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No. 72092
  New WGB on leeches! (:
Hope you likes it. <33
I love you guys.
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>> No. 72093
luf u :3
>> No. 72094
Dead chan is dead.

Anyhow, I wish a small part of the video had been dedicated to leeches role in medicine (I saw it briefly mentioned in the description though), cause that's a pretty integral part of their being in my opinion. I suppose you guys try to keep the videos as short as possible, and fair enough, there were a lot of other cool facts included. Pic related was a bit off though (I keed, I keed, I know it wasn't supposed to be clinically accurate). Overall a decent video.

The video where you talk about raccoons is probably out next week, so fingers crossed for a Boxxy make-up reference ;^)
>> No. 72095
File 139285540721.jpg - (880.59KB , 1920x1080 , I have severe autism.jpg )
Apparently the chan doesn't like my VPN, cause my picture was not added to my post. New try.
>> No. 72096
<3 ilu2 Catie. another very nice video
>> No. 72098
File name 'i have severe autism' lmfao, nice
>> No. 72099
File 139292570258.jpg - (56.07KB , 900x603 , eeww.jpg )
I vote gross.

P.S. Catie, please stop taking dangerous drugs.


With love,

>> No. 72100
>Both head and tail have brain
>Both head and tail can suck blood
So, how can you tell which is the head and which is the tail?
>> No. 72140
with a microscope, I guess.
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