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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 70865
  Hi guys,

Here is the video for this week! Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to post until waaay later tonight. At the absolute EARLIEST 7:00. But it will probably be later than that. I will keep you posted. I love you all! <3
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>> No. 70866
so awesome. Don't worry if you can't post. You've had a crazy week. you should rest if you can.
>> No. 70867
Awesome, watching noaw Catie :3

Don't worry about being so bussay!

You will be remembered foar being an awesome person and inspiring to many :3

7pm is 3am here o: Might not be here foar posting :c <3
>> No. 70868
Catie's videos are such a great way to start the weekend. I love her so much
>> No. 70869
File 138697316852.jpg - (183.23KB , 640x600 , kitty_sushi.jpg )
hi catie, hopefully i'll be awake still. woke up earlier this morning than usual. i liked the video though :D
>harley quinn

also cats. because cats.
>> No. 70870
it's okay if you don't post
>> No. 70872
File 138697399957.jpg - (65.34KB , 600x562 , 1385943037813.jpg )
>> No. 70873
this^. theres always next week, unless the world ends or something :P dont worry about double posting either, just pick up where you left off next week
>> No. 70876
How are you Catie? <3
>> No. 70877
File 138699133597.gif - (1.72MB , 320x240 , 1379708883054.gif )
Catie, that picture <3 oh dear lahd so perfect.
>> No. 70878
This ∞
>> No. 70879
oh. didn't miss it.
<sigh of relief>
>> No. 70880
the reindeer one?
so much yes.
>> No. 70883
File 138699336055.jpg - (127.85KB , 768x1024 , reindeer.jpg )
My god, she's beautiful!
>> No. 70885
I completely agree.
>> No. 70886
just now noticed? have you been blind for the past 5-6 years?
>> No. 70887
just realized that may have come off as mean... sorry :(
>> No. 70888
You just humiliated him xD
>> No. 70889
It's okay. I didn't take offense to it. I just lolled a bit. Then had a conversation with Marklar on IRC about it.
I've known she was beautiful for a long time. Each time we get something special like this she just looks so stunning I had to say something.
>> No. 70890
>Each time we get something special like this she just looks so stunning I had to say something
i know, i've done it myself. and i agree she is REALLY beautiful in that picture(not saying she doesnt eslewhere)
>> No. 70891
i thought catie was posting :(
>> No. 70892
>At the absolute EARLIEST 7:00. But it will probably be later than that.
>> No. 70893
hey guys.
so i just got near a computer.
sorry about that.
BUT, i can post tomorrow at 3:00. so i shall see you then. <3 (:
loves you guys!
>> No. 70894
See you today! (It's 6 a.m. here :D)
ilu <3
>> No. 70895
probably see you tomorrow then <3<3<3
>> No. 70896
that's cool with me
>> No. 70897
cool, Catie. thanks for letting us know. see you than. ilu <3 good luck with everything
>> No. 70898

yeah thanks for letting us know! "see" you tmrw @ 3, then! XD
>> No. 70900
Catie you should date Moot. You guys would be the internet power couple.
>> No. 70902
Waiting Foar Catie
>> No. 70903
Excellent video as always Catie! I lel'd more than I have all week when you said 'ootini' (or however you spell what Jawa's say). That was my text tone back in 1st or 2nd year, and it always makes me smile to hear it <3
>> No. 70905
3pm? I'll miss it today. I'll be on an airplane to Austin.
>> No. 70906
I love you Catie <3
>> No. 70907
waiting for catie
>> No. 70908
>> No. 70909
File 13870622452.gif - (1.84MB , 346x194 , 7CQd4.gif )
While we wait...
>> No. 70910
Oh those sassy otters! :3
>> No. 70911
hey! Catie! I feel way too excited right now! :p how are you!? I'm doing, um, well... yeah...

I took some notes on ur "meth bloopsers" video:

what songs were you singing?

why do you always open stuff w/ ur teeth? :p (NTTAWWT*. just, you know, the only thing I can think of that you definitely *shouldn't* open with your teeth is, ya kno, a condom wrapper, but, anyway............)

what did you mean when you said that Jesse is "adorable"? 'cause, like, I know he's "pretty," :p but idk if that's what you meant, exactly. is there more to it than that? xD

what was that stuff you were opening at 1:15?

*"Not That There's Anything Wrong With That"
>> No. 70912
oh hello giant reindeer catie. :p

gimme just a few more minutes guys. <3
>> No. 70913
File 138706241491.gif - (1.93MB , 301x212 , WTFISTHISTHING.gif )
>> No. 70914
the wait is almost over oh yuss
>> No. 70915
<3 no problem
>> No. 70916
File 138706248392.gif - (0.96MB , 450x268 , tumblr_lyq461MZP81qzs75go1_500.gif )
Epic new banner is epic! :D

It's cool Catie, don't rush if you're bussay!
>> No. 70917

ok! np! I wish I could more effectively calm myself down! xD
>> No. 70918
File 138706254026.jpg - (52.20KB , 530x542 , 1386773655779.jpg )
>> No. 70919
>giant beautiful reindeer catie
but hi catie(almost:P)
>> No. 70920
HEY, GUISE! What does it do when you check the boxxes? lol!
>> No. 70921
to delete
>> No. 70922
and report
>> No. 70923

OIC! k! thx, guise! I'll make sure not to do that (unless absolutely necessary!)
>> No. 70924
no problem, but it would be hard to delete or report on accident because you have to click another button to do that
>> No. 70925
alright! practicing guitar while watching Gilmore Girls on DVR! good times...
>Spoiler Alert! Rory, like, "breaks up" Dean & Lindsay's marriage. #TheFeels!
>> No. 70926
File 138706310793.jpg - (50.16KB , 460x615 , pvGtRD8.jpg )
>> No. 70927
>> No. 70928
File 138706330115.jpg - (42.67KB , 500x391 , 1343221932909.jpg )
>> No. 70929
File 138706330623.gif - (1.83MB , 375x212 , catonaleash.gif )
now you see how this works!
>> No. 70930
okay sup guys, howsa going?
>> No. 70931
Catieee I missed you <3 what's going on with you?
>> No. 70932
  Hey Catie, have you checked out Porphys new YouTube channel yet? :3
>> No. 70933
Hey Catie! Hope your week wasn't too stressful!:3

Going alright, except ive fallen ill again with cold :c how are you?

Are your ribs still sore from that awful cough? :/ <3 /hugs
>> No. 70934

Pretty damn fine now :3

Question! Have you finished Breaking Bad now? If so, what did you think of the last few episodes?
>> No. 70935

Hi, Catie!!! xD
Hart asplode! :p
>> No. 70936
o hai catie, i'm feeling great today :D
>> No. 70937
going alright, just sitting on irc and f5ing the thread :D
so whats going on with you?
also i got a message from soullesscabinet for you:
>Do you reply to letters sent to you in the PO box?
>> No. 70938
File 138706350390.gif - (0.98MB , 245x166 , tumblr_mv9wqq1AVA1s1efqyo1_250.gif )
oh harro Catie
how are you?
and Davesyn says hi but he had to go to the butt doctors
>> No. 70939

I like how these remind me of crysta and pips.


Oops! fixed.

But then again, there is no such thing as too much catie. <3
>> No. 70940
hey, so, like, are we gonna talk about today's MLP:FiM? 'cause I'd be open to that. XP
>> No. 70941
Hey there catie! are you feeling christmasy already? have you bought anything for yourself yet? :D
>> No. 70942
File 138706363790.gif - (0.95MB , 400x229 , 1386424592757.gif )
guess that was more of a question than a message but whatever :P
>> No. 70943
Catie you are the Queen of youtube <3
>> No. 70944
Hey there catie! are you feeling christmasy already? have you bought anything for yourself yet? :D
>> No. 70945
you mean the internet as a whole right? RIGHT????!!!!?????
>> No. 70946
hello Catie! I, as always, loved the video. It is a 10/10 for me. Thank you for everything you do, it really means a lot to me. I take into consideration every second you spend doing what you do.
I am immensely excited to see you at Vidcon. :3 If I may ask, will you be going to the event as a content maker or a guest? or is it still a secret?
>> No. 70947
File 138706392288.jpg - (44.61KB , 500x403 , 1341858173115.jpg )

dude Catie for Tribe leader
>> No. 70948
not a ton. We got our christmas tree last night, we'll probably decorate tonight. :3
sup witchu?

i instasubbed. porphy is so cute i don't even know how to deal.

aww, i'm sorry to hear that. :c
get well soon.
and NO! my ribs are totally better!
but my cough is not. o____________o
it's getting really fucking old.

i laughed so hard i put myself in a coughing frenzy, but i don't even care.

i was singing Teen Idle by Marina and the Diamonds.
I open stuff with my teeth because my hands/fingers are derpy and sometimes it's just easier to open stuff with my teeth. i don't always though. :p
idk what happens at 1:25. :o

as far as Jesse being adorable, yes there is more to it than his physical cuteness. it's mostly just because i feel for his character, and i find him so human and likable.
>> No. 70949
Catie you looked so pretty in the reindeer pic :)
>> No. 70950
Catie have you watched Laina's An Honest Update video? What did you think?
>> No. 70951
File 138706422415.jpg - (69.85KB , 500x375 , image.jpg )
Jesse is a punk #bitch!
>> No. 70952
Hi Catie, how do you feel today? Cough still hanging around?
>> No. 70953
Catie it's so cold and snowy here :( I hate having to go outside
>> No. 70954
File 138706454355.gif - (0.96MB , 245x256 , cough.gif )
>>70948 (pic related- its me but with school:p)
Thank you and thanks for another great video and coming to chat with us! <3

Glad to hear your ribs are better but dayyum that cough sounds tough, been going strong foar ages! :/

Well I'm going to bed noaw, pretty late here. G'night<3

Thanks for entertaining us for another week Catie! I'm sending your Christmas card tomorrow :3
>> No. 70955

I'll have to look up Marina and the Diamonds.

I said 1:15. :p you were opening a bottle with dark liquid. probably one of the syrups you were using. didn't you use Agave syrup or something? lol

>i feel for his character, and i find him so human and likable.

hm. I'm just starting season 4, so, I mean, I definitely feel for him in that he's had to do/go through some *incredibly* difficult things and make some really tough decisions... but idk if I'd say I find him rly "likable" at this point. heh...

rly glad ur ribs are better! xD
even tho ur cough isn't. :c
>> No. 70956
nooo, i haven't. believe me, you guys will know when i finish it.

yes, i do. but not via mail. I'll usually find the person on the internet and thank them that way. But maybe one day I can start replying by hand.

haha, thank you for fixing it. :p <33

i think there might be some people here who don't want to be spoiled.
but if no one objects i guess we could. :p
we would just have to write "SPOILERS" before every post.

you are silly, why would i buy anything for myself? xDD
but i do feel christmasy. :3

well, i think i'll be going as a "guest of vidcon"
but i don't know for sure yet. o:
i'm really excited to see you too! :D

you guys are silly. :p <3
>> No. 70957
Oh Catie DoubleDave says Hi. He couldn't be here he's on a plane right now.
>> No. 70958
In VidCon 2014 do you plan on having a meet-up outside the convention center?
>> No. 70959
So, I literally just now got back from seeing the new Hobbit movie. It was goddamn mind-blowing. Have you seen it yet, Catie? What'd you think? :D

I see your PM. I haven't checked my email yet, but I'll send a detailed reply as soon as I do. Thank you. :3
>> No. 70960
also thank you for answering my question in your video. Will there be more installments from the batch of questions you received?
Also I must say that the picture of you in the reindeer costume is exceptionally gorgeous. In my opinion it is your eyes that sell the picture. I melt over big eyes and yours are no exception :3
You mentioned your week has been really busy and today you will be double posting (I think?). I feel like a d-bag being another 'person in queue' whose questions/comments you have to answer to when you could be relaxing from your stressful week. I think I will be going with my offer from two weeks ago and I will be excusing myself to make things go smoother for you. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!
>> No. 70961
That sounds like so much fun. decorating the tree. I miss doing that ;__;
>> No. 70962
File 138706499016.png - (474.37KB , 854x485 , Screen-Shot-2013-09-30-at-1_15_54-AM.png )
Well, its something we guys do.. you know best what you'd like :D i bought an awesome leather jacket for myself :3
Do you remember this from Breaking Bad? I'm going to build one for myself, since i can now. Maybe could make you an another one, if it goes well?
>> No. 70963
Catie I hope this next vidcon is just as special and amazing for you as the first one was. Also I'm so excited to see you there.
>> No. 70964
haha, thank you. it was definitely a surprise to see you guys like it so much. i mean, i posted it because i thought you guys would like it, but i didn't think you guys would like it so much. :p <3

i did. (:
she and i talked about it a little bit.
i thought it was very brave of her to wipe her slate clean like that. i has a proud.

HE ISN'T. SHUT UP JELLY. ;__________________;

unfortunately, yes. = 3=

aww, i'm sorry. D: i guess if you live with snow it could get kind of (c)old. do you ski or anything?

sleep well and get better!

oh, yes. agave syrup. :p
ah well, yes, i find jesse very likable.
>> No. 70965
File 138706509845.jpg - (1.06MB , 1944x2496 , image.jpg )
No spoilers. I actually have started giving MLP another shot and its decent. I agree with Shrimp, Fluttershy is the best one.
>> No. 70966
yes, i do. but not via mail. I'll usually find the person on the internet and thank them that way. But maybe one day I can start replying by hand.
alright thanks for answering. i'll let him know next time i talk to him <3
i didnt get a chance to send anything this year but maybe next year..... and about replying by mail, i dont think thats neccessary while we have the internet to send text instantly. the only time its really needed to reply by mail would be i you're sending something back
>> No. 70967
Do you still feel cautious towards 4chan, /b/ and its userbase? Or is it just another online hangout place for you? There's still Boxxy/Catie threads there daily..
>> No. 70968
ugh sorry if thats hard to read. didnt realize you had multiple lines or i would have quoted them too :P
>> No. 70969
>do you ski or anything?

no, I don't. 2cold4me xD but I guess I'm used to it. being in new york and all.
>> No. 70970
hey, kinda want to follow up on my "hugs" question. This is actually what I had written initially, (but it was more than 140 characters :p) and, yeah, I DID take into consideration your 10 facts and vidcon videos

>So in case I actually DO end up getting to go to vidcon, I would like to know what your policy on hugs is. I surmise from what I've seen/you've said (e.g., in "These Facts are Fun" and your vidcon vid) that you're more on the huggy side. I can generally tell what length of time and "frequency" of hugs are appropriate, but, you know, I just want to be sure that I don't "overdo" it, because I'm gonna be so excited. :p
>> No. 70971
Catie, can you use the same song for all of the VidCon vids? It's an amazing song and I like the video being feely<3

also ilu.<33
>> No. 70972
>it was definitely a surprise to see you guys like it so much

we always love new pics of you, and this was really a surprise. You are just so beautiful Catie.
>> No. 70973
Are you going to be in more YouTubers React vids?
>> No. 70974
Well hello to doubledave when he lands safely!

yes, very similar to the one i had last year.

i haven't seen it yet! o:
but i has excite!

there will not be more installments from this round. i'm not double posting today, as i found a few minutes last friday to post on the forum. <3
you doesn't have to go if you don't want to! o:

i don't remember that from the screen cap alone. D:
but i hope you have fun making one. :3

why don't you get a tree and decorate it? :3

i'm positive that it will be! <3 (:
>> No. 70975
>haha, thank you. it was definitely a surprise to see you guys like it so much.
serious question here.... are you honestly oblivious to how beautiful you are or are you just being modest?
>> No. 70976
>> No. 70977
File 138706567432.jpg - (6.75KB , 299x169 , index.jpg )

I knew it.
>> No. 70978
File 13870657103.jpg - (232.01KB , 768x1024 , IMG_2419.jpg )
the lighting in the reindeer pic was a little bad so i thought i'd improve :p
>> No. 70979

if you could go anywhere on a holiday or to live where would it be?
>> No. 70980
File 138706580793.jpg - (103.91KB , 500x750 , image.jpg )
Catie I want you to answer my FMKs! If you answer mine, you can ask me a realllly hard one too.
FMK: Jesse Punkman, Han Solo, Finn the human
Or: Star Wars, Breaking Bad, My Little Pony
>> No. 70981
>why don't you get a tree and decorate it? :3

I might get some lights and put them up :3 but idk about a tree. I don't really have room for one
>> No. 70982
nice (:
>> No. 70983
File 138706606044.jpg - (261.19KB , 1920x1200 , image.jpg )
Don't you make that face at me!
>> No. 70984
Catie was that reindeer costume for a video?
>> No. 70985
File 138706622582.jpg - (81.85KB , 400x400 , Trollershy.jpg )

Sorry. How about now?
>> No. 70986
obviously she just wants to cosplay as a reindeer
>> No. 70987
File 138706630089.gif - (0.96MB , 400x225 , 1375426872556.gif )
Does MLP:FIM get better in seasons 2 & 3? I just finished season 1 and I'm going to keep watching but I just want to know what I'm in for.

Too bad that I spoiled some of the best moments by watching your MLP imitation vid several times before watching the show ;__;
>> No. 70988
Mine too :c
/cough hug
You're so busy recently. I hopeee it's business stuff, not personal :3
>> No. 70989
Applejack is best pony
>> No. 70990
HEY, CATIE! Do you liek Gilmore Girls!? XD lol!
>> No. 70991
Catie in fairness to Twilight Lauren Faust had plans to turn her into an alicorn, but just not so soon into the series.
>> No. 70992
File 138706657362.jpg - (37.25KB , 492x328 , everyone+knows+that+fluttershy+is+best+pony+_e2ba9.jpg )
>> No. 70993
File 138706658921.gif - (282.63KB , 600x338 , 1371697267191.gif )
you seriously have no idea how happy this makes me, even if you don't know who best pone is yet. pic related.

you don't have to ever send anything, i still love you. x3 <3

haha, it's okay. i figured it out. ;D

eh, i don't really go to /b/ anymore. occasionally i do, but it's not usually any fun. i lurk /mlp/ sometimes. and is there still threads? that's interesting and cool to know, i never see them except when someone screen caps something cool. O:

oh, well, i want to be able to hug everyone, so, like, you can't hug me for the entirety of the meetup or anything. xD
but uhh, i don't really have a set "policy." i hugged this one girl for like a minute while she cried. soooo uh, idunno. just, don't be rude and "hog" me i guess. xDD
(sounds so weird to say.)

it is a beautiful song, but i'm not sure if i want to commit to using it for every single year.
we shall see when we get to it.

thats an awkward question to ask. D:
let me put it this way: i genuinely feel very flattered that you guys think that picture is pretty.

>> No. 70994
there's at least one thread a day, lots of fighting and nonsense

It's gotten pretty bad
>> No. 70995
>you don't have to ever send anything, i still love you. x3 <3
yeah but that doesnt mean i dont want to send anything. i just didnt get an oppurtunity this year other than a christmas card, which i chose not to do because of my handwriting... -_-
>thats an awkward question to ask. D:
i didnt expect you to answer it :P but i'll take that as a "i have no clue how beautiful i am" response.
just realize we arent being nice when we tell you that...
>> No. 70996
>i hugged this one girl for like a minute while she cried

that's really sweet. But oh god I really hope I don't end up crying when I meet you
>> No. 70997
File 138706697054.png - (93.78KB , 802x996 , Pinkie_Pie_Laughing_by_speedingturtle.png )
catie, why do you like pinkie pie so much?
>> No. 70998
>It's gotten pretty bad
not really worse than any other thread on /b/. if anything theres more love in boxxy threads than most others(not to say there isnt still gore/cracky/chloe/navii spam)
>> No. 70999
File 138706710751.gif - (639.72KB , 250x170 , 1317212515075.gif )
Have you seen any good movies lately that you want to recommend?

Also, gif related is my face when my friends mocked me because I started watching MLP (which I finally did because I trusted your judgment on the matter)
>> No. 71000
>i hugged this one girl for like a minute while she cried.

aww! :') hm. were you ok with that? I mean, I'm sure you were *ok* with it, but I'd think that you would rather that it had not been *THAT* big of a deal to her to meet you, (right?) lol
>> No. 71001
i'm not a brony(yet D:) but from what i can tell pinkie pie is like the pony version of boxxy. i dunno if thats why catie likes her but that would be plenty to make her "best pony"
>> No. 71002

oh yeah! "trips get"! what did I "win"? :p
>> No. 71003
Catie would you ever do a video with Laina?
>> No. 71004
File 138706738458.jpg - (55.57KB , 499x628 , COmqTDo.jpg )
Thank you :3
My week has been shitty, pretty much Murphy's law, like most of my life. I ended up recording about 4+ hours of game play footage of that one game I mentioned to you. I didn't set it up correctly, it ended up being all worthless footage :( Then the new content ID guarantees I will get bent over by youtube.
>> No. 71005
File 138706738611.jpg - (2.78KB , 230x219 , Navi.jpg )

Well I'm interested to know what you think when you do see it. It was really, really good. I hope this doesn't end up as, like, my version of Mau5 asking about Cloud Atlas. XD


Navii spam? Who's that? Is this some new usurper I haven't heard about? I don't go on 4chan much anymore, so pic related is all I can think of right now. D:
>> No. 71006
>Navii spam? Who's that?
some youtuber "naviineko" she gets spammed pretty often on there.
>> No. 71007
yep just someone trying to usurp the throne,
nothing special.
cant even start a civil war
>> No. 71008
File 138706763929.jpg - (41.84KB , 500x461 , 1387067565924.jpg )
>> No. 71009
she seems to be trying to do the whole hyperactive girl on the internet thing, and i only seen that done well with one person...
>> No. 71010

I understand not wanting to go to /b/ these days, it used to be just 90% shitposting/re-posts now it's more like 98%

Some of the other boards are really cool though like /lit/, /sci/, /trv/, /mu/ and /tv/

/pol/ is awful, worse than /b/
>> No. 71011
File 138706788143.jpg - (40.66KB , 470x320 , 1366514252741.jpg )
i wonder who that would be lmao.
>> No. 71012
File 138706796266.jpg - (15.80KB , 480x360 , 1362297302880.jpg )
i dont remember her name but heres a picture of her :P
>> No. 71013
File 13870680886.gif - (1.57MB , 300x169 , Untitled-4.gif )
uhhh, her name is on the tip of my tongue,
was it pocky, no that wasnt it
>> No. 71014
did it start with a b
>> No. 71015
if the admin is still lurking here, would it be possible for you to make catiecan remember noko or to have an autonoko feature??
i keep forgetting to put it in there :(
>> No. 71016
>> No. 71017

This is the only active thread on the board. Why do you even NEED Noko? :/
>> No. 71018
File 138706837037.jpg - (424.33KB , 1000x2750 , 1385863732976.jpg )
i guess for holiday japan and to live new york. o: but idunno.


i dunno.

i lold.

in my opinion, yes, it does get better. like all shows, it has some bad episodes, but it also has some pretty amazing ones.
and i'm sorry you got spoiled. :C at least you can still see the amazing animation.

/coughhug <3

i don't. D: i'm sorry.

no she didn't. she wanted her to become celestia's successor. it's not the same thing. faust said that she only wanted there to ever be two alicorns in Equestria. but sadly, it doesn't matter what Faust had planned, because she's not around anymore. ;____;

i'm sure you won't. :p

because she's so complex. on the surface she's just this "lolsorandom" pony. but when you think about what her cutie mark represents, it's really quite touching. her destiny is to make others smile. she brought joy, something that didn't exist to her, to her family. she loves unconditionally.
but then, enter pinkamena. this adds a whole new dimension to her character. she's fragile, her whole identity is based on other people (ponies). without them, who is she? i don't know, i could write forever about why i love pinkie. she's just so sngvsdhigaisvnkSV <3 pic related.

actually, it made my night. the reason she was crying (or so she told me) was because she thought i wasn't ever going to come back. it made me feel like i had done something right.
>> No. 71019
File 138706839434.jpg - (139.41KB , 1000x1169 , christmas-tree.jpg )
2 questions

1) What do you want for Christmas?

2) What is your favourite charity?
>> No. 71020
File 138706847916.gif - (752.53KB , 220x226 , wa-cha.gif )
i think that was close,
it might of been bawksy or something similar
>> No. 71021
>1) What do you want for Christmas?
dude. she needs lightsabers. one for each day of the week!
>> No. 71022
>no she didn't

lol oops. I thought that was true. Sorry, I was going to try and find out for sure, but I didn't.
>> No. 71023
Catie thank you so much for always spending so much time with us. It really means so much to us. We all love you
>> No. 71024
File 138706895452.jpg - (99.33KB , 485x673 , image.jpg )
I want you to answer all of them! Your resistance only makes it more funny. :D one of these days, Catie.
>> No. 71025
File 138706898934.png - (6.53KB , 645x773 , emotions.png )
dat pic
>> No. 71026
File 138706904268.jpg - (125.16KB , 852x508 , image.jpg )
Also you should collab with GhistTentacles. That would be uhmazing.
>> No. 71027
File 138706905565.png - (95.55KB , 599x600 , y-you love me.png )
<3 ilu Catie
>> No. 71028

>i don't. D: i'm sorry.

:O!! like as in you "actively" *dislike* it or you just "don't care for it"? but, like, the writing! the dialogue! it's, like, such an impressive achievement! D: (but I guess it does tend to be "polarizing")

>actually, it made my night. the reason she was crying (or so she told me) was because she thought i wasn't ever going to come back. it made me feel like i had done something right.

AWW! well, yeah, I'm sure we'd all say that it WAS the right thing. XD
>> No. 71029
>> No. 71030
>it made me feel like i had done something right.

it's not like you really did anything wrong either you know
>> No. 71031
File 138706920150.gif - (714.63KB , 300x169 , Untitled-3.gif )
>> No. 71032
omg yes.

i'm really sorry your week has been poop, but that picture is fucking amazing.
just keep looking at it.
but i hope your luck gets better. <3


it makes me sad that this is true.

i want a card.
and uhh, i actually don't have a favorite.
i'm really fond of the spca i suppose.
i like animals a lot.
also generosity water.

:p i done my research.
>> No. 71033
Catie do you have any Christmas traditions?
>> No. 71034

I'm not sure how that would be done on the server level, as it is not listed as a "board option" in kusaba. But there is a way that anyone can autonoko via a scrypt for the FireFox web browser:

1) Download firefox

2) Download greasemonkey

3) Download the autonoko for greasemonkey script. (Click on the Install button on the right)

4) In greasemonkey, select manage user scripts, then right click on autonoko and choose "Edit".
Then above the script line that excludes 4chan, add this line:

// @include http://*chan.com/*/res/*

Then save the script and reload Catie's chan.

I am hoping this can work for you. :)
>> No. 71035
>it makes me sad that this is true.

you have tons of fans, but so many of them don't use chans and don't know how :/ Another thing is that there really isn't anything to talk about anymore.
>> No. 71036
>Why do you even NEED Noko?
because having to click on the thread, then scroll down to the last post is annoying! D:<
>> No. 71037
whoops here is the link to the autonoko script:

>> No. 71038
silly catie, you don't want a card for christmas
>> No. 71039
much appreiciated fanonymous admin :)
>> No. 71040

>it makes me sad that this is true

No! No! I didn't mean it to make you sad! Why would any of those other threads be active right this minute anyway? This is the one where all the fun is! D:

I sent a reply over on the forum! It's there whenever you head over there next. :3


>> No. 71041
>then scroll down to the last post is annoying!

just press the end key on your keyboard :/ that's what I do
>> No. 71042

come on, breh! you can't tell Catie what she doesn't want! :p
>> No. 71043
good point. but they dont have to know that! :P
>> No. 71044
it's quite alright. i love you guys too! <3

;_____________________________; you're so mean.

ilu2 fanon. <3

lol, i don't actively dislike it. i've just never seen it and have like zero desire to.

i do know. :p
but it made me feel like i had done something good.

yes, actually.
-we have an ornament that opens and we write our wishes for the upcoming year down and put it in the ornament and every year when we're decorating we read them and see if they came true.
-my younger sister and i sleep in the same bed on christmas eve and then at four in the morning i wake her up, carry her to the living room and we go see if santa came, then we go back to bed.
-cinnamon rolls for breakfast with hot cocoa. (i'm thinking about making them from scratch this year!)
-we watch the movies we got for presents after we're done opening.
-christmas music is always playing.
-open one present on christmas eve, which is always pajamas, so you can wear them to bed. :3

i do so. D:

lol. :p
it just makes me sad that the whole chan isn't really active except when i'm here. ya'll should talk to each other!
>> No. 71045
it's obvi she's saying that so we don't buy her anything
>> No. 71046
File 138707004714.gif - (454.19KB , 300x169 , Untitled-6.gif )
i dont know what i feel anymore.
i need to sleep, but ive drunk so much caffeine
>> No. 71047

Catie, the fifth anniversary of your posting on 4chan is coming up on January 9th.

There are fans there who post and care about you, but they aren't posting here. This makes no sense since there are no haters here, where as the threads on 4chan are always spammed by haters.

So could you please consider sending a message to them that day (by posting here) telling them that you appreciate your 4chan fans, but you also hope that they would also give posting on your official chan a try too? That way they would post their love for you here in peace and we would have more traffic on your site. It would benefit both them and us.

Thank you! <3
>> No. 71048
Thank you Catie for the reply. That will surprisingly come in handy.

Though a few other things shall come your way (you know about one already).
>> No. 71049
File 138707033895.gif - (93.32KB , 612x612 , cat.gif )
>yes, actually.

that's so awesome.
>> No. 71050
File 138707035878.jpg - (63.53KB , 478x478 , image.jpg )
I'm mean? You're the one not answering questions. ;-;

I gotta get going too. Seeya Catester.
>> No. 71051
File 138707042222.jpg - (27.73KB , 500x681 , BZGKs4OCQAAkWKp_jpg_large.jpg )
>i'm really sorry your week has been poop
lol, you don't have to apologize for something you aren't responsible for.

But thank you, seriously, it means sooooooo much to me.
Here is a picture for your troubles, I really like the concept of Taoism and the yin-yang symbol.
I hope things get better as well, but I feel a little better already thanks to you :3
>> No. 71052
i post over there a lot. and the only reason i dont post on here is because its dead and i'm terrible at starting a conversation. i think that would be a good idea but i also think it catie should prepare herself to get a lot of direct hatred because ALL the haters will come out if she posts as herself
>> No. 71053

thank you for that tip, i shall definitely consider it. :3

so sneaky.
>> No. 71054
Catie your videos are always such a great way to start the weekend.
>> No. 71056
File 138707075398.jpg - (69.93KB , 496x386 , YourCunningPlan.jpg )

>So could you please consider sending a message to them that day (by posting here) telling them that you appreciate your 4chan fans, but you also hope that they would also give posting on your official chan a try too?

Um, Trep? Slight flaw in the plan, there. How would Catie posting HERE get the message to 4channers over THERE, if they don't come here to begin with? They'd never see it. :/
>> No. 71057

>-my younger sister and i sleep in the same bed on christmas eve

aww! my [younger] brother and I used to sleep in the same bed! ...every night ...for, like 15 years or something... >_>

>and then at four in the morning i wake her up, carry her to the living room


>and we go see if santa came, then we go back to bed.

um. she knows Santa's not real, right!? :p

>-open one present on christmas eve, which is always pajamas, so you can wear them to bed. :3

hm... the "tradition" at our house is that we always WASH clothes before wearing them... :p
>> No. 71058
she could post it on twitter. But I really don't think that asking them to come over here is such a good idea.
>> No. 71059
>um. she knows Santa's not real, right!? :p
SHHH! she may be lurking!
>But I really don't think that asking them to come over here is such a good idea.
i disagree. its nowhere near as bad as some people make it out to be(not saying it wasnt as one point, just that its no big deal now)
>> No. 71060
no u :(
>> No. 71061
Please, tell me i'm right on time. Pls.

If i am, Hai Catie!! :)
>> No. 71062

I visited them this morning in one of their threads, and they were friendly to me and knew who I was. We could screencap Catie's message to her fans and post it there. Or, we could link to a twitter post about it. Either way, it would be the first direct communication to them in 5 years, and it would probably lead many of them to give us a try.


The more fans the merrier. What are your concerns? It's good to discuss them now.
>> No. 71063
oh, cool, glad you think so. :p

psh, whatev.
bye jelly. <3

i know it's not my fault your week has been poop, but sometimes a little sympathy is nice. (:

i'm so glad to hear it. (:

i think he may have been planning to screen cap it and post it over there.
either way, preparing for haters is needed. as >>71052 pointed out.
>> No. 71064
How could anyone hate Catie :(
>> No. 71065

hey! yeah, Jelly! "Why ya gotta be so mean!?"
>> No. 71066
>i think he may have been planning to screen cap it and post it over there.
i misunderstood completely.
i thought he meant **you** would post over there as you, and invite them over here. the screencap idea doesnt sound like it would work very well
>> No. 71067
some people dont have functioning brains. we cant help that so we should feel sorry for them :P
>> No. 71068
>What are your concerns?

getting raided with hate and spam :/
>> No. 71069
you're too nice <3 I should also mention to expect a x-mas present(s) from me. I am guessing you will be getting off pretty soon so I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
>> No. 71070

I'm of the opinion that those people don't actually hate Catie, they just get butthurt when they see all the positivity people exhibit because of her and it conflicts with their cynical worldview so they lash out.
>> No. 71071
This, so much this
>> No. 71072
>getting raided with hate and spam :/
is a couple people spamming for a little bit not worth having a more active chan? it would be to me at least.
>> No. 71073

> I really like the concept of Taoism[...]

or, in this case, "Meowism"? ;D
rly like the drawing! very Escheresque! XD
>> No. 71074
January 9th, eh?

OK. I need to do something "sooner". Expect pm's on forums (catie & admin).
>> No. 71075
please continue this discussion you guys, i'll be watching, and it's very helpful.
but for now, i gotta get going. <3
i love you all!
>> No. 71076
Catie I hope you have a fun time decorating the tree tonight <3
>> No. 71077
bye catie :)
>i love you all!
>> No. 71079
>> No. 71080
oh I can see that, and some people just hate on her to fit in :(
>> No. 71081
bye catie
>> No. 71082
>hate on her to fit in
i wouldnt want to fit in with those guys
>> No. 71083

Why would it not work if she posted here or on Twitter?


This happened to us in the past, and we survived and became stronger. We could double our moderation staff to cope with the extra traffic.


>> No. 71084
File 138707425339.gif - (1.69MB , 467x251 , Eitherway.gif )
guys, i frequent the boxxy/catie threads and am known by the majority of people who also visit them.

i could perhaps get the word out to them, if you want?
>> No. 71085
me too

alright. I'm in. It's up to Catie now
>> No. 71086
Honestly I wouldn't worry about a huge surge of haters just because she addresses 4chan on Twitter or on here.

It's not like there are hundreds of active Catie haters on /b/, it seems to be a few disgruntled individuals who seek to ruin those threads with the same spamming always.
>> No. 71087
>Why would it not work if she posted here or on Twitter?
meant that it wouldnt get as much of a reaction as catie posting it herself. not that it wouldnt work at all
>alright. I'm in. It's up to Catie now
hopefully she thinks its as good of an idea as we do :P
>> No. 71088

it's always the same few people. either the naviiguy, or another person posting not so nice images.
>> No. 71089
I think the only way an actual shitstorm would happen would be if Catie herself posted there with proof which I'm assuming is something she isn't keen on doing.

This place should be fine otherwise (although you never know how crazy people can be, I'm just giving my 2 cents based on what I've observed)
>> No. 71090
i'm thinking it wouldnt be a huge problem. but the more i'm thinking about it the cooler it seems for her to come back over there after 5 years
>> No. 71091

You have a PM. Kind of ready to get things moving along. All good things :)
>> No. 71092
>All good things :)
i HATE being a curious person sometimes >:|
>> No. 71093
File 138708087158.jpg - (150.90KB , 1440x900 , image.jpg )
testing this spoiler thing
>> No. 71094
I wanted to do it, too! :/
>> No. 71096
File 138714107595.png - (47.73KB , 300x300 , YUH8Boxxy.png )
I don't twitter.

But you prob wouldn't like/answer my question anyway.

(Pic related)
>> No. 71102
File 138716727661.jpg - (259.28KB , 1520x1024 , i was like mm and i saw wat u did thar.jpg )
as long as we are talking about anniversaries, let me make some minor corrections:
Jan 6 2009: boxxybabee account created on youtube
Jan 7 2009: the actual anniversary of Catie posting on 4chan when these 2 photos were posted that a couple of days later she mentioned in Foar Everywun
Jan 8 2009: Since the boxxybabe youtube acct was deleted, Foar 4dd1 & Foar Ant were re-uploaded to boxxybabee
Jan 9 2009: Foar Everywun was uploaded to boxxybabee
>> No. 71152
File 138769527528.jpg - (41.67KB , 495x593 , 1344493460691.jpg )
how much would it cost to buy a locket of your hair catie?
>> No. 71153
lol. what is your plan for that? Clone yourself a mini-catie?
>> No. 71157
not a bad idea
>> No. 71363
When are you going to do a photo shoot? We need new pictures of you Catie, we can't live on screen caps alone.
>> No. 71366
I'd also love new pic's of Catie
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