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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 138107150350.jpg - (59.49KB , 619x404 , Catie-Wayne-Boxxy-Serious-Business.jpg )
69912 No. 69912
Between anewhopeee and boxxybabee, Catie is coming up on a grand total of FIFTY MILLION INDIVIDUAL VIEWS!

anewhopeee 11,356,050 views
Boxxybabee 37,605,640 views

TOTAL 48,961,690 views

I don't know if anyone is going to be surprised by this, but anewhopeee is now way beyond boxxybabee in terms of current traffic. Last 30 days:

Anewhopeee 414,597 views
boxxybabee 220,585 views

At this rate, the 50 million total views mark for both channels should be reached before the end of November.

Watch this thread!
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>> No. 69915
woah, that's great
>> No. 69919
File 138118207999.png - (312.30KB , 598x337 , BTsRl6ACQAATY7R.png )
If you throw in her YouTubers react appearances, that would put her over, but let's not take the easy way.
>> No. 69960
What the heck youtubers react is this screencap from? I don't remember seeing it. And I thought I've seen everything.
>> No. 69962
File 13817555086.jpg - (46.93KB , 372x492 , 1381164404092.jpg )
She's also about to hit 200K subscribers on her ANewHopeee channel. At the time of posting this she has 199389 subscribers, so it's probably just two or three days until she reaches this milestone as well :3
>> No. 69963
it's from the sharknado one. The jar jar binks picture is shopped in.
>> No. 69965
I can't believe I forgot what shirt she wore in the sharknado video
>> No. 70077
anewhopeee 11,750,476

total 49,528,037 views
>> No. 70078
Didn't her newest video only have like 50,000 viewers?
I mean that's actually a lot but some of the earlier Catie ones had some 600,000 right?
>> No. 70079
File 138257187712.png - (19.03KB , 873x196 , ststs.png )
Well, think about it. A video uploaded in 2011 has been accumulating views for two years, while "ROOOOOAD TRIP" has been accumulating views for maybe ten days. Also, more recent videos are one in a channel of fifty instead of one in a channel of five, so they're less likely to get

Actually, Catie's least recent video "HOW TO TRAVEL LIKE A BOSS"

These sites are mostly giving stats for the last fourteen days, so there's not a lot of long term information, but here's a long term graph of total channel views since 2011 to July. What we're seeing is a decline in views until Catie started weekly uploads, and now we're basically at an all-time high.

There are some question here, like what the fuck does it mean that Catie has NEGATIVE VIEWS FOR APRIL?
>> No. 70379
File 138353800829.jpg - (416.62KB , 1120x1066 , 50million Elvis Fans Can\'t Be Wrong - Elvis .jpg )
11,984,919 aNewHopeee

37,886,492 Boxxybabee

49,871,411 Total

128,589 to go until 50,000,000
>> No. 71097
12,659,897 anewhopeee
38,262,013 boxxybabee

50,921,910 TOTAL!
>> No. 71098
woah <3 that's so cool
>> No. 71099
Congrats Catie on yet another impressive milestone
>> No. 71126
File 138733121127.jpg - (412.96KB , 2880x1616 , BoxxyChan!.jpg )

12,659,897 anewhopeee
38,262,013 boxxybabee

>Over THREE TIMES as many for Boxxybabee.
>Over THREE TIMES as many

(And far fewer vids too.)

What have I been telling you, Catie?

(Hint: Boxxybabee)
>> No. 71141
Yeah, why hasn't there been a new Boxxy vid in such a long time? Does Catie hate Boxxy now? ;_;
>> No. 71348

Clearly, "someone here does", and his initials are "Felix Ray", a.k.a., "The Rat".
>> No. 71352
File 138836517914.jpg - (40.35KB , 500x401 , hehe.jpg )

Ah, the virtual marketplace of ideas!
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