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No. 109478
Thanks again Cate. You are awesome and very beautiful.

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>> No. 109482
File 144016962883.jpg - (182.95KB , 497x545 , doubledreameyesko.jpg )
> i like the painting in the background, looks like an mlp abstract.

>goth clubs are kewl, and black goes with everythinggggg.

> XD @ calling her an alloy, European Mexican who founded democracy.

thanks for your video, im sure she'll love it.
>> No. 109493
why was the picture removed?
>> No. 109561
Cate's mods are 2 faced pieces of shit that's why
>> No. 109563

Explain pls
>> No. 109564
>> No. 109565
OP should go back to Unichan,and stay.
>> No. 109566
You should respect people's freedom.

In fact I see your statement there as an invitation to post here even m ore than usual. I think I'll start making it a regular thing.
>> No. 109567
File 144698850090.jpg - (50.25KB , 500x275 , tumblr_m6ggzhOP4w1rz5gw9o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 109568
File 144699677334.png - (130.33KB , 480x360 , 134336672152.png )
>> No. 109569
File 144700502560.jpg - (768.77KB , 788x591 , seapunk04_by_goldfruitsparrow-d7bul7v.jpg )
>> No. 109570
File 144717802771.jpg - (64.51KB , 638x358 , enmicasa.jpg )
>> No. 109571
File 144725586264.gif - (1.81MB , 500x300 , tumblr_nom6c5rftg1u8b7efo1_500.gif )
>> No. 109580
Lol. Oh dear me, Cecil. Dear me.
>> No. 109599
Seriously, what's with all the negativity here?
I left CC too because of this nonsense.
It seems like a lot of people here have pretentious views of themselves, and out-rightly treat others with disrespect.
People who are pointing out cruelty and antisocial behavior aren't whiners, they're just wondering why adults act in ways that are not justifiable.
It's just really really weird to see people not only act like children, but really disturbed children.
No one's "crying" about it, it's just mind-blitzing to see.
It's like the internet joke of the internet tough guy psychopath has actually become a real thing.
Being an ass doesn't make you special, tough, or superior.
>> No. 109640
>Being an ass doesn't make you special, tough, or superior.

Neither does being a tranny.
>> No. 109648
No one said it does.
Be nice to people or else pineapples will stalk you and throw pennies at you.
>> No. 109654
This is just about the weirdest threat I've ever heard and I absolutely love it

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