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File 137443094444.png - (192.21KB , 641x347 , kelly.png )
68440 No. 68440
Kelly may be my favorite. She's super funny, and super beautiful, but remarkably seperate from Catie, and Catie is so good at playing her.

Kelly's so outrageous, she almost seems to be forcing Catie to say things against her will. I think it's going to be good for her.

The best thing is that Kelly is probablyu someone I'd hate if I encountered her in real life, but Catie makes her loveable. That's the humanizing effect of art. It hlps us to see the worlkd through someone else's eyes.
>> No. 68442
Kelly needs her own video
>> No. 74713
i miss Kelly.
>> No. 74714
That was one of my favorite videos, haha.
>> No. 74840
i concur.
>> No. 74841
hey if you're still here tell us a story.
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