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File 138938613312.gif - (1.76MB , 336x189 , FT_heart.gif )
71444 No. 71444
from catie:
>sup kids.
>so i'll be posting here and on the chan later tonight.
>probably around 7 or so. (:
>I'll keep you posted though.
>i had to sneak here at work though, so if you wouldn't mind telling the chan, that'd be appreciated. <3 in the boxxy thread on [b/.

sorry if that didnt format properly...
>> No. 71445
not sure if that was supposed to go in /b/ or not now...
>> No. 71446
Does that means no ANH video this week? Not that I'm not ok with this, just to know.

I cannot wake up at 4 AM just to chat in here, fukken time zone
>> No. 71448
yeah afaik no anewhopeee video this week. i was thinking she was just going to skip this week entirely. pretty sure she'll be posting on the stickied thread on /b/ though and not /c/
i posted this thread here because i was too much of an idiot to read her post carefully :(
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