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File 137652815647.jpg - (20.88KB , 500x334 , 1372088701781.jpg )
69048 No. 69048
posting for a bit.
but then i gotta get back to editing.
pic related.
this vidcon video is giving me a hard time.
prolly gonna be out next friday.
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>> No. 69049
Catieeeeee hi
>> No. 69051
Catie can I say I really liked the part in your last video where you said.
*gasp* it's nawt july any moar
it was really cute
>> No. 69052
Catie I'm sorry so much bad stuff has happened to you lately. The mascara, and your star wars pj's :(
>> No. 69053
>don't apologize, i wish you could have been there too. D:

awww thanks Catie
>> No. 69054

it wasn't july anymore.
my calendar needed correcting.

i'm pretty bummed about it too.
but i don't think two bad things qualifies as "so much bad stuff." :p but thanks. <3
>> No. 69055
are you going to try and get the star wars pj's fixed?

also in your video at the beach I like the part where you destroy the sand castle.
Not because we see your butt. I just like that part
>> No. 69056
hi catie

that is all
>> No. 69057
Is your internet any better Catie? Another thing I really liked all the vidcon pic's you shared with us. You looked so pretty in them all.
>> No. 69058
File 137652912090.png - (944.62KB , 1920x1080 , 1372797879715.png )
Hah, I guess he really did "go tell Catie".

I might as well ask you personally; how serious is "Rule 0"?

I remember you telling me like a year that it's not that important, since you understand that I'm from 4chan or something like that. But your moderator(?) wouldn't stop acting like a fucking faggot.
>> No. 69059
Is you seriously posting on forum and chan, at the same time?
>> No. 69060
I hope my tweets are not bothering you :/

I'm going to go back to being anon after this post.
>> No. 69061
So, are you a moderator? If so, why didn't you ban me when you(or somebody else) B& that guy who wanted to hatefuck the fat one?
>> No. 69062
well thats nice.

lol thank you. i think there are quite a few where you can see how hard i'm vidconning. :p
and my internet is not any better.
i'm having a hard time finding a good provider.
there were a few hopefuls but they're all like

no one "told" me anything. :/
i'm posting because i said i was going to last time i was here.
i just happened to see that thread.
rule zero is important in life, bro.
i do get it that you're from 4chan, but i mean... some of the shit i believe you were saying (although i can't be sure, since you're fanon) was pretty fucked up.
people are people, regardless of genitalia and deserve to be treated with respect. :/


of course they aren't bothering me. xD <3
>> No. 69063
File 137653018740.jpg - (32.87KB , 500x385 , fanta sea.jpg )
>of course they aren't bothering me. xD <3

that makes me so happy Catie you have no idea :D
>> No. 69064
>and my internet is not any better.

D: I'm sorry Catie. If it makes you feel any better I would do anything to help
>> No. 69065
File 137653045040.gif - (171.10KB , 500x280 , gif happy.gif )
Catie can I just say that I wouldn't mind if you didn't make another Boxxy video. I still love her and your new Boxxy videos are awesome and amazing, but I'm just not into Boxxy the way I'm into Catie.
>> No. 69066
How do you feel about this. Less than 20% of the top 100 vloggers on youtube are women?
>> No. 69068
File 137653082198.gif - (910.31KB , 391x393 , sweating horse.gif )
>regardless of genitalia and deserve to be treated with respect
Yes, *deserve* is key here, spouting useless shit to get attention is degenerate behavior and shouldn't be condoned.

Since I have the honor of actually speak to you now I may as well ask some question worth something(unlike most people).

What is you actual ethnicity?
I remember you say that you're Greek in that really old video. How true is this? Are both of your parents Greek and when did you family move to America?

Kind of related to the last one; where does your last-name come from?

What religion do you practice? If non, which one do you belong to(like through family) religion)?

I'd also like to know why exactly you're making these weekly videos, surely it can't be for the money, since the pay is said to be pretty bad. Would you like to share how much you make from these videos?

And last question; What 4chan boards do you actually visit?

Might as well avatarfag this thread, since I hate tripfags.
>> No. 69069

hahahah, that is very sweet of you, although i'm sure there are plenty that would disagree with you. :3

it bums me out.
how about we don't derail this fun little visit though?
:p <3
>> No. 69070
Philip DeFranco doesn't think you're a Queen D:
>> No. 69071
I'm happy you're spending time with your sister. I didn't spend much time with my sisters when I was a kid.
>> No. 69072
haha how long is this vidcon video going to be? How much did you film?
>> No. 69073
How big is your Star wars collection? I always wondered about that
>> No. 69075
i'm white as fuck.
but when people ask "what ethnicity are you?"
it's because they are seeing something that might sort of look not white, and it's the greek that they are seeing.
i am 1/4 greek. 1/4 english, 1/4 scottish 1/4 irish.
i'm like the whitest white thing that was ever white. D:

>last name
umm there is a story behind this but i kind of forget how it goes. my grandfathers name was like "Wang" or something but the g was silent and he was tired of everyone calling him a penis all the time so he changed it.

practice none, my family is christian.

>weekly videos
it is indeed not for the money, although i don't think its anyones business how much i make off of them.
i'm doing them because it's fun. they also help keep me in practice (as far as being in front of a camera, improv, acting etc goes). it's also something that makes me feel very good about myself, because lots of people tell me about how i made them laugh or smile. this was one of the biggest payoffs of going to vidcon. :3

/mlp/ mostly.
i don't go very often to 4chan though, cause sooo much porn.
>> No. 69077
>/mlp/ mostly.

there are other chans just for mlp, and they are nicer too
>> No. 69078
Catie <3 would you even make a video about you making a video? Like a behind the scenes type thing? How much of a video is improv and how much of it is planed ahead of time?
>> No. 69079
no one has to think i'm a queen and philip defranco is no exception. he has his own queen. who is pretty radical, if i do say so myself. :3

oya. i love her.
she's like getting her own little sense of humor and everything.

hopefully not too long.
i'm trying to make it concise.
but i filmed a lot. ;______;

its getting pretty big, actually. (:
soon i will have to give it a bigger home.
i don't have a proper measurement for you. i sorry.

yeah. i've been to ponychan. but the images and categories threw me off the first time i went there.
idk. its kind of nice to just scroll through /mlp/ and click on threads i find interesting. especially since r34 is against the rules on /mlp/ lololololololo
>> No. 69080
inuyasha was on last week, so I had to watch it. It was pretty good.
>> No. 69082
>no one has to think i'm a queen

haha well you're Queen to a lot of people :D anyway I'm happy for you that you finally got to met him
>> No. 69083
File 13765326727.jpg - (35.28KB , 490x415 , 1374646454915.jpg )



>> No. 69084
I thought that was a pretty awesome thing for DeFranco to say. It was genuinely friendly.
>> No. 69085
mm. maybe.
i don't think very many people would find that interesting.
as far as improv goes, it depends on the video.
but for the most part 90% is improv, the other 10% is knowing what i'm going to talk about or pausing to think how i want to say something. there is probably hours of footage of me sitting silently in front of the camera thinking.
just bein all like ".____________."

what was the episode about?

lolyeah. he was very nice.
>> No. 69086
File 137653301932.png - (200.56KB , 819x976 , 1372886309090.png )
Wow, I really appreciate the answers.

You Americans really have a funny understanding of ethnicity, especially when it comes to this mythical "whiteness".

>I'm like the whitest white thing that was ever white
That really depends on who you ask, /pol/ is pretty funny when it comes to this, some would dare say that Greeks aren't really white due to the Ottoman occupation(fuck the turks), and many other things. It's definitely one of the best boards on 4chan, though. It really makes you understand the world more, especially if you're from America.

>my family is christian.
What kind? Protestants and Catholics are both heretics, but still great compared to the rest of the world. Eastern Orthodox> Catholic> Protestant. I too am a non believer, though.

>/mlp/ mostly
It's pretty good, but I tire of it quickly because I don't take part in the fan fiction writing and such. And some faggot-assed moderator from there gave me a motherfucking 90 day ban, and they screw me hard every time I try to appeal it.

>i don't go very often to 4chan though, cause sooo much porn.
There's only porn on the porn boards and /b/, what boards have you even tried? Kind of sucks about the Clop ban on /mlp/.

Speaking of whiteness, what do you think of racemixing and such things? Probably a lot of /b/tards holding their breath for this one. Obviously don't answer if it's uncomfortable.

What ideology do believe in, anyway?

[spoiler]And why do you hate the best pony?
>> No. 69087
>what was the episode about?

I made a point of seeing the episode title, but now I forgot. I failed you mai Queen. But the episode focused around Miroku and Sango. Some rich guy wanted to marry Sango :/ If I see it on again I'd watch it.
>> No. 69089
>90% is improv

holy shit :D you're so awesome

How do you make up your mind about what video to do each week?
>> No. 69090
File 13765334515.gif - (1.55MB , 640x360 , 1375404735398.gif )
>mfw it's a plebeian from ponychan.
Go tell the social justice warriors at Tubmblr that, they'll surely get their hambeast fingers all over it, you fucking faggot.
>> No. 69091
y so mean?
>> No. 69092
File 137653370771.jpg - (24.48KB , 267x189 , DO-WANT21.jpg )
OWOW Catie's still here? I assumed that I'd missed her.

Hi Catie!

Guess that covers it.
>> No. 69093
Catie, I'm going to have to ask you to start doing some cover songs for Youtube?

It will actually create world peace.

I suggest Skinny Love by Birdy (the version Birdy made famous that is, she actually covered the song)

Or any Adele song.

Or what would you like to sing?...
>> No. 69095
This ∞

I'd love to hear Catie sing. Speaking of singing when do you think 3v3 will be back?
>> No. 69099
do you have her number?
like are you friends outside of work?

foreally though. :3

i'll definitely have to check out /pol/.

>what kind of christian?
i honestly don't know. :/
i was never forced to go to church or anything like that.
i think it was more a label than anything else.
like just an answer to have if anyone at school ever asked kind of thing. my grandparents on my mothers side were hardcore atheists.

>ban from /mlp/
lol what do you get banned for?
i lurk no matter what (except that one time prior to FE) so i've never been banned from anything on 4chan.
and to be fair i haven't tried that many boards.
i've tried /gif/, /b/, /mlp/, and thats about it.

i have no opinions on two people of different races fucking and making babies. just like i have no opinions on two people of the same race fucking and making babies. i don't understand people who think it's somehow "wrong."

don't. even. get. me. started.
she is worst pony bro.

that'd be episode 78 "Only you, Sango."
excuse me, my nerd is showing.

i have a little video notebook and i write ideas down as i get them and then i cross them off. it's sort of like "what do i have time to do this week?" and then i do it. :3
>> No. 69101
that'd be episode 78 "Only you, Sango."
excuse me, my nerd is showing.

whoa that was the episode title. And you haven't seen that show in how long? I think it's cool when you're nerd self is showing. Tell us more :D
>> No. 69102
How much do you watch mlp?
>> No. 69103
Catie, i srsly want to thank you for the internet i discovered cuz of you!
I saw you on TV in 09 and that's when i knew that the internetz are much more than just facebook.
nao a question: did you make friends with any of the youtubers u met and are u gonna make a video with any of them?

one more. did you party with OAG?
>> No. 69104
tell us a story Catie :D
>> No. 69105
Actually, I DO have a question.
Is this tweet about the Laci Green thing in the video?

>> No. 69106
what was it like meeting Lainey Lipson? Did you talk about Boxxy and how she was the idea for Scene?
>> No. 69107
covering songs is hard because youtube is very whiney about copyright. idk how other youtubers do it.

i had lots and lots of thoughts about her the other night actually.
so far i have three songs i'd like her to cover.

>tell us more.
like wut? xD
i don't know what to tell yuh. i loved that show a lot.

uhm. i've seen every episode at least twice?
>> No. 69108
>do you have her number?
like are you friends outside of work?
I happen to have her number, but we aren't friends outside of work?

How can I ask her out without sounding like friends? ..Don't want to be friendzoned.

Should I just be really blunt and ask her to dinner or something and risk awkwardness, or ask her on a group thing with people from work and risk friendzone?
>> No. 69109
>like wut?

anything :/ it doesn't have to be about inuyasha
>> No. 69110
i'm sure i'll make videos with plenty of my new youtuber friends.
and party with oag?

it wasn't. it was about my meetup.
but i do agree with your post in the other thread about me sitting and being a part of the audience.
that meetup wasn't about me, it was about laci. so i was just being quiet. aaaaand i was very tired and annoyed that i couldn't get the shots that i wanted to get. :p

twas interesting. she's a way sweet girl.
and we did talk a little about that. she said she studied boxxy for a long long time.
>> No. 69111
I think you've said you will go to VidCon 2014.
Can VidCon 2014 be the host of Boxxcon?
(In other words, tell us chan and forum users that you'd like to meet us there, and we'll show up; we'll label it as the official Boxxcon)
If you're up to that idea.
>> No. 69112
my english is so fucking poor. I apology
>> No. 69113
Catie you keep getting more and more famous :D what's it like?
>> No. 69114
File 137653605421.png - (243.52KB , 845x946 , twilight_sparkle_and_spike_by_crusierpl-d4mzzlc.png )
>i honestly don't know. :/
Like how is that even possible, that's insane. Million of people have died over this very question, and you don't give a fuck? Your family is most likely Protestant, in that case. It's kind of funny considering that Greeks are Eastern Orthodox, Brits most likely protestant and Irish people are Catholic.

>lol what do you get banned for?
I posted a .gif of a woman giving fellatio to a stallion in a thread discussing German animal brothels(which I was actually the OP of). The .gif was from an old remnant of my /b/ days, my "Offensive" folder, that is. I could post it if you'd like, but I guess not.

>i don't understand people who think it's somehow "wrong."

You're breaking my heart, Catherine. It is a pretty big deal in every conceivable way, you've fallen for modern liberalism, where one simply does not giving a fuck about one's people. I am both a Serb and a fascist, so we will probably not see eye-to-eye about such things, yet!. /pol/ will explain it all, don't you worry.


I appreciate this talk, you're like a pretty big celebrity to someone who was on /b/ around "that time". I may not be quite as insane and obsessive as the others here, but it's still really cool to get to talk to the actual "Boxxy". And you did really answer some personal questions, giving us(or at least me) a better understanding of you.
>> No. 69115
>she said she studied boxxy for a long long time

:3 that's cute.
>> No. 69116
It was kindof answered in the forum
>> No. 69118
we can get you a car Catie :D
>> No. 69119
Catie have you tried any new recipes lately?
>> No. 69120
well i think it's important to be friends with her, but make your intentions known.
risk awkwardness or else you'll def get friendzoned.
cause how that works is
boy: wanna go to dinner with me and a bunch of friends?
girl: -oh. i'm in the friend zone with this guy. so be sure not to get any new feels for him- okay cool bro, sounds fun.

and then you're in the friend zone.
once you're in the friend zone, it's very hard to get out.

thats... very difficult. xD

i'll def think about it, but that doesn't sound like a bad idea. :3

>greek orthodox
well the person that i get my greek from was a hardcore atheist... soooooo.

>animal pron
please do not post that bsns on my chan.
anon pls.

>/pol/ will explain it all, don't you worry.
why don't you gimme a little pat on the head you condescending fuck. xD

>i appreciate this talk
no problem. just be nice.
>> No. 69121
wassup my niggah catie how we doin today? :)
>> No. 69122
the only way I'll probably be able to meet you is if you go to New York. Which I'm sure you will some day.
>> No. 69123
File 137653753716.jpg - (128.09KB , 1200x1600 , Image0517[1].jpg )
Catie, I admit you are one of my favorite people on the entire internet and i bet you are cool IRL.

picture related
>> No. 69124
How was the movie Catie?
>> No. 69125
welp. i stayed a bit longer than i anticipated.
gotta get back to editing.
expect part two of ask catie tomorrow. <3
love you guys.

i don't think so.
i'm so boring.

doing very well thanks.
hungray. about to make fish tacos.

i absolutely will go to new york one day.
that was my 19th birthday present, remember?
>> No. 69126
thank you so much for spending so much time with us <3 good luck editing, but it's not like you need it. You're really good at editing. Also I look forward to the video.
>> No. 69127
ur gonna eat me in a taco? :( ;_;
>> No. 69128
File 13765380186.jpg - (64.19KB , 499x350 , snail-stahp.jpg )
>be friends, intentions known
Cool, will do. Thanks.

>niggah Catie

>> No. 69129
get lots of rest Catie <3 goodnight
>> No. 69130
We love you, Catie! Have plenty of good time and fun.
Make videos, whenever you feel like, they are cool. Good luck with school, friends and your family!

>> No. 69132
>And some faggot-assed moderator from there gave me a motherfucking 90 day ban

Have you tried maybe... unplugging your router for a few hours? That's how I evade my bans.
>> No. 69139
File 137657808783.jpg - (56.53KB , 650x365 , kaffash20130125062633120.jpg )
Nigga, I've taken computer science III(quite literally), but the problem is that I still live at my parents and that my father would kick my ass if was messing with the router just to "get unb& from muh website".

You probably won't even see this but whatever, can't let the queen have the last word.

>well the person that i get my greek from was a hardcore atheist... soooooo.
So am I, but cultural traditions =/= actual belief.

>please do not post that bsns on my chan.
>likes MLP
>Doesn't into clop clop
Okay, maybe actual horses aren't really the same thing.

>why don't you gimme a little pat on the head you condescending fuck. xD

I would if I could, seriously though. It's not like most people know the true face of the niggers, Jews and Muslims(which is actually prettier than portrayed in the American media). Like it's insane how most of your countrymen don't even realize that Bashar al-Assad(of Syria) and Muammar al-Gaddafi(of Libya) were fighting the good fight all along.

>no problem. just be nice.
I am being nice, I just can't handle extreme obsessive autists, social justice warriors, feminists, faggots and other degenerates.
>> No. 69141
File 137657900948.jpg - (110.53KB , 1024x768 , Toomuchfaggotrytohandle.jpg )
>It's not like most people know the true face of the niggers, Jews and Muslims(which is actually prettier than portrayed in the American media). Like it's insane how most of your countrymen don't even realize that Bashar al-Assad(of Syria) and Muammar al-Gaddafi(of Libya) were fighting the good fight all along.
You sure take faggotry and autism to a whole new level, I'll give you that, you Neo-Nazi fuckhead.
>> No. 69144
File 137657966015.gif - (1.50MB , 230x172 , 3iaCL5p.gif )
I'm hardly a "neo-nazi", I'm much closer to the original Nationalist Socialists. But I've already stated in this thread that I'm more of a left leaning Fascist.

How about you try to refute any of my points instead of doing a really bad try at offending me.

Since you've got the time to shitpost on here, could you take a moment of your time to do this test?:

>> No. 69149
>Since you've got the time to shitpost on here, could you take a moment of your time to do this test?
>Top shitposter
>Complains about shitposting
Same goes for ad hominems.
Oh, and the answer to your question is a simple "No", sadly I have more shitposting to attend to, so I'll be busy all day.

Anyhow, all you need to know is that this is not /pol/, nor /int/, and racism is not welcome here. This board is not intended for spreading hatred, which coincidentally has happened quite a lot ever since you started spewing your twisted views and opinions on here.
>> No. 69152
File 137658328637.png - (310.13KB , 500x455 , 1367356643240.png )
How have I been shitposting? I don't believe I haven't made a single off-topic post, if it wasn't in response to something somebody said to me.

>Same goes for ad hominems.
It was you(?) who called me both a "Neo-Nazi"(trying to discredit my political beliefs like a child) and also "fuckhead", which was completely unnecessary since I wasn't being hostile at all. And I'm also being accused of being a "faggot" and an "autist".

>coincidentally has happened quite a lot ever since you started spewing your twisted views and opinions on here

Well yes, every time I come here to post (this is probably the third time I post here) I get accused of being "mean" and other things only an immature manchild would call another poster on the fucking Internet.

But thing is; I don't give a single fuck about your little hugbox, I only come here if I want to either talk to Catherine(which has only happened by luck) or to just see what she's up to(and this is usually only if I see a mention of her somewhere, like /b/.)

What exactly are you really? A nigger, a Jew or just an ignorant bleeding-heart liberal?

>> No. 69153
File 137658387835.gif - (1.98MB , 499x281 , 1365724093407.gif )
>What exactly are you really? A nigger, a Jew or just an ignorant bleeding-heart liberal?
All of the above, now shoo, go back to your loving home.
>> No. 69169
Dawg, you gotta drop some raps on a hoe before yo dirty ass go asking her on dates n' shit. If you just run up on her like click clack and start spittin game she gon think yo ass is smokin' crack. Dat would be strait if ya'll wasn't hustlin togetha, but dis sitch is a bit mo sensative, ya dig? Start droppin some lyric and see what that freaky freaky biiatch likes doin when she ain't hustlin, and if dere be some shit yall can do togetha, invite her to do dat shit witcha! Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. If you can't find somethin o' if she be not talkin or feelin yo shit then you gotta kick dat hoe to da curb and finda anotha biatch. n' you can put dat on yo toast.
>> No. 69176
File 137662774375.jpg - (14.69KB , 189x266 , boomhauer.jpg )
Yeah I tell y'hwat man y'all on th' chan n' talkabout 'expect tomorrow' man, got on th' dangol' cm'puter this mornin' ain't no dangol' way I forget that man, click on th' dangol' www.youtube-com, check'nsee th' newhope channel ain't nothin' there man, g'wan later now n'itellyawhat still ain't no nothin' new, yo, ain't vidyas, talkabout, bummer, man.
>> No. 69179
Irish, Scottish, English..
O yush.
I'm all of those, but with Russian and German. I was actually born in the UK.

Anyways. I didn't read through the whole thread, but, out of curiosity, did you make a pt. 2 to the Q&A?
>> No. 73400
when is this from wtf
>> No. 73401
File 139924636046.jpg - (43.44KB , 320x240 , 404.jpg )
About 9 months ago. Thanks for bumping it.
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