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No. 71878
  New Weird, Gross and Beautiful with Catie's arch-nemesis, the goose!
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>> No. 71879
"8-11 pounds of yuck."


You are nothing less than 95 pounds of PRECIOUS DOLL!

ILY sooo much.
>> No. 71880
File 139161946133.jpg - (37.09KB , 468x271 , Proof.jpg )
This was hilarious, good job, Catie.
Seagulls are the ultimate jerks in the animal kingdom though.

>> No. 71881
One of these faggots ate the hotdog out of my hand, and ended up biting me in the process when I was a kid. They're such assholes.
>> No. 71882
We have geese all around the ponds here. The term I prefere is "Rats With Wings"...
>> No. 71883
File 13916442641.jpg - (112.95KB , 600x803 , Bunch of dicks.jpg )
Yeah, if there's one group of animals I resent, it has to be those pricks.

They attack people, steal things and shit everywhere. On top of all of that they always make a shit-ton of noise everywhere they go.

Fuck 'em, fuck 'em all.
>> No. 71884
File 139164959490.gif - (1.00MB , 218x228 , 1391558912187.gif )
I was attacked by geese once. They ran after me and I almost shat myself by fear.
>> No. 71889
File 139183154768.png - (561.36KB , 881x496 , gefymxl3.png )
I love you in these videos, Catie. I love the understated humor. It's like there's an angry Boxxy-like spaz inside you trying to erupt, but Catie is like, "No, no, just stay calm..." and BOxxy is like "But ARRRRGH! ASDFKJLKJKASJLDKSFKLFS!!!!!! mmmmrrrggggghhhf."

Lol, I really enjoy these though.
>> No. 71890
File 139192912426.jpg - (161.15KB , 960x720 , MjdKq.jpg )
I think "Grey goose" is good vodka.
>> No. 71891
Maggots and Geese? Listen guise I'm really busy and stuff sooo yeah fulltime job. Maggots and Geese. ttyl. byeeee <3
>> No. 71895

pls do animalist video on this
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