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File 138896749522.jpg - (21.54KB , 300x300 , Gray-Red-Broken-heart-broken-hearts-21417978-300-3.jpg )
71399 No. 71399
Hey catie, I recently have been having a problem with girls, you see the problem is that there isin't any nice girls around that I like, so please help, what would you do?
>> No. 71402
Your problem is that you don't like anyone?
>> No. 71404
yeah there is no one i like in my area and i dont know what to do about it.
>> No. 71411
same problem here(amongst others...) and the only thing i can think to say is just keep looking :/
>> No. 71413
i guess it's the only thing to do right? anyways thanks catie ;)
>> No. 71417
i'm not catie. i'm not even a woman :P catie posts with the name catie in white here(i'm sure she posts anon too but thats not the point)
>> No. 71419
shit...-.-" my bad, thanks DUDR :D how are you :P
>> No. 71424
>how are you
you mean "who are you?" well thats the point of posting anon :P
if you want to ask the question in the OP i think catie is going to be posting on this board on friday. so you could ask her then and its more likely for her to see it.
>> No. 71426
yh sorry bro i meant how are you, and thanks for the advise
>> No. 71432
>yh sorry bro i meant how are you
oops, yeah i'm alright. thanks for asking :)
>and thanks for the advise
no problem fanon. i'm not sure what good it'll do you but i always have some to give :P
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