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File 137479487427.jpg - (174.02KB , 600x799 , 129955902146.jpg )
68490 No. 68490
I feel like my heart is breaking, looking to these old pics... just watched again the sticked photo's thread and, seriously, I'm feeling very bad right now because of the nostalgia.
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>> No. 68496
>tfw you were never part of Catie's teenage life
>> No. 68498
Boy I feel totally different. I remember looking at these pix and thinking I would never know who this girl really was, or what happened to her. Thanks to Catie's courage, things turned out so much better than I ever expected.
>> No. 68500
'We' were more a part of her teenaged life than she ever wished for.
>> No. 68501
I meant
>tfw we were never welcomed into Catie's teenage life by her
>> No. 68505
File 13748677357.gif - (737.51KB , 224x300 , steurun-224x3004.gif )
>> No. 74705
page 14 bump
>> No. 74706
stop making my heart hurt
>> No. 74715
  Again, I remember one very sad day four years ago, watching LAUGHING WITH and sobbing uncontrollably because I would never know what happened to the innocent child whose "life had been ruined" just because she'd created something beautiful, no other reason.

Really, there's so much to be happy about now, and these pix are just another reminder. Catie gets better and better, and her videos are coming every day now, and she's working with great people and she's grown up all beautiful and intelligent and she's left a long trail of laughter and beautiful images, with her whole life still ahead of her, and she's been very good to us.

I could say you guys are being silly, but we all process the fact that life goes on in our own time and in our own way, and most of you are a lot younger than me.

So when you're ready to be happy, just remember that there's a lot to be happy about. And remember that Catie loves you.
>> No. 75224
Watch the sticked photo thread video posted by >>74715 with the audio muted, listen to "Irresistible" by Deafheaven while the video plays, and let the feels commence. ;-;
>> No. 75226
god, you such an emotional fag.
>> No. 75228
Stop being a faggot. She just makes mmakes Youtube videos like thousands of other girls do.
>> No. 75230
>Samefagging a 74 day old post
Master trole
>> No. 75231
File 141715921739.png - (35.96KB , 510x1499 , 1336960802608.png )
Wow, you're a faggot.
>> No. 75233
>Muh buzzwords
Quality post, my friend.
>> No. 75234
File 141721906651.gif - (7.49KB , 515x430 , 136586915391.gif )
>faggot is a buzzword
>> No. 75235
File 14172215126.png - (326.95KB , 506x483 , whodoyouthinkyouaretochallengeme.png )
Shut up and kneel before me, peasant.
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