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No. 71403
  Cammy the homepage at catiewayne.com needs to be updated. The rotating face icon doesn't work, the 'timeline' contains errors (e.g. Jan 2012 valentine's day video) and needs updating, the 'links' needs your twitter. Now that reddit and others will be visiting you should complete these lil projects. Thank you C Wammy
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>> No. 71405
You should be asking Intrepid. You can contact him here:
>> No. 71406
File 138901125494.jpg - (24.40KB , 253x312 , 129850455188.jpg )
I made Intrepid aware of these issues almost two years ago. Instead of asking him to fix things, I would suggest giving explicit instructions on how to do so.
>> No. 71454
If Intrepid wants help rebuilding the site, he knows where to find me. But someone should be updating the timeline and the links pages... they've been told how to do that multiple times.

Everything else buggy is probably something I screwed up so... sorry.
>> No. 71607
and the banner on top of /c/ should be changed cuz it's not the holiday season anymo'
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