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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 71480
I'm pretty sure it's chan week this week, so I'll be back for posting around 1 p.m. <3
Hope you like the bloopsers.
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>> No. 71481
Yay bloopsers!

Thanks Catie, see you later! :3 <3
>> No. 71482
>> No. 71483
>> No. 71484
Testing, testing...

Is this thing on?

Chans are weird...
>> No. 71485
All of you guys are losers :D
>> No. 71486
:D Wuv you Catie
>> No. 71487
You're also on here...
>> No. 71488
File 138998425141.gif - (546.54KB , 320x240 , IW8simF.gif )
I had heart attack at 1:56 :<
Rainbow Dash is lesbian. Really? Pic related.
>> No. 71489
File 138998451428.gif - (817.82KB , 245x184 , 1389911534265.gif )
the blooper videos always make me laugh. this next video sounds like it might be interesting, any hints on what it might be?(probably not... :P)
>> No. 71490
Second test! Please let there be white text after my name, or my name is gonna look really stupid!

Also SoullessCabinet - shut yo' face!
>> No. 71491
File 138998482094.gif - (676.20KB , 213x200 , tumblr_inline_mk48jmbC261qz4rgp.gif )
Come at Bitch. Let go. IM RIGHT HERE
>> No. 71492
File 13899850733.gif - (486.36KB , 256x192 , colbert.gif )
>> No. 71493
How old is your sister ?
>> No. 71494
File 138998664646.gif - (947.92KB , 480x360 , 138826151418.gif )
I doubt she's old enough for what you're thinking
>> No. 71495
File 138998682911.gif - (1.81MB , 336x189 , tmyk.gif )
pic related
>> No. 71496
File 138998721767.jpg - (609.48KB , 2560x1600 , image.jpg )
Ellie is so tall lolomg.
>> No. 71497
File 138998789759.gif - (497.47KB , 400x264 , B-57.gif )
SoullessCabinet, you're no match for my B-57
>> No. 71498
File 138998848268.jpg - (74.40KB , 500x414 , AC-130-Bitch.jpg )
Bitch please...
>> No. 71499
SoullessCabinet, you've already been nuked.

You already lost.

Deal with it. :P
>> No. 71500
File 138998944660.png - (946.37KB , 1920x1080 , 368.png )
My heart hurts.
>> No. 71501
Pshh thats a cheap shot... only a bitch would use. :P
>> No. 71502
take an aspirin and call 911 :P
>> No. 71503
>> No. 71504
File 138999062188.png - (1.16MB , 1920x1080 , 369.png )
I don't think there is a cure for this condition, m8 ;_;
>> No. 71505
>> No. 71506

hai Catie :3

How was your week?
>> No. 71507
File 138999160049.gif - (0.98MB , 500x506 , tumblr_lxrz7rvmHD1qzvph0o1_500.gif )
>> No. 71508
But it worked
>> No. 71509
Oh hi, Catie! How's things?

It's my first time properly posting on the chan!
>> No. 71510
Hi Catie!
You have perfect timing today.
I just woke up, watched the bloopers video (so much cuteness all around) then come here at the same time you do.
Hi kiddo!
>> No. 71511
Hai catie how are you doing ? Well other than farting at your desk ;P than blaming it on your poor co workers ;B
>> No. 71512
File 138999250723.jpg - (247.57KB , 660x371 , joffrey.jpg )
how was your week and stuff? XD I'm ok. week hasn't been very eventful, I guess. I've been relatively productive, but it always takes me forever to do anything. :/

idk, I guess I had some more questions. lol...

why did you, as Rainbow Dash, say "I *guess* my name is Rainbow Dash" and why were you (as her) all like, "why are we doing this?"?

do you still go to any of the same sites you did in, say, '01, '02? omg you were fucking 9 or 10. gah... (the only sites I can think of that I still visit are slantmagazine.com and *occasionally* "the best site in the universe.")

Catie! did you know that you're older than King Joffrey!? (from Game of Thrones)
pic related
>> No. 71513
official herro to everyone. (:
i'm posting on my lunch today, so forgive if my replies are short and sweet. <3

congratulations, fancy trip you got there. ;D

good, i'm glad. :3

my week has been pretty super duper, thanks for asking. :3
i feel like i'm getting a little more adjusted to waking up early every day.
i still don't like it though.

>heart attack
yeah, way scary. i was there. :p

no hints. but i will say that it is definitely a lot easier to get out weekly videos when you have multiple days to get everything done.
like, when i take on a bigger project like this, it was nice to be able to take two days to film if i needed it. but yeah.
>> No. 71514
Yo Yo Catie :D Hope your having a good week. ilu <3
>> No. 71515
Also again i seem to be some kind of messenger. Maus says "im so sorry im afk whens online but im always available on twittah" ( When you are there) And my other sphere friend Kels seems to be gone until sometime next week, for very mysterious reasons.
>> No. 71516
Oh, so you work at Animalists on Friday too? That must be difficult.

Also, I've been wanting to ask this question.
You recently made a tweet thanking /b/ and stuff for everything that's happened over the years. Would you have anything to say in the same vain to Unichan?
>> No. 71517
Rainbow Dash is always too cool for everything. The whole "I guess" thing is just part of that.

My week has been pretty neat, thanks for asking. :p
and no, i did not know that. i don't watch Game of Thrones (yet).

omg how dare you? :p
i would never fart at anyone's desk ever, including my own, because thats inconsiderate.
>> No. 71518
Ohai Catie!
I hopeee you're enjoying your lunch.
What are you eating btw?
Also, were you wearing a better call saul shirt or it was my imagination??
>> No. 71519
Also do you happen to watch an Australian chef, that makes easy to make foods, and candy/ cookies n such ?
>> No. 71520
i gotta brb for a bit.
i'll be back though i sware.
i totally forgot something.
>> No. 71521
Haha thanks. Not half as fancy a trip as DoubleDave's. You wouldn't believe the amount of messing about and noob questions to get me up-to-speed on how to post on a chan. Oh, I thought your video was great, btw. I proper lol'd when you were dressed as Rainbow Dash and said she was a lesbian XD. Also what happened when the lights went out. Powercut?
>> No. 71522
DX what o.o buu but ... ;_; see you later <3
>> No. 71523
I has no internet today, so I can't post more :c
Bai <3
>> No. 71524
>it is definitely a lot easier to get out weekly videos when you have multiple days to get everything done.
>like, when i take on a bigger project like this, it was nice to be able to take two days to film if i needed it.
You probably don't need to burden yourself with a weekly video anymore. If you miss one on occasion, that isn't a problem; you already do sooo much for us on top of your already busy schedule. Anyone who would be disappointed needs to be more understanding. And you can concentrate on multiple-week video projects like whatever surprise you may have for us.
>> No. 71525
No-one likes waking up early, it sucks and
I would say drink coffee...but yea... :P

Turns out my Christmas card & letter got returned to me unfortunately sorry.</3

Is there going to be a video about this picture? :3
>> No. 71526
File 138999352987.jpg - (191.22KB , 960x1440 , 1W6hytl.jpg )
>Not half as fancy a trip as DoubleDave's
Here you can have this one: #{447kmTj
>> No. 71527
okay i'm back sorry. :p had to make an improhtant phone call.

Thanks for giving me a place to start when I first returned to the internet, Unichan. I'm sorry things didn't work out between us. You'll always have a special place in my heart.

I'm eating a mozzarella and tomato sammich with a potato and leek soup. it's meh.

and, it was totally a better call saul shirt.
idk if you can see it, but it has a number on it. and it's a totally real number. best contact in my phone.

I do not, wry you ask? o:

yeah, i guess the power just went out for a split second.
it was crazy.

byeee. <3
>> No. 71528
>Here you can have this one: #{447kmTj

That's very generous of you, but I've no idea how to make use of it! :P
>> No. 71529
>i feel like i'm getting a little more adjusted to waking up early every day.
>i still don't like it though.

oh. hey. I've had jobs where I had to wake up at 4 or 5 am (well, mostly that's 'cause I take forever to do anything, like I said, :/ ), so, idk. could be worse, I guess... :/
>> No. 71530
File 138999389975.jpg - (35.15KB , 282x282 , r.jpg )
Catie, not sure if you saw my tweet earlier, but what's the big deal with Baja Blast? I had it today for like the 3rd time ever, and I just don't find it very good.
>> No. 71531
mreeeeh, we shall see. :/
i want to at least try to keep up with it.

oh noooo! what happened?

and bitch u kno thurs gunna b a video.
>> No. 71532
Cos i watched a video today ! o.o let me show u o.o HEISENBERG'S BLUE CRYSTAL MENTH
>> No. 71533
Hay Catie! Did you see >>71450?
>> No. 71534
File 138999400317.gif - (410.26KB , 500x266 , 1350202992253.gif )
Put Chewie#{447kmTj##**** In your name field, where the asterisks are whatever your current password is.
>> No. 71535
yeah. I'm not rly sure what tripcodes are foar, either... >_> (I mean, I have some idea of what they're 4 on foarchan, but frum what I read, those purposes didn't seem as applicable on this site...)
>> No. 71536
I love mozzarella and tomato. I bet it's delicious!
And does it have a real numbr? Srsly? You should call him anytime if you have issues. But you know saul is not cheap.
I'd love to have a breaking bad shirt too.
I might consider getting one once i finish watching the show. I haven't seen an episode in a long time and i dont even know why. I feel dirty
>> No. 71537
lol, you don't need to tell me it could be worse. :p
i am very grateful to have my job, it's awesome.
i'm just having a little trouble adjusting, thats all.
but i totally have only been late like, once.

omg i hate you so much.
baja blast is SO GUD.
it's designed to be drinkedededed with taco bell.
so GUD.
>> No. 71538
Oh speaking of videos, gonna go watch something tomorrow o.o first time in ages.. ( I mean like you were 10 years old lol the last time i saw something in the cinema XD ) So far i have been recommenced to watch the hobbit 2
>> No. 71539
i really enjoy these weekly videos but since you are so busy lately why dont you go to making a new video every other friday or something? it would be a little less stressful and you can take more time to plan them out. you could still visit here and the forum on fridays too. have i mentioned this before? i cant remember if i actually brought it up or if i just thought about doing it...
[waits for everybody to yell at him]
>> No. 71540
oh. btw. idk if you saw earlier. I gave you an "alertness tip." they make caffeine pills. lol. and they make "pill-splitters" if a whole pill is too much at one time, also, vitamin B complex pills. hee-hee... :p
>> No. 71541
Thanks Fanon. Hope this works.

Btw Catie, I was wondering: How many times did it take for you to pass your driving test? I failed mine for the third time, yesterday :(
>> No. 71542
>> am very grateful to have my job, it's awesome.
i'm just having a little trouble adjusting, thats all.

It takes some time to adjust,think i adjusted to my job now ;P although its still terrifying when a student ask " can you help me with this.. " and i think just walk away slowly XD Anyway is it mostly time that you have a hard time finding now?
>> No. 71543
looks like you beat me to it. i take too much time to think out my posts sometimes...
>> No. 71544
File 138999445191.gif - (1.58MB , 400x188 , JwNwLB2.gif )
I had it with Taco Bell! For the past forever I've always had Raspberry Tea with Taco Bell. It is sooo much better. Only reason I had Baja Blast today was cuz my local Taco Bell recently took out the Raspberry Tea dispenser. ;-;
>> No. 71545
oh. hey. idk if you saw this. re: Manehattan MLP episode:

>no, who else did [Tabitha] play? o:

>Tabitha St. Germain: Rarity / Suri Polomare / Registration Pony
(and idk if u knew this, but she's also the voice of Granny Smith)

>and no, i don't think she did anything tricky in the end. it was a huge opportunity. i actually thought it was kind of dumb that rarity would give it up like that, but then [...] i was like "oh, right."

well, that other pony was still gonna need to pay her billz, right? :p

>> No. 71546
dammit... someone should fix that... :-|
>> No. 71547
File 138999455447.jpg - (639.77KB , 2592x1552 , sillypostalservice.jpg )
I'm not fully sure.
Silly posties. D:

might try and give it to you at VidCon :P

now you have me excited foar another video!
>> No. 71548
File 138999457421.gif - (487.94KB , 358x202 , BYV34.gif )
You did it!
>> No. 71549
Cant be done, other than deleting the post. if you mean the failed spoiler.
>> No. 71550
omg what a copycat. :p

dude i call him whenever i have a hangnail.
it's so gud. :3
not like i'm one to talk. xD

Saving Mr. Banks was also really gud. o__o
just saying.
i haven't seen the Hobbit 2 yet, so i can't say so. But i've also heard it's good.

Well if I do go off of the schedule it'd be something like that.
If I simply can't do weekly videos I'd basically just make an announcement saying that I'm going to upload when I can, and try to stick to every other week. But then if something really bad happens and I miss a deadline no one can throw a huge fit.

I did see. I take 5 hour energy in the morning, so lack of caffeine isn't really the issue. :p

lol, thats jelly. :p

>how many times did it take you to pass your drivers test?
D: i passed the first time.
;______; don't feel bad hon. it's tricky.
you'll get the hang of it.
>> No. 71551
Sorry for doubleposting Catie, but have you seen the last youtubers react?
Lindsey Stirling was there. I fangirled just like the first time you were there.
This seriously gives me hope to see you both in the same video. Not working together or anything, but just seeing you two in the same video would be ultramazingawesomesauce.
just wanted to say it
>> No. 71552
>You did it!

YAYYYY!! *Dances round the room*
>> No. 71553
File 138999501544.gif - (425.38KB , 312x176 , wink.gif )
>lol, thats jelly. :p
>> No. 71554
>D: i passed the first time.
;______; don't feel bad hon. it's tricky.
you'll get the hang of it.

Thing is, even my instructor says I'm actually pretty good. It's just when I get to doing the test I go to pieces :( Plus, it's the expense of having to book tests. Good going on passing first time, though. I'm only a teeny-tiny little bit jealous...
>> No. 71555
basically. :p
i like LOVE weekends.
I mean, I always liked them. but now i'm like one of those people thats like "TGIF WOOOOOO I GET TO SLEEP IN TOMORROW."

yes, i did see. :p
tabitha is so fucking talented.

VidCon works! O:
so silly.
haha, don't get too excited.
you never know how it's gonna turn out.
just because it takes longer doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to be better. I always get worried about over-hyping stuff.
>> No. 71556
>>omg what a copycat. :p

Haa ;3 well his channel, is dangerous, its like watch it and then, err mai god, gotta do that fuck the calories, fuck them all, xp

>>Saving Mr. Banks was also really gud. o__o
Hmm now , i must decide, i must make decisions ! I think i need an adult now.
Oh well perhaps the snow storm we have here will decide for me...
>> No. 71557
Catie, I did that homework you and Alex assigned. I watched Blackfish after this Animalists episode:
I can't believe how emotional that made me.
But anyway I'm prepared for whenever you two sit down and discuss it further in a future episode.
>> No. 71558
Hey Catie, have you actually ever smoked in your life? (tobacco i mean) :D
Also you should get into lifting, you seem to have great genetics!
>> No. 71559
Did I miss Catie posting? Fuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk
>> No. 71560
File 138999529643.gif - (1.71MB , 400x225 , TB3Gj4P.gif )
Catie I've always wondered, what do you do in the time between posting a video and posting on the forum/chan? Why not just post right then? (Well now it might be cuz you're at work, but before)
>> No. 71561
i know, and you're doing a great job :)
>> No. 71562
lolyeah. they have a sign in sheet and I saw that she had actually been there the same day I had, and I did a "oh darn" for you. But it's definitely possible. We'll probably run into each other at some point, and she seems really nice, I'm sure we'd get along great. A collab between she and I is not completely impossible.

ohh nooo, you're nervous. :c
try to do some meditation or yoga or something before your next test.

Well, do you like Disney and/or Mary Poppins? (movie or book)
>> No. 71563
Don't be so modest Catie, I'm sure it'd going to be awesome and hilarious!<3

Are you excited for the release of The Chronicles of Rick Roll this year? :)

I have to go noaw, goodnight, good luck with the video & have a great weekend/week!:D
(p.s. thanks foar hanging with us, appreciate it!<3)
>> No. 71564
i like LOVE weekends.

Yup :D the weekends they mean a lot more. And sleeping in is the best, normally my weekends are spent being up as long as i can, chatting n doing all kinds of fun that includes sleeping Xp ahh the joy of being wrapped in a blanket and eating breakfast and drinking something warm.
>> No. 71565
Stuff, Jelly. Stuff.
none of our business I assume.
>> No. 71566
yeah. I was talking about putting greentext in a spoiler... thx...
>> No. 71567
omg i'm so scared.
i haven't seen it yet. Dx

you should watch the links in the blackfish video says Alex. o:

Once when I was five I picked up my dads cigarette he had left sitting somewhere and took a puff. "Never again." said I. xD
fucking awful.
and who says I don't already lift? B)

sometimes I would do errands or go back to bed or something.
i started doing it because it gives people a heads up and time to gather.
but yeah, now i work. :p

>> No. 71568
>>Mary Poppins?

Book and movie.


>.> <.< ---- .. yes i do ... NOW we must not tell anyone !
>> No. 71569
>ohh nooo, you're nervous. :c
try to do some meditation or yoga or something before your next test.

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I certainly need to do something to keep me calm. Just out of interest - did you learn on an automatic or a stick-shift?
>> No. 71570

lol goodnight. <3
>> No. 71571
>I did see. I take 5 hour energy in the morning, so lack of caffeine isn't really the issue. :p

all I'm saying is that if you take the caffeine and vitamin B in pill form, it's cheaper. :p
>> No. 71572
File 138999587154.gif - (453.50KB , 317x261 , taylor_swift__8__5_.gif )
>i haven't seen it yet. Dx
I assume you're watching it this weekend? I suggest livetweeting. :D
>> No. 71573
File 138999601985.gif - (498.01KB , 500x247 , aintevenmad.gif )

>> No. 71574
>I did a "oh darn" for you.
Catie. You don't even know how much i love you at this point.
But if you could do something together you'd make me the happiest guy on earth.
I appreciate it so much
I lovelovelove you Catie. Srsly. <3
>> No. 71575
>Once when I was five I picked up my dads cigarette he had left sitting somewhere and took a puff. "Never again." said I. xD
fucking awful.

yeah. my thing is that I hate smoking, but I kind of like nicotine. :p

I'm actually kind of wondering if I should take up e-smoking when they get it right or w/e, but I probably don't need to be spending that extra money. :p
>> No. 71576
for a very odd reason i read >>I suggest livetweeting. :D

I suggest livetwerking . :D

>> No. 71577
then go see Saving Mr. Banks. :3

automatic. i feel like i'm too clumsy to do stick shift.

eauuuuuggggggggg maybe.
it seems like something really emotional and controversial to live-tweet.
>> No. 71578
>and who says I don't already lift? B)
well, if that's the case then that is fucking awesome!
I love girlz who lift <3
>> No. 71579
hahah, aww. <3 ilu2. :3
i'll try my best to make it happen.

no you definitely should take up e-smoking.
way healthier and less disgusting.
and less expensive in the long run.

martin you're such a weirdo.
>> No. 71580
>A collab between she and I is not completely impossible.

O hey. I think you needed the obbject pronouns (her and me) in that sentence! :p I mean, I guess I'll have to look it up, but I think that you only use subject pronouns when they're actually the subject...

grammar joke:
>yo[ur] mama [is] so dumb, she do[es]n't know the difference between a direct object pronoun and a demonstrative adjective!
:p <3
>> No. 71581
>>then go see Saving Mr. Banks. :3

O.O popcorn, sprite and saving Mr.Banks,sounds like a good Saturday thank you for the tips !

A nice Saturday indeed
>> No. 71582
Well guys, my lunch is over. <3
It was lots of fun talking to yew. :3
>> No. 71583
File 138999647354.jpg - (1.28MB , 3456x5184 , 1373945107859.jpg )
hmm. I don't know anything about it. But if it is controversial could just leave you up for debate, which isn't really a bad thing. I mean you'll be discussing it on video anyway, right?
>> No. 71584
oh... I don't actually smoke though... that's disgusting. I just like nicotine... :p
>> No. 71585
not sure about e-cigarettes but there are healthier ways to get nicotine than regular cigarettes. just do what you can to get away from them.
>> No. 71586
bai, Catie!
fun talking to you!
>> No. 71587
>automatic. i feel like i'm too clumsy to do stick shift.

Lol, surely you can't be THAT clumsy! I bet you'd get used to it pretty quick.
>> No. 71588
herro Catie! always enjoy bloopers! sorry i'm here late :( You shouldn't overburden yourself, get used to your schedule first, then try to take on bigger video projects. Just got back from work :) hope you enjoy the rest of your day and weekend <3 (im guessing by the time you read this you will be going back to work)
>> No. 71589
Bye, Catie! Thanks for stopping by to chat with us! <3
>> No. 71590
there i go taking to much time to type up a post again...
see you later
wait how do you?
why do you?
...are you a wizard?
>> No. 71591
>>martin you're such a weirdo.

XD yes, well you have known me since 2010/11 so you should know that i am a weirdo <3
Tho it surly makes life much more interesting.
>> No. 71592
Take care Catie :3 it was nice chatting with you.
>> No. 71593
Bye Catie! Thanks a lot for coming. It's always great to talk to you. We love you <3
>> No. 71594
I *HAVE* smoked cigarettes in the past, but I've only done it about 5 - 10 times in the past 7 years. usually only when I'm drinking. lol. I kind of like cigars and hookah (which I haven't smoked any more than cigarettes), but it's still... meh.
>> No. 71595
guess you aren't a wizard :P
yeah cigars arent that bad. not sure about hookah though.
>> No. 71599
File 139006046294.jpg - (50.36KB , 499x637 , panda-bear-29.jpg )
First post ever on here and i get a reply, win :D
>> No. 71601
File 139023755688.jpg - (32.29KB , 720x480 , Idontappreciateit.jpg )
Not funny. Not cool.


>> No. 71602
File 139035868282.gif - (1.90MB , 393x338 , TheForce.gif )

Rollin with it.
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