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File 138835199134.jpg - (37.23KB , 500x444 , tumblr_mx1qmmaGsT1rjk21uo1_500.jpg )
71360 No. 71360
I do not know what to do, I'm passionate about catie and I can not get her out of my mind...
fuck ;u;
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>> No. 71361
File 138836729244.png - (460.15KB , 707x633 , 13777204035.png )
Well Catie is a very good person, and we all love her (or should), you might get a better response from /c/ the board dedicated directly for Catie related topics.
Hello newfriend
>> No. 71384
Let her take full control of your mind, don't fight the love. Catie is love and happiness in a human form.
>> No. 71387
File 138887508120.jpg - (102.63KB , 301x233 , white_hooker_boat.jpg )
Seriously OP. just get a hooker. Pricey, but hours of fun.

I've done uh, plenty of research and this is my favorite (link related). http://tinyurl.com/m695orn
She's the perfect size, in my opinion. Light.

Or if you're looking for something a little more relaxing, try http://tinyurl.com/lfgf43a.
She's slightly on the larger side, but some people are into that. Who am I to judge? You definitely can take your time and chill with this one. Perfect for after a hard day at work.
>> No. 71412
>Seriously OP. just get a hooker. Pricey, but hours of fun
i dont think that will help OP with his problem...
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