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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 70865
  Hi guys,

Here is the video for this week! Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to post until waaay later tonight. At the absolute EARLIEST 7:00. But it will probably be later than that. I will keep you posted. I love you all! <3
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>> No. 71050
File 138707035878.jpg - (63.53KB , 478x478 , image.jpg )
I'm mean? You're the one not answering questions. ;-;

I gotta get going too. Seeya Catester.
>> No. 71051
File 138707042222.jpg - (27.73KB , 500x681 , BZGKs4OCQAAkWKp_jpg_large.jpg )
>i'm really sorry your week has been poop
lol, you don't have to apologize for something you aren't responsible for.

But thank you, seriously, it means sooooooo much to me.
Here is a picture for your troubles, I really like the concept of Taoism and the yin-yang symbol.
I hope things get better as well, but I feel a little better already thanks to you :3
>> No. 71052
i post over there a lot. and the only reason i dont post on here is because its dead and i'm terrible at starting a conversation. i think that would be a good idea but i also think it catie should prepare herself to get a lot of direct hatred because ALL the haters will come out if she posts as herself
>> No. 71053

thank you for that tip, i shall definitely consider it. :3

so sneaky.
>> No. 71054
Catie your videos are always such a great way to start the weekend.
>> No. 71056
File 138707075398.jpg - (69.93KB , 496x386 , YourCunningPlan.jpg )

>So could you please consider sending a message to them that day (by posting here) telling them that you appreciate your 4chan fans, but you also hope that they would also give posting on your official chan a try too?

Um, Trep? Slight flaw in the plan, there. How would Catie posting HERE get the message to 4channers over THERE, if they don't come here to begin with? They'd never see it. :/
>> No. 71057

>-my younger sister and i sleep in the same bed on christmas eve

aww! my [younger] brother and I used to sleep in the same bed! ...every night ...for, like 15 years or something... >_>

>and then at four in the morning i wake her up, carry her to the living room


>and we go see if santa came, then we go back to bed.

um. she knows Santa's not real, right!? :p

>-open one present on christmas eve, which is always pajamas, so you can wear them to bed. :3

hm... the "tradition" at our house is that we always WASH clothes before wearing them... :p
>> No. 71058
she could post it on twitter. But I really don't think that asking them to come over here is such a good idea.
>> No. 71059
>um. she knows Santa's not real, right!? :p
SHHH! she may be lurking!
>But I really don't think that asking them to come over here is such a good idea.
i disagree. its nowhere near as bad as some people make it out to be(not saying it wasnt as one point, just that its no big deal now)
>> No. 71060
no u :(
>> No. 71061
Please, tell me i'm right on time. Pls.

If i am, Hai Catie!! :)
>> No. 71062

I visited them this morning in one of their threads, and they were friendly to me and knew who I was. We could screencap Catie's message to her fans and post it there. Or, we could link to a twitter post about it. Either way, it would be the first direct communication to them in 5 years, and it would probably lead many of them to give us a try.


The more fans the merrier. What are your concerns? It's good to discuss them now.
>> No. 71063
oh, cool, glad you think so. :p

psh, whatev.
bye jelly. <3

i know it's not my fault your week has been poop, but sometimes a little sympathy is nice. (:

i'm so glad to hear it. (:

i think he may have been planning to screen cap it and post it over there.
either way, preparing for haters is needed. as >>71052 pointed out.
>> No. 71064
How could anyone hate Catie :(
>> No. 71065

hey! yeah, Jelly! "Why ya gotta be so mean!?"
>> No. 71066
>i think he may have been planning to screen cap it and post it over there.
i misunderstood completely.
i thought he meant **you** would post over there as you, and invite them over here. the screencap idea doesnt sound like it would work very well
>> No. 71067
some people dont have functioning brains. we cant help that so we should feel sorry for them :P
>> No. 71068
>What are your concerns?

getting raided with hate and spam :/
>> No. 71069
you're too nice <3 I should also mention to expect a x-mas present(s) from me. I am guessing you will be getting off pretty soon so I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
>> No. 71070

I'm of the opinion that those people don't actually hate Catie, they just get butthurt when they see all the positivity people exhibit because of her and it conflicts with their cynical worldview so they lash out.
>> No. 71071
This, so much this
>> No. 71072
>getting raided with hate and spam :/
is a couple people spamming for a little bit not worth having a more active chan? it would be to me at least.
>> No. 71073

> I really like the concept of Taoism[...]

or, in this case, "Meowism"? ;D
rly like the drawing! very Escheresque! XD
>> No. 71074
January 9th, eh?

OK. I need to do something "sooner". Expect pm's on forums (catie & admin).
>> No. 71075
please continue this discussion you guys, i'll be watching, and it's very helpful.
but for now, i gotta get going. <3
i love you all!
>> No. 71076
Catie I hope you have a fun time decorating the tree tonight <3
>> No. 71077
bye catie :)
>i love you all!
>> No. 71079
>> No. 71080
oh I can see that, and some people just hate on her to fit in :(
>> No. 71081
bye catie
>> No. 71082
>hate on her to fit in
i wouldnt want to fit in with those guys
>> No. 71083

Why would it not work if she posted here or on Twitter?


This happened to us in the past, and we survived and became stronger. We could double our moderation staff to cope with the extra traffic.


>> No. 71084
File 138707425339.gif - (1.69MB , 467x251 , Eitherway.gif )
guys, i frequent the boxxy/catie threads and am known by the majority of people who also visit them.

i could perhaps get the word out to them, if you want?
>> No. 71085
me too

alright. I'm in. It's up to Catie now
>> No. 71086
Honestly I wouldn't worry about a huge surge of haters just because she addresses 4chan on Twitter or on here.

It's not like there are hundreds of active Catie haters on /b/, it seems to be a few disgruntled individuals who seek to ruin those threads with the same spamming always.
>> No. 71087
>Why would it not work if she posted here or on Twitter?
meant that it wouldnt get as much of a reaction as catie posting it herself. not that it wouldnt work at all
>alright. I'm in. It's up to Catie now
hopefully she thinks its as good of an idea as we do :P
>> No. 71088

it's always the same few people. either the naviiguy, or another person posting not so nice images.
>> No. 71089
I think the only way an actual shitstorm would happen would be if Catie herself posted there with proof which I'm assuming is something she isn't keen on doing.

This place should be fine otherwise (although you never know how crazy people can be, I'm just giving my 2 cents based on what I've observed)
>> No. 71090
i'm thinking it wouldnt be a huge problem. but the more i'm thinking about it the cooler it seems for her to come back over there after 5 years
>> No. 71091

You have a PM. Kind of ready to get things moving along. All good things :)
>> No. 71092
>All good things :)
i HATE being a curious person sometimes >:|
>> No. 71093
File 138708087158.jpg - (150.90KB , 1440x900 , image.jpg )
testing this spoiler thing
>> No. 71094
I wanted to do it, too! :/
>> No. 71096
File 138714107595.png - (47.73KB , 300x300 , YUH8Boxxy.png )
I don't twitter.

But you prob wouldn't like/answer my question anyway.

(Pic related)
>> No. 71102
File 138716727661.jpg - (259.28KB , 1520x1024 , i was like mm and i saw wat u did thar.jpg )
as long as we are talking about anniversaries, let me make some minor corrections:
Jan 6 2009: boxxybabee account created on youtube
Jan 7 2009: the actual anniversary of Catie posting on 4chan when these 2 photos were posted that a couple of days later she mentioned in Foar Everywun
Jan 8 2009: Since the boxxybabe youtube acct was deleted, Foar 4dd1 & Foar Ant were re-uploaded to boxxybabee
Jan 9 2009: Foar Everywun was uploaded to boxxybabee
>> No. 71152
File 138769527528.jpg - (41.67KB , 495x593 , 1344493460691.jpg )
how much would it cost to buy a locket of your hair catie?
>> No. 71153
lol. what is your plan for that? Clone yourself a mini-catie?
>> No. 71157
not a bad idea
>> No. 71363
When are you going to do a photo shoot? We need new pictures of you Catie, we can't live on screen caps alone.
>> No. 71366
I'd also love new pic's of Catie
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