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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 71906
  Happy Valentines day!

Sorry for the short notice, but I'll be posting at 1:00!
loves you. have a valentines day animalist video.
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>> No. 71907
<3 thanks so much Catie :)
>> No. 71908
File 139241093573.png - (97.12KB , 900x322 , pinkie_pie_valentines_day_by_pklovestormomega-d4ob.png )
>> No. 71909
2 videos with squirrels in a row... :D
>> No. 71910
File 139241127189.png - (18.34KB , 688x202 , TwiAspy.png )
hey! so, I was wondering something about Twilight. So I googled it, and I guess a bunch of other people were wondering the same thing. XD [pic related]
>> No. 71911
You're SO lucky.
>> No. 71912
Hi guys. I guess we can just have a chill little hangout. :3

How is everyone's valentines day going?
omg the captcha is adorable, thanks trep.
>> No. 71913
Hey Catie.

Happy Valentine's Day!<3

It's going meh, but I have next week off from school! How about you? (:
>> No. 71914
I had a really crappy morning, but your making my Valentines day really great so thnaks Catie <3
>> No. 71915
the captcha is adorable? huh?
>> No. 71916
not sure if that's sarcasm or what?
>> No. 71917
next whole week?
why? that's crazy. xD

awww, iluhyou. <3

omg that is odd that enough people wondered for it to be a google suggestion.

ohnoes, the captcha is normal agen. ;-;
>> No. 71918
Hey, Catie! Happy Valentine's Day <3<3<3<3<3
How you doing?
>> No. 71919
oh. maybe it was only showing up for me, or was temporary. but it was valentines day themed. it was really cute. :3
>> No. 71920
how are you catie? :( I've been worried about you
>> No. 71921
hey. not much is going on. apparently. (you saw the pic I just posted, right? ha...) I'm not too into holidays like this, because, shouldn't love (and other such "things") be important, like, *every day*? :-T
>> No. 71922
hey catie
valentines day is... valentines day. :P
>> No. 71923
Aaaaand she haven't seen my post :( Hai Catie :(
>> No. 71924
File 139241197020.png - (203.75KB , 600x600 , 1392334954352.png )
>> No. 71925
File 139241207432.png - (1.35MB , 1493x1548 , 6a016767e07f52970b017d40ebdd6e970c.png )
>awww, iluhyou. <3

ilu2 <3
>> No. 71926
>omg that is odd that enough people wondered for it to be a google suggestion.

well, I once said that I see a lot of myself in Twilight, as someone who is passionate about reading and someone who HAS Asperger's... ha.
>> No. 71927
why? D:
i'm fine.

you're absolutely right. i don't mind too much though because i get to give lots of hugs and no one minds. x3

hi baby. <3

i love pinkamena. :3
cool picture, thanks for sharing.

but squirrels. ;D
>> No. 71928
srsly the best part about today is all the people sending me star wars valentines. :3
>> No. 71929
yea, its a half-term or whatevz.

how was your week anyways? :3
>> No. 71930
File 139241223974.jpg - (767.90KB , 1600x1200 , 1391611902563.jpg )
Any plans for Vday Catie?
>> No. 71931
>why? D: i'm fine.

You seem to be really busy lately, and probably stressed about moving :( and being Valentines day too.
>> No. 71932
File 13924123435.jpg - (138.87KB , 630x824 , tumblr_n0z09bFfT31qzfsnio2_1280.jpg )
Porphy posted this on her tumblr. Reminds me of your shirt.
>> No. 71933
File 139241237961.png - (220.46KB , 889x283 , oesmspcvhrw.png )
hey. anyone notice that the font of the words in the picture on the /b/ page is kinda Evanescence-y? was that intentional? XD
>> No. 71934
File 139241238933.jpg - (84.83KB , 492x341 , valentine\'sday.jpg )
Happy Valentine's Day Catie!

Oh wait ... I think I'm doing it wrong ...

Loves you anyways. Always and Forever.
>> No. 71935
Catie how was it hanging out with Moot? What did you guys do? What did you talk about?
>> No. 71936
So MLP valentines are not good? K, got it.
>> No. 71937
>but squirrels. ;D
i know! those made my day(s) better :D thanks for making them <3
>> No. 71938
>you're absolutely right. i don't mind too much though because i get to give lots of hugs and no one minds. x3

WHAT!? are you saying that people sometimes "mind" when you give them hugs!? THAT'S INSANE! XP
>> No. 71939
File 139241256197.png - (592.73KB , 800x1067 , fluttershy valentine.png )
they are in my book :3
>> No. 71940
Catie, you missed my post! Either that, or you just don't like me D:

"Hey, Catie! Happy Valentine's Day <3<3<3<3<3
How you doing?"
>> No. 71941
>> No. 71942
File 139241272364.png - (26.21KB , 545x578 , wind2.png )
>> No. 71943
I'm not a baby, I'm 21 D:
HAI <3
Are you going to do something special today?
I'll probably eat whole box of ice cream and watch MLP, hopefully not cry and go to bed.
>> No. 71944
I have no idea why I love Fluttershy SO MUCH. But I like it.
>> No. 71945
Ohai Catie!!
I came right on time.
I hopeee your valentine's day is totally awesome because you deserve it for being such a lovely person.
We love you! <3
>> No. 71946
Fluttershy is best pony.
And Catie, there's nothing you can do about it.
>> No. 71947

to paraphrase Boxxy, I would perhaps say that Fluttershy is "least worst" pony... XP
>> No. 71948
I'm struggling between Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy :<
>> No. 71949
Because she's so cute!<3

Obvi Fluttershy is bestpone! :3
Hope tomorrow's episode is goood!

Fluttershy foh realz. :3
>> No. 71950
just a heads up, i'm gonna have to brb at 1:30. ugh. so lame. but i'll post for an additional half hour from when i get back. (: <3

nope. i might go eat seafood with my family and stuff.

well, all of that is true, but you don't need to worry about me.
it's temporary. :3


happy v-day! <333

it was fine. we just talked about the internet mostly. he had a few questions about boxxy and stuff. he hadn't really kept track. :p (he didn't even know my real name, lol)
but he was very nice. (:

nonono, MLP is great. (: the star wars ones are more punny though. xD

you are very welcome my dear. <3

some people just aren't hug people. :p

AW sowee behbeh, i thought i replied to it!
HI! <33 how is you? :3

baby is just a play name. :p
that sounds like a fun night. :3

someone gave me a chocolate strawberry. she got a whole box. :3 it was pretty awesome for her to share it with me.
she is nice.
so my valentines day is going pretty fucking great.

i can disagree. O:
>> No. 71951
Nuh-uh! Pinkie Pie is best pony
>> No. 71952
  mister ed is best pony
>> No. 71953
this kid gets it.
>> No. 71954
don't worry about it Catie. We'll all wait for you to get back.

omg Moot didn't even know your name D:
>> No. 71955
File 139241375933.jpg - (634.02KB , 1000x1000 , 1391488499566.jpg )
>he didn't even know my real name, lol
I hope you called him a newfag
>> No. 71956
File 139241379294.jpg - (56.86KB , 960x960 , uwot flutter.jpg )
(pic verr related)

I has to go noaw. Thanks foar hanging Catiee!<3

Have a good week! :D
>> No. 71957
>AW sowee behbeh, i thought i replied to it!
HI! <33 how is you? :3

PHEW! You had me worried! :P
I'm great, thanks! Team GB got gold in the women's Skeleton Bobsleigh today in the Olympics!

In other news, we had a pretty big storm on Wednesday night. One of next door's trees came down in our garden and crushed the fence and some of our trees.
>> No. 71958
File 139241387838.png - (406.51KB , 600x704 , catie-renfield.png )
Happy Valentines Day, catie.

I just want to say I'm glad you were in the Fine Bros. Rebecca Black video. It was nice to see you as the voice of experience.

I also want to say that I love "Friday", and I don't care who knows it. It's a rough independent pop song that reminds of Punk Rock, and I like that it's in blank verse.
>> No. 71959
>>that sounds like a fun night. :3
>> No. 71960
>this kid gets it.

I also think Luna is best princess.
I still say Rarity is worst pony, though :/
>> No. 71961
File 139241403053.gif - (1.00MB , 380x500 , tumblr_m1k1lbFMfl1qfoj4do1_400.gif )
Guys, I'm pretty sure Catie's favorite ponies are Twilight Sparkle, Princess Cadence, Diamond Tiara, and Walter White.
>> No. 71962
File 139241417171.jpg - (24.55KB , 300x256 , gir_and_piggy_by_hugzie-d4xt4k0.jpg )
>some people just aren't hug people. :p

I am totally not a hug person ... but I'd make an exception in your case. <3
>> No. 71963
File 139241417447.png - (115.13KB , 430x312 , valntine.png )
And here's a valentine
>> No. 71964
probably. She talks about them all the time :p
>> No. 71965


>> No. 71966
yo. Felix. like I was saying on twitter yesterday, you know, I'm kind of a "struggling musician," and a lot of my friends are also "struggling musicians," so, you know, I think it was ok for us to dislike that song and the way it was promoted and stuff like that, but, of course, I also think it was wrong for people to direct hatred toward Ms. Black herself. I mean, she *was* 13 when that song came out. If someone had offered me the opportunity to do a song like that, how could I have refused? How would I have known that it was (in what would become my opinion) a "bad" song? So it's kinda like Rebecca was "lucky" and "unlucky" (in different ways) at the same time.
>> No. 71967
>The True Value of Bitcoin

>> No. 71968
>> No. 71969
omg i hope you're okay! DDD:

haha, rebecca seems like such a sweet girl. it was pretty cool to talk about that stuff.

you might inspire me to make a video about why rarity is awesome.

you're the worst.

yaaaay. <3

that is silly. :p <33
>> No. 71970


>> No. 71971

Meh :P
>> No. 71972
>you might inspire me to make a video about why rarity is awesome

I hope you do. That would be awesome to watch. I love rarity too
>> No. 71973
That was fucked up



There's nothing wrong with disliking the song, Addy, but I LIKE the fucking song!
>> No. 71974
hey! Catie! question! what did you mean when you said my PMs were "always so overwhelming"? Was that, like, a *bad* thing? :-Z
>> No. 71975
How is everything at work going? I'm still hoping to see you interacting with real animals.
>> No. 71976
oh lord, i remember that video.
thats the first video where i ever truly found myself annoying.
i was like "jesus christ, someone shut this cunt up."

she's awesome thats why.
>> No. 71977
File 139241520620.gif - (583.15KB , 300x169 , tumblr_n0q5bhuwAZ1rflr63o5_400.gif )
> "jesus christ, someone shut this cunt up."
>> No. 71978
Catie I had something I was gonna ask you, but I forget what it was :(
I'll remember right after you leave, and have to wait until you chan post again :(
>> No. 71979
>omg i hope you're okay! DDD:

We're ok. No major damage. Probably going to spend most of the weekend, maybe even next weekend, helping my dad to clear away the fallen tree.

>you might inspire me to make a video about why rarity is awesome.

Well, I don't mind the dubious honour of being the catalyst for you making a vid about my least favourite pony :P
>> No. 71980
Spoiler alert: Yes, but not as bad as "menacing" or "offensive" or a whole lot of other things that are worse.
>> No. 71981
Hi Catie! I haven't been able to hang around here much lately but I just wanted to say that you shouldn't feel pressured to make weekly videos, we will all support you no matter what :D

Besides, we have your Animalist videos to watch, which are awesome by the way ;D
>> No. 71982
Catie is desk at work still bare? :p
>> No. 71983
That Winter Wrap Up song IS FUCKING AWESOME :O
>> No. 71984

Glad you liked it.

Honewstly, in the beginning, I had to train myself to sit through FOAR EVERYWUN, but once I've acquired the taste, 30 ranting Caties is like a cool breeze on the face
>> No. 71985
hahah, it just means it's obvious you put a lot of effort into them. so i feel obligated to try just as hard, and that can be a little overwhelming. not necessarily bad, just the way it is. :p

you can always ask on twitter. :3
have you considered writing your questions down and keeping them by the computer?

omg i'm so sorry. ;___; be sure to stay safe!
<333 good luuuuck.
>> No. 71986
>That Winter Wrap Up song IS FUCKING AWESOME :O

I wish winter WOULD wrap up!
So storms
Much rain
Such flooding
Many winds
>> No. 71987
aww! it's like, it means a lot to me for you to say that. :'3 <3
>> No. 71988
>omg i'm so sorry. ;___; be sure to stay safe!
<333 good luuuuck.

Aww, thanks! We'll be ok <3
>> No. 71989
would you ever make Boxxy videos that doesn't involve talking into a webcam? Say something like Boxxy makes chocolate chip cookies, or a Boxxy video outside doing something. Have you thought about it?
>> No. 71990
Hi! Thanks for stopping by. :3 I'm glad you like the animalist content. I've been working hard on it.
As far as weekly videos, you guys have been so great about understanding that i'm going through some stressful times. So thank you for that. <3
but it's super temporary. (:

yes. i am just the worst kind of person.


you are kind. but the 30 yelling caties is too much for me.
so loud. much screech.
>> No. 71991
>have you considered writing your questions down and keeping them by the computer?

I do that some times, but I don't write everything down because I think I won't forget it but I do :(
>> No. 71992
I don't, actually. I think he looks like me, which creeps me out.
>> No. 71993
>yes. i am just the worst kind of person

;_; no, you're not Catie.
>> No. 71994
yeah man i'm pretty done with winter also.
but cali has a drought, so every day it rains i'm like
-______- yay.

<3 /hug


i've thought about it a little. the problem with that is, boxxy's thing is that she does stuff in one take. and cooking and stuff like that takes a loooong time.
we'll see.
>> No. 71995
File 139241605858.jpg - (37.83KB , 506x526 , amXxMnV_700b_v2.jpg )
fucking valentines day
>> No. 71996
I missed Catie posting?!?! On my day off?!?!?! fml, just my kind of luck. :'(
>> No. 71997
Hey Catie, how it's the day going? i hope it's doing great c:
I love the "new" WGB channel, could you make a video about pigeons? they're so adorable :3 (except for the parasites that they have)
>> No. 71998
>boxxy's thing is that she does stuff in one take

I don't think anyone would mind if the videos were edited. I mean it's totally different than just talking, so of course things like cooking couldn't be done it one take.
>> No. 71999
>> No. 72000
30 Caties is not the recommended dosage. But you brushed over the part where I had to train myself to sit through Boxxy. I was not an instant fan, but I was fascinated, and I hated the haters. And while I found it hard to sit through, who could hate Boxxy?

I used to watch with the sound down. And then I would watch remixes.
>> No. 72001
lmao! yeah. I guess he does look a bit like you. I guess. XP um, yeah, I'd be kinda "creeped out" if I thought someone like that looked like me, too, so, yeah... but what I hear most often is that I look like Steve Aoki. I mean, I happen to think I look better than him :p, but yeah. XD
>> No. 72002
File 139241627012.jpg - (1.28MB , 1911x3000 , 1313698257059.jpg )
dude. I would love Cali. It's fuckign freezing, and it snows every week. My back hurts from shoveling nearly probably 100+ square feet of 1.5-2 ft snow over the last few days. i wanna die.
>> No. 72003
she's still here for a little while yet.
>> No. 72005
>yeah man i'm pretty done with winter also.
but cali has a drought, so every day it rains i'm like
-______- yay.

Maybe we can swap weather?


Don't worry. I promise I'll be extra, extra careful :)
>> No. 72006
Catie did you find out if your lactose intolerant?
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