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File 139359067181.jpg - (173.06KB , 1600x900 , CatieKiwi.jpg )
72123 No. 72123
Kiwi will make you cry, but seeing Catie crying while watching Kiwi will make your heart implode.

Youtubers React to Kiwi:

Also proof our Queen is way smraterer than those other retards. How could you watch Kiwi and totally miss the point?
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>> No. 72128
I remember when I saw the kiwi vid for the first time. I got it, thought it was ingenious, "do whatever it takes to make your dreams true", dem kiwi tears, so sad...

It's not worth it. Nope. I'm not doing what the kiwi did. I prefer living a long life, keeping my dreams as just dreams, specially if flying is only for my own benefit.
>> No. 72130
File 139359840856.jpg - (10.63KB , 236x265 , 522181d7d60ee2833d0b5b10fd372f67.jpg )

Disagree. You will die one day, and making protracted croaking noises on a deathbed or getting hit by a bus doesn't sound that great to me if I can think of a better proactive alternative.

There are beliefs and principles I would gladly die for, and dreams I would definitely risk and or gladly give my life for.

At the end of the day I'd rather live and eat my cake too, so it's not like I'm itching to jump off a cliff while there are alternatives, but it's not like mere survival is the most important thing when it comes to your life in total context.

Catie should be familiar with that concept, (pic related).
>> No. 72135
I've seen Kiwi about two years ago, and I literally cried like a little bitch 'til I had no more tears. And it's the only video which made me cry in 20 years of life.
>> No. 72138
File 139361154461.jpg - (29.37KB , 582x329 , 1392309446715.jpg )
> There are beliefs and principles I would gladly die for, and dreams I would definitely risk and or gladly give my life for.
I understand. If it's for the good of other people, great.
But little Kiwi here wasn't helping anyone with his flying.
I mean: the obsession with flying is because, most birds fly, right? "I want to fly too and I would gladly sacrifice myself for 20 seconds of that feeling". I understand but I don't agree. If I was a penguin that sacrifices itself so the rest of the bunch can survive (not gonna go into detail, but you should get the picture), of course It would make sense. Perfect sense. But kiwi's dream looks egoist and self-absorbed.

> crying
I tried to remember a youtube vid that made me cry, but all that came to mind were sad endings from movies like Dark Knight Rises.
>> No. 72224
File 139362998478.png - (899.54KB , 960x540 , CatieAnimalistic2.png )
What's important to you is subjective. So nobody else can decide for you according to their own subjective values what or what isn't worth your life.

Personally I think Olympic athletes who train 24/7 since childhood just to run a single race, (where they could get sick or trip over on the actual day), trying to shave 0.1 picofucks off some record, so they can say they are the fastest person in the word or whatever - those people are stone cold fuck nuts in my opinion. I would never give up one second of my time in a such a pursuit - let alone my youth. But it's their life to use as they see fit, regardless of the objective outcome, (which always sums to zero for everyone outside of human subjectivity anyhow).

Some people would disagree with me going off and fighting in a war, but there are wars I'd fight. Doesn't mean I'm kidding myself that it matters in some cosmic sense or can't be characterised as a meaningless sacrifice in another subjective context. If it matters that much to me, then that's enough.

Obviously the only exception to the above is Catie Wayne - the only thing that will ultimately ever matter in the entire history of space and time.
>> No. 72245
It's a nice video to watch and think about, but talking about it makes it painful.
>> No. 72246
File 139363659969.png - (446.05KB , 1000x562 , tears2.png )
Why did nobody tell the poor kiwi about wingsuits or parachutes? :(:(
>> No. 72247
File 139367551012.jpg - (13.62KB , 230x284 , 1238790194001.jpg )
... I see your point. Thanks for the effort in putting it like this.

I'll rephrase myself: I disagree with Kiwi's decision, but I respect it.
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