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No. 71896
  New Weird, Gross, and Beautiful on Octopuses. :3 <3
Hope you liiike.
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>> No. 71897
File 139223010745.png - (531.64KB , 1151x1009 , Awesome.png )
Best episode thus far IMO.
Looking forward to the next episode.
>> No. 71898
omg my neck doe.
it won't stop staring at me.
>> No. 71899
ok, I'm skipping this one.
I hate everything with eight legs (or more).
>> No. 71900
File 139223637911.jpg - (136.64KB , 1407x817 , Weird Gross and Homosexual.jpg )
No actual offence to OP, but couldn't resist making this one for later use when I freez'd on dis cap.

Nice vid about octopuseseseses Catie btw. Loves you.
>> No. 71901
File 139224638726.jpg - (106.97KB , 1407x817 , Science.jpg )
A generic version :D

I loves your new show too Catie!!!
>> No. 71902
well thanks Catie, i only just learned that the plural of octopus is not octopi. I have a degree in physics and multiple qualifications in English so now I'm deeply ashamed of myself -_-
>> No. 71903
:D very funny and informative. Nice Job Catie
>> No. 71904
File 139229279154.jpg - (124.77KB , 1407x817 , Weird Gross and Homosexual2.jpg )
Thankyou Sir. I didn't have time to do that level of adjustment on my rush out the door this morning.
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