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File 138158531824.jpg - (102.75KB , 1136x640 , image.jpg )
69948 No. 69948
Catie, since you came back to the Internet, you shaked my life, leaving me empty and useless like a shell on the sea. Today I'm feeling particularly useless, so let me tell you all how I'm ruining my life.

Yesterday evening I had read a thread about lucid dreams. I already knew about it since a year, I've even downloaded the book of Stephen LaBerge, that scientist who studied the lucid dreams phenomenom. I'll be honest, anon, in spite of every my efforts, I've never succeed to have a lucid dream. This night, however, I wanted to try again. I don't know if I succeed, because I didn't felt completely owner of the dream I had, but surely it had some effect, because I perfectly remember everything I dreamed tonight... thing that never happens to me. So, in the dream I'm privately chatting with Catie via Twitter, and talking about random things she tells me that she lives a few miles away from me. So, almost joking, and being sure that she'd never acknowledged, I ask her if she wants to be a model for me for a photographic book (I'm an amateur photographer, anon, even irl). To my big surprise she says yes, immediatly I'm in my car, driving to her house. It's a homely house, in a quite neighborhood of the town. She's there near to the gate, waiting me. She's so beautiful. She has a very light touch, and wears a dark undershirt and a pair of jeans. She has a little backpack in which (she'll explain me later) she led a pair of costume changes. I let her mount on the car and we go. Destination: the beach. In the dream, I don't know why, I know for sure that on that day the beach will be desert, and nobody will disturb us. During the ride we talk about random things, of how's it doing the Uni, of what she wants to do after... listen to her makes the time fly. Suddenly she remains silent for an istant, and starts to play with the radio. "Don't you have some Mika?" she asks me. I reply yes, but laughing I say that I don't want to listen to Mika that day. I remain a bit bad to be honest, but it's clearly that she doesn't like the vocal trance. "This music is shit" she confirms, but she says it laughing. She makes a mock pout, and I almost go astray seeing her little cute face pretending to grieve. Eventually we get to the beach. As expected, there's nobody, and I take off my camera, to see Catie that look at me quizzically. That's right, I didn't explained her nothing about how I wished to do the photo session, and I realize that I myself had not through about it. "Let's improvise" I say to her "do as if you came here to the beach alone to have a walk". Her splendid face lights up, and after taked a look around herself she asks me "Can I really do whatever I want?". "Of course" I reply to her. Anon, what follows is the heaven. She looks like a child who see the ocean for the first time. She takes off the shoes and the hoses, and starts running on the shoreline, playing with the undertow, gathering any seashell with admiring gaze just to drop it as she sees another one more beautiful. I click, click, click. For any photo I have to shell my eyes: each pose is a small masterpiece. This girl is born to be the portait of the beauty and the joy of living, I say to myself. Catie is so committed to play and me to take photos, that the evening comes without noticing it. I've exhausted the memory card, and I sit on the wall that divide the free beach from the bathing fee to take a look to the latest poses. Catie, which in the latest photos has opted for a solid two-piece swimsuit and a pareo, comes to sit next to me. She gently lay her head on my shoulder. "How do I look in the photos?" she asks me. "Very badly, I'll ask you for legal damages" I joke. We both laugh. She approaches me. Slighty umid wind starts to come from the ocean, I can feel her shiver. I take off a sweatshirt from my bag to drape it around her shoulders. She blushes thanking me, and I have to force myself to not drop the camera and higly hug her to me. While scrolling the pictures, I start to absently hum, but it's almost a whisper. "To be with you is easy I know you're good for me This feeling inside me Oh it sends me sky high". She narrows closer to me. I look her, and I see that a tear is falling across her left cheek. "What... a beautiful song" she only says. I smile to her. Indeed, I can't contain myself and I start to laugh. She suddenly become serious, while other tears follows the first one. "What the... what fuck are you laughing for?" she says, sobbing. I smile. "Nothing, it's just that before, in the car, you said that this is a shitty song". She looks me as if I carried away her preferite toy. "It's the same" I say again. "Fuck you!" she says, but suddenly she doesn't cry anymore, and has returned to smile. I restart to look at the pictures, and I block myself. I may be satisfied for the session, almost every pics are exellent, but this one dislay's showing to me... is the portrait of Life. I've not even noticed to have taken it, I must had take it while a photo burst I didn't looked well before. In the photo Catie is kneeling, and keep in her hands a tiny crab, staring it as if it's a little nature's miracle. The expression she has almost make me cry for emotion, I remain enchanted looking at her for a bit. Catie notices it and asks me what's up. "You're so beautiful" I can only say, without divert my eyes from the display. "But, in the picture or live?" I hear she asks me. I turn to her, and it's like I'm seeing Catie for the first time. For an endless instant we stare each other in the eyes, very closely. Her skin scent mixes to the sea perfume, giving me chills on the back once I inhale. She half-close her eyes and I do the same. And then I woke up, anon, I woke up. It was atrocious. Reality has fallen on me like glass spikes from a broken window. I stayed a quarter of an hour sat on the bed, with my head in the hands, because I didn't had the courage to wake up. Then I looked on the bedside, where I placed the camera the previous evening. My heart had a stroke, switching it on to check the memory card. I stayed motionless, wide eyes, staring at the phosphorescent display, which displayed me only one thing. "No image". Anon, I cried.
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>> No. 69949
Man, what are you smoking?
>> No. 69950
What's your twitter account Fanon?

Don't worry, it's OK to post dreams here. Just realize that they are dreams and that both Catie and you are real people in the real world.

My advice for you is: Do your best to be the best person you can be. Lucid dreaming doesn't ruin your life, but it also doesn't make dreams reality. Concentrate on improving yourself in real life the most that you can, and someday the right person will enter your life, and you will be ready for her.
>> No. 69975
btw perfect choice of still from the video
>> No. 70073
I don't think it's safe for me to post my Twitter here. Just know that I'm Italian, then sorry for my broken english, I see many mistakes only now that I've reread it. Thank you for your advices! I already do my best to be the best person I can be, and Catie really helps me out for that matter
>> No. 76874
I too have had a dream of Catie, creepy enough on it's own. I think that it was because of my gloom from not going to this year's VidCon. What was really funny about it was that I never had a dream in about a month or so, so this took me by total surprise. I think what you've just dreamed had something to do with the brain imaging books, 'cause I had read a book about the Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte before going to bed.

VidCon was monstrous. Everything was made of cement but geometrically complex. It was vast and empty. I'll skip some parts of the dream, up to where I walked into a crowd, silent, and their eyes staring into the void. Behind me, the concrete folds down revealing the sky.

My mind hurts as I type this, lol. But anyways, someone pulls me out of the motionless VidCon crowd and says I'm late. Something in the back of my mind says I'm marrying Catherine Wayne, and in an instant I'm teleported to the first floor of the Bank of America building, overwatching the new concrete San Francisco. Everything is uniform and orderly. Seamless. Infinite. The only thing that didn't feel like it was real was Catie's head burrowing in my neck. I woke up a split second before six AM.

Gotta admit your dream beats mine by a mile and a half. It was good getting that story out of my system.. always just hung around lost in space.
>> No. 76888
I had a dream where my dad cock blocked me from Catie.
>> No. 76889
Obviously in the dream, Catie represents your mother. That's pyschoanalysis 101.
>> No. 76993
File 144017541673.jpg - (3.55KB , 126x126 , 1323334164290.jpg )
mother of god, whats going on in here?
>> No. 77005
File 144045747775.jpg - (24.49KB , 450x339 , cea.jpg )
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