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File 139054677185.jpg - (46.94KB , 800x700 , vlcsnap-2013-03-24-06h50m15s232.jpg )
71605 No. 71605

I suggst you NOT engauge in Bieber bashing and such...


It will only come back onto you 100X worse... There is zero gain, but MUCH potential pain...

It does no good for the Animalist cause. It only promotes hate... Someday, you might get arrested too and then what do you want everyone to say about "you"...

Love, not hate things....
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>> No. 71606


At this point, Justin is tolly innocent of it all you know...
>> No. 71638
You know what's also bad? Threatening personal injury!
>MUCH potential pain
>> No. 71648
Boxxy never would of hated
>> No. 71649
I LOVE Animalist, as a channel, and as a great place for Catie to end up in her first job, but this video is terrible from beginning to end. The part where Catie smacks Alex with the newspaper makes me want to cringe right out of my skin.

And they already did a report on Bieber. Two Bieber stories in a short time on a channel about animals seems gratuitous.

Ah well. Most of the videos have been pretty good, let's just move on.
>> No. 71650
you guys should know it came from the top.
none of the team wanted to do it.
i sorted my own stuff out, so i won't be a part of videos like that anymore. it felt incredibly out of character for me, and i didn't like it. cringing the entire time.
>> No. 71651
It was quite cringey, it's nice to know it wasn't your idea. Also what do you think about your co presenter? I'm not sure what the guys name is but something seems off about him to me
>> No. 71652
He's probably nice of camera I just think there's something strange about him, I can't stand him in the videos. Maybe I'm wrong though which is why I'm asking you :)
>> No. 71653
You didn't seem to be on board. The way you put the air quotes on "animalist" made it pretty clear. I guess putting Bieber's name in the title means hits.

Thank you for responding, Catie. I consider it my duty to be honest when something is bad, and never before had my duty been clearer. Overall, I am very positive on animalist.
>> No. 71682

You really shouldn't put Catie on the spot like that.

Here's my opinion on Alex, which you are much less interested in.

I was very excited when Catie and Alex did the reindeer sketch together. When you get to that level of physical comedy, that's when these two are both in their element at the same time, and they're great together. I don't think we've seen very much of that since, because it's a news show.

What Alex has a chance to get into the groove of a character, he's very good, maybe even better than Catie. What Catie can do that Alex can't do as well is make a news reading entertaining, just by riffing with her face and voice. When Catie mugs her way through animalist news, it's brilliant. When Alex does it... not so much.

He really looks like a lot Jim Carrey, which is probably not much of a blessing.

If you read the comments, Alex definitely has a devoted fan base. The question I would ask Catie aboujt Alix is if he's always "on". For her sake, i hope he's not.

I really like him when he's just himself. Here's my favorite Alex video.
>> No. 71683
Both are awesome, and I'm glad they're making vids together.
>> No. 71687
File 139120509377.gif - (1.66MB , 234x183 , Alex Twerks-lol.gif )
"I suggst you NOT engauge in Bieber bashing and such..."

It is neither slander, libel, or defamation when one engages in parody or satire regarding a public figure. It is also the same case, in regard to anyone, when what is said is true.

And I like Alex. I think he and Catie make a great team. I especially enjoyed the "Bad puppy" & "Spider Twerks" interaction. Funny stuff. :D
>> No. 71691

I'm guessing you didn't read the thread.

Years ago, when discussing the humor of Rush Limbaugh, the great columnist Molly Ivins said something that made a lot of sense to me. To paraphrase, she said that the proper target for satire is the powerful. To satirize the powerless, she wrote, is "profoundly vulgar".

I think this puts Bieber (and celebrities with substance abuse issues) in a grey area, someone who has power in the culture who may be at a moment of personal powerless. There needs to be some caution and respect.

What made the Bieber video offensive was that the premsise, by definition, denigrated his humanity. I love animals, but a certain reverence for humanity is essential, We're all unique, but our uniqueness means nothing without our shared humanity. You're a unique expression of a universal truth.
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