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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 145371369936.jpg - (16.04KB , 579x329 , j8sPtF4.jpg )
109740 No. 109740
I haven't followed the "boxxysphere" in years but I was just going through my favorites on youtube and I wonder if Catie has ever listened to this boxxy remix.


Whaddya think, Catie?
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>> No. 109744
that's the best remix. I'm sure she probably heard it before
>> No. 109749
Holy shit that one is my favorite
Idk if Catie has heard it though
There's quite a lot of remixes out there
>> No. 109796

This one is better, because it has added visuals, although I'd like to change/improve some of the visuals to ones I find more pleasing. If I remade it, I would drop most of the FS scenes and replace them with better looking ones.

>> No. 109797
File 145401972123.jpg - (87.09KB , 1178x719 , 137326128234.jpg )
omfg i love it! The visual effects really do make it better :D
>> No. 109798
lol i just realized that i had seen it before too
i noticed because i had hit the thumbs up button on it when i first saw it, and the thumbs up button was blue so yeah

its still awesome tho

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