. There isn't any groundbreaking information gained through the interview anyway. Good work on the analysis fanon.
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