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No. 71377
  Maybe not the Top Ten, but certainly ten good reasons why 2013 was Catie's most epic year (so far) on YouTube.
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>> No. 71626
Fuck you're creepy
>> No. 71627
Catie, when you next come on please don't watch this, i know some people on here are a little obsessive and creepy but... fuck...
>> No. 71628
So how many of the people on here are this creepy? I think caties awesome and everything but im not this obsessed with her and i'm actually her age
>> No. 71630
nice video :)
>> No. 71632
>Complains about a month old video being creepy
>Bumps it back to the top of the front page

Besides, you shouldn't worry too much, Catie has seen it all when it comes to creepy and obsessive fans.

I'm pretty sure both Catie and Boxxmom liked/favourited this video when the creator posted it on his Twitter though, so I don't really see the point in making a big deal out of it anyway.

Just ignore the thread, like you usually do with Boxxology threads.
>> No. 71645
File 139087867062.jpg - (194.39KB , 1300x960 , don-t-care-what-you-think-about-me-source.jpg )
I can tell you're not as much of a fan as I am. If you were, you'd be less of a dick.

Being creepy is not a crime. It's not any sort of action at all. It's how I make you feel, which is something I can't control, and so I'd be a fool to care about it. Anyway, you're not interesting enough to be creepy.

When I've actually done something wrong, you should please tell me.
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