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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 130116365335.gif - (895.32KB , 293x239 , 130095369140.gif )
5648 No. 5648
My Catie posts 404'd. You know what this means?

I get to use the Catie pics that were already posted, all over again! Awesome!
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>> No. 5649
File 130116377195.gif - (382.62KB , 180x180 , wearetwinnies.gif )
>> No. 5651
can someone link me to the thread where Catie posted a picture of her cat?
>> No. 5652
it was >>4040
now it's 404
>> No. 5653
than can you post the picture?
>> No. 5654
oh I see why it 404'd. where the hell are the mods? wtf
>> No. 5655
File 130116498012.png - (135.65KB , 458x258 , 130082939071.png )
of course <3
>> No. 5656
thank you<3 I love it
>> No. 5755
File 130117002283.gif - (1.95MB , 381x415 , Kitten_hugs_teddy.gif )
that reminds me she liked this .gif
>> No. 5799
File 130117473741.gif - (253.10KB , 720x480 , G.gif )
>> No. 5832
who wouldn't!
>> No. 5897
File 130118864654.jpg - (1.58KB , 126x126 , 1300385280745.jpg )
>> No. 5899
File 130118871527.jpg - (1.54KB , 126x126 , 1300385319624.jpg )
>> No. 6126
>> No. 6127
I wonder what Catie did on her last night of spring break.
>> No. 6137
I hope she had (and still has) a nice day. :)
>> No. 6138
If she's anything like me, she was in denial that vacation is over and did nothing productive, and is staying up late hoping that some miracle will let you sleep in tomorrow
>> No. 6182
If she's anything like me, she'll get depressed over the vacation being over and having to go back to 'real life', so she'll start drinking at the end of every day, culminating in an alcohol addiction several years later, resulting finally in the need to decide to quit drinking once and for all forever, or go to AA and be 'in recovery' day-to-day. She'll make a firm decision to never drink again under any circumstances ever, and move on with her life.
>> No. 6185
File 130134039634.jpg - (12.66KB , 264x306 , 129391006080.jpg )

She's too bright to do that :<
>> No. 6187
>> No. 6188
Read as "I wonder who Catie did"

>> No. 6190
It's not a matter of brightness, I became an alcoholic in the midst of getting a math degree. It's about the sinister chatter in your head that dominates your mind and life demanding that you keep drinking at the expense of everything good and worth living for. If you don't know what I'm talking about, consider yourself lucky. I wouldn't even wish the affliction on an enemy.
>> No. 6199
Girls are mostly less dependent by alcohol also Catie answered that in the formspring he doesn't do drugs, do not drinking etc...
>> No. 6209

If she was being honest (which I have no doubt in my mind that she was) that just makes her 100x more incredible. She should stay far away from those things even though most people with her career tend to go toward it. Her mom raised her well :D
>> No. 6217
She should do what she wants without considering the opinions of people who post here.
>> No. 6219
She probably already does.
>> No. 6220

Meh, I didn't mean anything by it. People can do what they want and other people shouldn't judge them for it but if Cate says she stays away from that stuff then I am proud of her. I wouldn't look down upon her if she did.
>> No. 6225
I hope so. I fear the ridiculous standards some people here publicly hold her to might have a negative impact on her life.

If you don't care what she does, don't make posts like "I'm so glad she doesn't drink/smoke/have sex/whatever because only morally deficient people do those things." Because those posts are all over this site (not just coming from you) and they obviously indicate that you do care. Oftentimes in what appears to be a very unhealthy way.
>> No. 6226
I really doubt we would effect her in that way. I'm sure she lives her life as normal, although she probably also withholds some things from public eye, but that's not lying, in my opinion, she's just protecting herself and her fans.

Also that second part, she says she doesn't so drugs, and I think that's great, but I also wouldn't mind if she tried them. Not doing them is a good thing to me, but that doesn't necessarily mean doing them is a bad thing. Does that sound contradictory?
>> No. 6228
Nope, I hate secret clubs. I adamantly refuse to join any TC or Skype or facebook networks, and they're not even very exclusive.
>> No. 6229
>no one really likes him

After that comment I'm really wondering why you even bother browsing this board.

Also, I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but there seems to be a large amount of hatred going on towards Fayo and Jelly recently because of one samfeagging Fanon.
>> No. 6230
  Hate Each Other So Bad in a Catie Pics Thread - club or HEOSBCPT-club is forming right in front of my eyes. This club has some honorary members and few wannabes.

Most dangerous form of combat=Turkish oil wrestling
>> No. 6250
I was actually here for both. I even participated a little in the samefagging Fayo war. Some people may be able to recall seeing this trip before.
>> No. 6251
Have you oiled yourself already? No wrestling matches withous some oiled, smooth bodies. I want to see sun glistening from your muscles. Let the match begin!
>> No. 6253
I don't emulate Fayo, we just happen to have similar opinions.

I'm not trying to kiss his ass, although I am intentionally nice to him. I think he's a really good guy, and I hate all the shit he gets, so I try to balance it out, at least a little bit. You probably see any act of kindness towards him as asskissery because of your strong hatred for him.
>> No. 6255
I feel sorry for you actually. You're so jelly
>> No. 6256
But remember, think before you act, try to foresee your opponent gimmicks. Bacstab, if you can. Spread the hatred. Let it flow from you. Love? Meh, you can always have that later. Remember, good enemy is dead one!

There is know place for remorse, lenience is for the weak. Ha! Cowards run from danger!
This is the message of hate each other so badly in Catie pics thread - club!

Ans we continue for ever and ever, until the sun dies and the stars refuse to create our shadows.
>> No. 6257
Nice argument you have going there.
>> No. 6260
And to think of what started it: Vice: drugs and booze (maybe smokes too, ,cough, cough). But it's all part of this club behaviour. Their start their fight whenever they want to. They are like big, loving hate family in that way.

Maybe Ms Wayne smokes, drinks or is doing drugs, who knows. They don't. It's just an excuse to fight.
>> No. 6262
I don't think she smokes. Her teeth are pearl white.
>> No. 6264
True, kind soul. At least Ms Wayne ,The Batwoman of our dark ages is free from one vice. See, the sun is already shining trough the clouds!! Darkness is lifting!! Soon we'll see the smile in our lovers face!!
>> No. 6267
>>6255 wasn't me.
>> No. 6373

You can get smokers toothpaste and mouthwash, my sister smokes and has perfectly white teeth. Besides who cares if she does? We're not her personal health advisory board.
>> No. 6429
Sinister chatter? I've been hooked on morphine before. No chatter but holy fuck it never leaves either the foreground of background of your thoughts. Used to get tremors just from looking at the bottle... I wouldn't wish it on anyone, really makes you feel for addicts and shut once you've been (partially, mine wasn't voluntary use) in their shoes
>> No. 6547
File 130147809156.jpg - (61.94KB , 507x731 , BoxxyWorthIt.jpg )
I've had a really rough week. I haven't slept in 36 hours, and next week I've got more problems to address, and the week after that even worse ones. I'm not BAWWWWWing about my life. Shit happens, and I'm confident I'll be better off after I push through this particular pile of it.

With everything going on right now though I should feel like crap, but I feel happy 'cause Catie. I don't know how to explain that better right now, but just 'cause Catie.

Just the fact that she exists makes the world a great place to live, and a better one worth fighting for.

And I mean that literally. I was a soldier, and prepared from the day I signed up to defend freedom on principle. But since Catie, I've understood exactly what I'm willing to fight for. And in my heart I'd be fighting just foar her. To protect freedom just foar her, so she can go to Broadway and do what she loves. Just so she had every opportunity to live a happy life and herself bring joy to the world. And I could die happy making sure of that.

>> No. 6577
File 130152386063.jpg - (3.28KB , 121x126 , 1276305460197.jpg )
mfw it started snowing outside today (PA), I need the warmth of catie's smile, post some Catie yuns

capthca: dothok :O
>> No. 6579

Babyface was originally named Ant, after
Boxxy's friend, the one with the penis.
>> No. 7080
File 130155955973.jpg - (109.67KB , 479x358 , 129188092257.jpg )
I never did any of that shit because I h8 even being addicted to oxygen. I literally can't go two minutes without some seroius withdrawals.

I sure as shit don't need or want to feel that way about anything else in this universe - well except for Boxxy of course. A Boxxy addiction has no drawbacks - it's like having the Happiness Virus.

>> No. 7083
That doesn't count as an addiction, addiction exists when you keep using the drug against your own better judgment, i.e. you want to quit but for some reason feel that you can't so you keep using and getting more confused and depressed and hopeless.
Later it manifests as the 'chatter', where you debate with yourself about whether you should use that day. The side that argues for not using is YOU, the other side is the sinister one that says 'fuck it just do it' or 'quit later, not now' day after day month after month even though it's slowly destroying your humanity.
Finally, for some people this takes decades, you fully separate from that 'other' voice and decide to never listen to or debate with it again. Addicted people can't go back, you have to quit for good, under ALL circumstances.
>> No. 7084
Forgot to add, drug use outside of the state of addiction is just a physical dependency, which is a separate phenomenon. Oxygen is included in this category.
>> No. 18109

>The side that argues for not using is YOU, the other side is the sinister one that says 'fuck it just do it' or 'quit later, not now' day after day month after month even though it's slowly destroying your humanity.

Who are you to dictate which side is which?
>> No. 18407
Im pretty sure it counts as addiction, seeing as how I ended up getting into massive mental fights with myself from even looking at that pill bottle, and i ended up getting the shakes>coldsweats>being violently ill if i went longer than 24 hours between doses. Worst bit was when i ran out before i could finish the "cut-back" approach. Worst 2 weeks ever.
>> No. 51981
inb4 this thread 404's as well.
>> No. 51988
This thread is still alive??
>> No. 54243
My God, that gif is unpossibly gorgeous.

Can't resist bumping it to page 0 so I get to see it moar.
>> No. 54245
holy crap this thread is still here
>> No. 54246
File 131581755125.jpg - (44.28KB , 321x258 , boxxy-1.jpg )
>>5648 I have a lot of pictures with Catie, I can made boxxy pack if u want.
>> No. 54247
No, thanks.
>> No. 54248
File 13158378589.jpg - (5.20KB , 251x224 , 1281479569550.jpg )
>> No. 55621
I heart Catie.
>> No. 56411
File 131829097889.jpg - (42.34KB , 471x352 , maybmaybnotwhoknowzdatzdafun.jpg )
>> No. 56412
n i luv Catie da moast
>> No. 56541
File 131847244456.jpg - (6.65KB , 200x161 , 131802193580.jpg )
Have I mentioned lately that I heart this girl?
>> No. 56594
Whoa this thread is old, there is even ghost in this thread.
still an awesome thread
>> No. 56810
>> No. 57079
File 132053054339.png - (69.47KB , 299x223 , angel_boxxy.png )

I don't know about a ghost, but I sure see an angel.
>> No. 57081
File 132053552972.jpg - (20.56KB , 320x240 , 129941974268.jpg )
>> No. 57090
File 132059982091.jpg - (150.90KB , 600x600 , angel.jpg )
>> No. 57091
File 132060061344.gif - (731.90KB , 500x341 , worship.gif )
awesome <3
>> No. 57104

Can somebody tell me what the heck Catie's ponytail is doing in OP's gif? It's just.. mesmerizing.. for some reason I can't figure out exactly what's happening.. o_o;;
>> No. 57105
>Can somebody tell me what the heck Catie's ponytail is doing in OP's gif?

Being awesome.

... like the rest of her always does.
>> No. 57106
File 132063557185.jpg - (21.38KB , 283x320 , 131924210213.jpg )
comment of the week
>> No. 57107
thats weird
>> No. 57175
File 132088590694.png - (217.38KB , 407x360 , magic magnets.png )
I just went back and checked the beginning of that video where OP's gif is from thinking the bizarre poneytail movement was a shoop.
It's real.
I never noticed it before.
It's paranormal, guys.
The girl has powers beyond the comprehension of mere mortals.
>> No. 57176
The ponytail went back and to the left.
Back and to the left.
>> No. 57289
No, it went up and stage right.

>> No. 57290
>> No. 57316
>> No. 57389
Bumping because I never get sick of that gif.

Dat smile.
>> No. 57404
Another bump of Justice!
>> No. 57490
What Catie is doing in that OP gif is exactly what my heart does every time she posts.

And I so can't wait until next time - everytime.
>> No. 58711
File 132640867946.jpg - (37.00KB , 486x357 , 1326334925880.jpg )
Catie, I can't express how much you mean too me. I just love you so much.
>> No. 63218
Because <3 you, that's why.
>> No. 67959
>> No. 73516
File 13998876485.jpg - (121.53KB , 1280x720 , smile002.jpg )
>> No. 73517
File 139992191048.png - (1.31MB , 1920x1080 , 139768868376.png )
moar catie plox
>> No. 73518
File 140003133854.png - (772.70KB , 1280x720 , 1392263347283.png )
>> No. 73519
File 140003508256.jpg - (127.85KB , 768x1024 , Bbaf6uxCYAEyA3G_jpg large.jpg )
>> No. 73523
File 140021867187.png - (655.55KB , 1061x888 , 1386373993726.png )
>> No. 73524
File 140036915158.png - (1.04MB , 1920x1080 , smile001.png )
There is no such thing as too much Catie.
>> No. 73525
File 140037484925.jpg - (77.11KB , 1024x948 , 129371812847.jpg )
This is true
>> No. 73526
File 14003760771.png - (419.70KB , 631x720 , 1398008416071.png )
>> No. 73537
File 140072812854.png - (181.59KB , 408x324 , 138838535038.png )
>> No. 73538
File 140073349587.gif - (1.70MB , 336x189 , Flex_big.gif )
>> No. 73539
File 140079997058.png - (608.42KB , 911x901 , Intense tweeting.png )
Since the thread on 4chan 404ed literally two minutes before I was done uploading the screencaps I said I would share earlier (from yesterday's Google+ Hangout), I'll just leave them here instead. Can't be arsed to make a new thread here or there.


Maybe the anon who requested them happens to be around, who knows.

Anyhow, I didn't bother to sort much this time, so there are probably lots of dupes/similar looking caps and such, and most of the caps are out of order. The quality of the source material was also pretty bad, so they're a bit pixelated. Who cares though, pixelated Catie looks smashing too!

TL;DR: Pick what you like, ignore the rest...or just download the entire album, IDGAF.
>> No. 73540
omg thank you so much :)
>> No. 73541
This is a goldmine.
>> No. 73548
File 140085808587.png - (78.92KB , 477x355 , awesome.png )
>> No. 73563
File 140102813561.gif - (1.27MB , 320x240 , 130117027129.gif )
member when all we had to screencap was TAATGI and RE:

Almost every frame was capped/giffed
>> No. 73564
I remember that
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