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No. 71380
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>> No. 71381
Catie, eat more breakfasts, drink more water, stay healthy. Even take naps during the day. Work can wait after all. Appreciate all the time you spend to make videos and make the internet a better place. Happy New Year!
>> No. 71382
There is a thread on top of reddit right now about Catie and her new job.
"Remember Boxxy? She has a new job!"
>> No. 71383
File 138886590128.png - (230.48KB , 708x562 , Screenshot from 2014-01-04 12:56:03.png )

Over 700,000 views now!
>> No. 71385
This article might also have been a result of Catie having been on the front page of reddit:
>> No. 71386
File 138887399747.png - (249.62KB , 1083x720 , ReleaseHerNao.png )

Top quote from that link:

dukeofcabbage 1960 points 12 hours ago*

When speaking normally, she sounds like she's constantly fighting the urge to spaz out. Like Boxxy is always trying to escape the mask that is Catie.

(Pic related)
>> No. 71388
Now 898,000.
Yesterday it was like 18k.
>> No. 71389
Link to the AMA request from just now:
(In case you decide you're interested in an AMA, Catie)
>> No. 71390
She WILL be doing the AMA in an hour
>> No. 71391
>> No. 71392
http://tinyurl.com/m6x5vz2 is the link to it.
>> No. 71393
Dog Translator is now over 1 million views.
And why does reddit look so clustered?
>> No. 71394
Catie just broke reddit, they can't handle her greatness.

Come support her right now!

>> No. 71395
My new years' resolution is to engage in life more instead of watching everyone else do it. Uh, wish me luck.
>> No. 71407
File 138903322759.png - (255.55KB , 1100x720 , Boxxy-WorthItBecausePayMe.png )

GOOD NEWS for Animalist's channel... not so much for Catie... that is, unless she is being fairly compensated for boosting their ratings.

If she is not, she really needs to re-negotiate. Otherwise, she's only selling herself short, and just being used, while THEY reap the rewards of her fame.

I understand the fact that it is a good experience for her, but I do hope she insists that they treat her fairly. It is, after all, HER fanbase that is responding, not theirs.
>> No. 71428
File 138927115033.png - (116.69KB , 1804x995 , Mildly interesting.png )
Well, looks like it worked really well. So far this year, the word "Boxxy" has been searched for (on Google) about a third as many times as back in her popularity peak of January 2009, and it's still on the rise. The name "Catie Wayne" has never even been close to the amount of web searches it has reached so far this year.

Congratulations, Catie, looks like going on leddit was a very smart business move of you.
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