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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 71655
so, I've been working on this show behind the scenes since I got my new job, and so far I really like it. It fits my sense of humor much better. So in addition to doing Animalist News videos, there will be a weekly release of these WGB videos. :3
It'd help me out so much if you guys could subscribe to this channel also. (hopefully there won't be too many more channels to subscribe to.)

I am constantly taking suggestions on animals, so if there is an animal that you think is weird, gross, or beautiful be sure to let me know.

As always, I'm counting on you guys at my chan and forum to let me know how you like it, and what you think can be improved. :3

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>> No. 71656
  Awesome! Is this the thread in which you'll chat with us? Or is it the forum week? I don't remember

Btw everytime I heard "Maggots" I think about Slipknot, vid related
>> No. 71657
File 139102124363.gif - (1.56MB , 320x240 , 64rdlYr.gif )
>in addition to doing Animalist News videos, there will be a weekly release of these WGB videos. :3
Congratulations on getting your own show, Catie, sounds great.

>what do you think can be improved
Better lighting and a more interesting background are the obvious "fixes", but I assume this video was filmed a while ago, and that those "issues" have already been taken care of. Not much to comment on about when it comes to the presentation or content as I've only seen one episode, but so far, so good.

>I am constantly taking suggestions on animals, so if there is an animal that you think is weird, gross, or beautiful be sure to let me know.
Pic related, an episode about the red panda is pretty much obligatory :3
>> No. 71658
Maggot therapy was definitely more recent than the 15th century. I remembered a case of a wounded serviceman from World War II who believed that maggots had saved his arm from amputation. (From the Ken Burns documentary THE WAR) looking that up, I found this page from wikipedia. It looks like it's still going on.

>> No. 71659
>Is this the thread in which you'll chat with us?
Nope, she usually "only" does that on Fridays.

>Or is it the forum week? I don't remember
This week is chan week.
>> No. 71660
Catie i love your face! also when do you think you'll upload another video on your channel? i know you have time constraints, so no rush i was just wondering :P
>> No. 71667
Catie I wanna see you draw animals on that board in the background :D
>> No. 71671
i like maggots and they like me. especially when we poo and pee. yay maggots!
wub u catie w!
>> No. 71672
File 139105664042.png - (226.02KB , 545x351 , potoo.png )
an episode on the Potoo bird would be cool it's certainly weird :)
>> No. 71673
File 139106194472.jpg - (261.61KB , 1080x829 , C_KAT_G-orchid-mantis.jpg )
Catie the orchid mantis is pretty weird and beautiful
>> No. 71674
Maybe a video about some sea creature? Not a fish, some animal. Fish are all the same. Their almost like birds, always doing the same thing. Fucking birds, man. All they do is just flying around and shitting on objects and people from above. Also they make weird noises, unlike fish, but both are good to eat.
The best thing about maggots is their good bait for when fishing. I used them before.

Hummingbird is kinda cool, it can fly backwards.
>> No. 71679
Ima post at 3:00 in this thread.
Yeah. :3
kbye ilu. <3
>> No. 71684
yay :D
>> No. 71685
Fine, your 3:00 PM for me means 00:00 in the midnight. I'll be here!
>> No. 71686
File 139120501168.png - (51.45KB , 269x240 , 269px-Protein_PRNP_PDB_1ag2.png )
Hi Catie,

Prions are pretty screwed up Aliens.


They don't have DNA or RNA and are not virus/bacteria/fungus/parasite... But if you get them inside you they cause the cells to make more of them and eventually kill you. They cause Mad Cow, Scrapie, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, Fatal Familial Insomnia, Kuru. An infectious protein actually. Prions are not considered living organisms but may propagate by transmitting a misfolded protein state. If a prion enters a healthy organism, it induces existing, properly folded proteins to convert into the disease-associated prion form. They have an incubation period of months to decades.

Prions are not affected by common cleaners or antiseptics and they even resists high heat since they are mostly chemical and not living. Prions are generally quite resistant to proteases, heat, radiation, and formalin treatments.
"Prions don't give a shit!" :D

Not quite an Animal, but super weird!
>> No. 71688
something came up at work.
i suck.
i'm so sorry.
i don't know when i'm posting.
hopefully at 4:00
>> No. 71689
It's fine. :)
>> No. 71690
don't worry Catie <3 no need to apologize
>> No. 71692
it was out of your control, don't sweat it, you're fine.
and no, you don't suck!
focus on what you have to do first, don't worry about us :)
>> No. 71693
>"I want to stop apologizing so much. I apologize a great deal, for things I don't need to apologize for. I don't need to apologize about things that are out of my control"
Sounds familiar?
>> No. 71694
Catie you have gone too far and are expecting too much, goodbye.
>> No. 71695
>> No. 71696
You have left your own channel and fanbase, asking people to pledge themselves and their interests to something completely different. Although this may benefit you and those you are involved with, it does nothing to serve the interest and loyalty of YOUR fanbase. You continue to alienate those who have followed you and supported YOU. It's sooo disappointing on the heels of a Boxxy video that eerone loved and now you say sorry exit stage left? For what, maggots? No can do beautiful, see you soon on the flipside.
>> No. 71697
I can't stand up until 1:00 AM, it sucks to be europoor sometimes.

Just wondering, did you see >>71479 Catie?
See yah soon, ilu :3
>> No. 71698
there must be some canadian blood in that woman
>> No. 71699
I'll always love and support you Catie <3
>> No. 71700
>gone too far
>expect too much
what is she expecting?
seriously, whats the deal with this?
>> No. 71701
I dont want to look at maggots on a friday night.
>> No. 71702
It's cool Catie, don't worry about it!

I will probably be gone when you come back for posting D: <3

Have a good week!<3
>> No. 71703
wtf are you going on about?
>> No. 71704
Catie, I think YOU know what YOUR priorities are.
You're doing the responsible thing taking care of yourself and your career first.
Don't listen to the selfish so-called "fans" such as >>71696
Those of us who are really your fans are more understanding of what you have going on.
>> No. 71705
File 139121041642.png - (475.74KB , 876x653 , Smirk.png )
>> No. 71706
just trying to figure out what that dude is upset about.
also this >>71704
>> No. 71707
I think you are being just a bit unfair. Fans, have feelings too. We can wait for Catie, that is not the issue. All relationships are a two way street.
Look at Justin, he started getting arrogant and alienated his fans and now what? Dope. Jail. And he says what? Stay strong cuz we are being persecuted. Justin is a drug addict. Why should his fans follow him to jail, if that makes any sense, right?
>> No. 71708
I DON'T want to look at maggots on a friday night!
>> No. 71709
Totally a different thing.
If Catie did half the things Justin did to alienate his fans, she'd lose me too.
Catie is doing all the right things. She has a job, and lucky us, we get to see a new video from her almost every day, and she keeps things interesting in those videos.
Even if she was working in a department store 50 hours a week where we don't get to see her and she rarely had time for us, that is what she needs to do to live. It would be unfair for her fans to expect any more from her.
>> No. 71710
quit bitching and leave then. close your browser and never come back if you dont like her.
>> No. 71711
File 139121100973.gif - (1.06MB , 245x180 , 085.gif )
Catie forget about people like this, like I mentioned last week, you are not being selfish or doing a disservice by having personal priorities. It's so astounding how self-entitled people are. Here you are, giving and giving (videos [even Boxxy ones!], joining us on Fridays, tweets, etc.) without expecting anything in return and people STILL want more! Eff the noise, people like this shouldn't stick around.
>> No. 71712

Catie has done nothing to alienate her fans though. Your analogy sucks. Either you're a paranoid delusional or a troll.
>> No. 71713
You're amazing Catie <3 and I'll always be a fan
>> No. 71714
This is bait.

Y'all, just don't reply to him.
>> No. 71715
Don't drink the Kool-Aid.
We president now.
>> No. 71716
File 139121174047.jpg - (2.11KB , 125x125 , 1389311649819s.jpg )
Pic related
>> No. 71717
Catie I love the vid. You kinda remind me of an 80's thing with high top tennis shoes with your jeans tucked under the togue flap thingys like Justin, he is so hawt. <3 Mowse!

captcha: fhesuga continually
I wish ;)
>> No. 71718
Goes with the thread, since maggots can be used as bait.
>> No. 71719
I DON'T want to look at maggots on a friday night!
>> No. 71720
File 139121252361.jpg - (37.67KB , 572x598 , sadmaggot.jpg )
Now look what you did, you made the maggot sad. Shame on you.
>> No. 71721
File 13912125614.jpg - (325.24KB , 1500x1125 , maggots.jpg )
everybody post maggots :D
>> No. 71722
>> No. 71723
File 139121267918.png - (331.50KB , 635x720 , sadcatie.png )
Pls no.
>> No. 71724
hi guys! :3
how is your friday going? (:
>> No. 71725
File 139121275292.jpg - (28.61KB , 400x300 , _38216906_sorsha_devin1.jpg )
>> No. 71726
<3 hi catie. It's going very good :) how are you?
>> No. 71727
My skin is crawling eeewww
*rolls eyes*
>> No. 71728
File 139121283019.png - (518.38KB , 886x683 , thumbsup.png )
>> No. 71729

Pretty good so far.

How have you been holding up? Are you excited about getting a show for yourself on Animalist?
>> No. 71730
pls yes
goes "meh", little better now though! how about yours?
>> No. 71731
pretty good thanks, yourself? :3

How was your week as well Catie?
Hope it wasn't too stressful, the new channel is awesome!<3
>> No. 71732
ur so gud at this.

pretty good. (:
loling at the dramaaaaaa.
>> No. 71733
Hiya, Catie! I'm so tired, right now :/ How're you doing?
>> No. 71734
Hiya, Catie! I'm so tired, right now :/ How're you doing?
>> No. 71735
Catie I read the most insane thing about San Fran on the internet.. I read that the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment was $3,000. That can't be correct, right? That is just completely bonkers. No one can afford that.
>> No. 71736
a little worn down, but fine :)
More importantly, how have you been? I hope you have had at least a little less stress in your life with the hiatus of ANewHopeee.
Oh something happened at work that was kinda awkward and funny.
>> No. 71737
>loling at the dramaaaaaa.

good. I'm glad it's not upsetting you
>> No. 71738
What's worse dem maggots or muh crabs from the Beach video?
Which I loved by the way. How is that Calipornia radiation these days? Hrrrrmmm?
>> No. 71739
Ohai Catie!!
How was your week. I hopeee it was less stressed than the others. Btw, are you posting at job?
¬¬ you shouldn't (yes you should) ;)
>> No. 71740
that's pretty awesome, Catie, a show to your self. And a pretty interesting topic.
I hope they're not overworking you over there. Well at least you get to leave when you've put in your hours.
>> No. 71741
Catie what were your thoughts on Blackfish? What did you find in your research?
>> No. 71742

Guess what!
ok. I'll tell you...

I've wanted one for, like, 10 years, at least. lol. XD

I hope you're doing well. really grateful that you were able to fit this into your skedge. XD
>> No. 71743
haha...yes Nailed it!

isn't drama the best? <---not being sarcastic .-.
>> No. 71744
>loling at the dramaaaaaa.
I'm sorry you had to see that Catie.
>> No. 71745
I went fisjing once. It was awesome.
>> No. 71746
File 139121337851.jpg - (55.19KB , 600x800 , Catiehasswagyousee.jpg )
So much swag to handle in one single pic
>> No. 71747
File 139121343412.jpg - (14.47KB , 257x274 , tumblr_m6gvo6YxmZ1r5d0ngo1_400.jpg )
you mean like this? XD
>> No. 71748
Pretty good so far, how about yours? c:
Has your week been less stressful?
oh and, did you have a good sleep this days?
*infinite questions*
>> No. 71749
dat hat looks way to big on her
>> No. 71750
Hi Catie, i know youve been really busy and probably havent seen my tweets but i was wondering, did you get my xmas present?

Also im loving your Animalist videos! It probably wouldnt fit into your weird, gross, and beautiful channel but if you have the chance to make a video about Blue Whales, it would make my life complete. <3
>> No. 71751
YES. :3
as i said in >>71655
i think it fits my sense of humor much better to just have facts about an animal and then let me ramble about it.

no, it's been much easier without the constant worry for ANewHopeee.
But honestly, I already miss it. I feel like as soon as I've settled into my new home I'll get right back into the swing of things.
in the meantime it's nice to just breathe.

haha, i'm fading fast too. :p
end of the day is always like
"euuuuuuug computer why you make my eyes tired."

it really depends on the neighborhood.
it can definitely get pretty fucking ridiculous in the super nice neighborhoods. :/
but yeah no, i would never pay something like that, even if i DID have that kind of money.


go on.

lol yeah, well he's clearly just placing some >>71716
so that's always fun.

do you mean the weather?
it's still pretty chilly.

haha i am, but i'm on "lunch."
i ate earlier, but i was working the whole time.
so i'm just taking the break part of my lunch now.

and no, not overworking.
they manage my time quite nicely.
>> No. 71752
Are you going to play any part in this Sunday's puppy bowl on Animal Planet?
>> No. 71753

When do you suppose you will push the envelope with a complete change and wear that ponytail on the...otheeerrr shoulder. Jusayin.
>> No. 71754
do you have a lot of control over this new channel?
>> No. 71755
Let me appreciate the fact of posting with us in your break while you could be doing other stuff.
Thank you Catie!!
>> No. 71756
y u taking lunch at 4? :/
>> No. 71757
File 139121387765.jpg - (611.99KB , 1479x1224 , rtfgwerg.jpg )
Saw that you like when Norcaliii posted his autograph. Not sure if you saw me post mine. :p Nostalgia rite?
>> No. 71758
File 139121388232.gif - (1.09MB , 213x210 , zl8Be3w.gif )
Earlier this week the kid I work directly almost made me burst out laughing
>work in BD (Behavioral Disorder) room
>have radio playing in the background
>everyone's working
>ad about 'male performance enhancers' starts playing
>"...have extra stamina, vitality, endurance, and have physique like when you were a teen"
> kid turns around and demands to call the 1-800 number
>keeps repeating 1-800 number
>'I'm going to call, i'm out of shape and need more stamina to help me run and lose weight'
>> No. 71759
Catie you talk of working out but what does that entail?

In other words, do you even lift?
>> No. 71760
basically the same as what Alex said in his video.
I found that enough of what Blackfish said was true to make me not like SeaWorld.

it's always so fun to get something you've wanted for a long time. :3

don't even worry about it, it's silly. :p

much less stressful, and i have been getting to bed at pretty good times. :3
except wednesday night.
i found tumblr.
i haven't made one. but i can see why people like it.

it is.

i'm the worst.
i've gathered all my presents up, so i'm hoping to get that video filmed/hunt everyone down very soon.

dude i can seriously do a WGB video on ANY animal. every animal has something weird/gross about them.

nah. if i was you guys would know.
>> No. 71761
>haha, i'm fading fast too. :p
end of the day is always like
"euuuuuuug computer why you make my eyes tired."

I know that feel. I'm just tired cos my body said 'nope' to sleep last night. Ah, well. Copious amounts of tea shall keep me going!

Oh btw, there was something I meant to mention last week, but couldn't remember for the life of me what it was: Me and Namaste/CM Punk were wondering if you were familiar with/like Eddie Izzard?
>> No. 71762
Hi Catie!
Do you have a makeup room? Is there craft services and is the food any good? What about a nap? Do they let you take naps when they are making changes on set?

I miss you already Freddy, byyyye <3
>> No. 71763
Catie did you watch regular show yet? (Not Jelly xD)
>> No. 71764
Glad to hear! :D

Hope your move goes smoothly & good luck with your new channel, which everyone is excited for! :3

I'm ill & it's late so goodnight Catie & everyone!<3
>> No. 71765
Oh fuck, I can't stay a week without chatting with you. HAY CATIE!

Again, did you see >>71479?
>> No. 71766
i... can't?

yeaaaah, sort of. it's a little bit like my baby.

what are you thanking me for?
i'm alienating you guys.

meh, cause i had to get stuff done today.
like i said, i ate earlier.

all of the nostalgia.

thats funny to me.

i sort of kind of lift.
i hold five pound weights while i work out.
so technically, yes.
>> No. 71767
Catie I've been watching so much netlix lately. I keep trying to pause when I'm watching cable haha
>> No. 71768
Yo Catie :D
Probably a hard question to answer, but what accomplishment are you most proud of? <3
>> No. 71769
>I found tumblr. i haven't made one. but i can see why people like it.
OMG Catie. A friend told me it was like a drug. I didn't beleve her but i made one. It seriously is. Is one of the best and funniest sites on the interwebz. You should make one, but don't reblog much. It's very catchy
(sorry for posting a lot >.<)
>> No. 71770
>dude i can seriously do a WGB video on ANY animal. every animal has something weird/gross about them.

>> No. 71771
My 10 year old sister LOVES animals too, but really likes the Capuchin monkey. I bet it would mean a lot to her if you did a Weird, Gross, Beautiful episode about it, but don't feel obligated D: (I think they are cute too :3)
I am still thinking about which animal I really, really like, but I like all animals. My search will continue until I find one worthy to suggest to you for WGB
>> No. 71772
eddie izzard is fucking awesome.

no to basically all that you said.
they do not feed us here. but the food that is very close is gud. :3

i don't believe you.
you're definitely jelly.
but no, i did not watch it yet. :p

awwww, goodnight, get better soon!

i did see and i forgot to say thank you for posting that.
it's awesomeeee.
>> No. 71773
>dude i can seriously do a WGB video on ANY animal. every animal has something weird/gross about them.
>ANY animal
what about... do i even have to say it?
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