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File 141506183892.png - (170.46KB , 932x567 , Boxxy banned.png )
109270 No. 109270
>Boxxy is not welcome on 4chan's /tv/ board
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>> No. 109271
They've banned many people for no reason lately. Maybe it's because of the latest gg bs or maybe moot hired a bunch of 12 year old to moderate.
>> No. 109272
Maybe because she isn't actually on tv?
>> No. 109273

They're incredibly inconsistent. There's endless threads on those internet reviewer retards. Hosting Animalist is way more respectable and official than those.
>> No. 109274
File 141518681073.gif - (2.57MB , 303x333 , 1379231105606.gif )
>internet reviewer retards
>> No. 109275
> Maybe because she isn't actually on tv?
Then which would be the appropiate board?
/b/ Random?

Also, long live GamerGate.
>> No. 109276
Bullhonky and brooksticks!
She also acts on youtubes!
And she's the mostest amazingest thing ever.
I have a piece of paper right there that says so.
>shows paper
Seriously though, she acts
>My Little Pony Friendship is Recapped
>"Character" stuff on anewhopeee
>She replaced Trisha on The New Show
>Of course Boxxybabee stuff
I just realized I might have a very serious problem and should seek counseling.
>Anyway, entertainment is entertainment
>Just because it's 'net and not 'tv doesn't mean bumpkiss... anyway she's part of the Discovery Channels Network, so it's still related... CAN someone from 'net make it to 'mainstream? It's a good question.
>Besides she want to be in theatre in NY, you know... My Fair Lady, Jane Austin stuffs, and the like
Whatever. I'm kinda whatever now.
>Folds arms and stuff
>> No. 109277
She also acts on youtube as well.
She played a replacement for Trisha on The New Show, and acts in a few of her other shows.
She doesn't just review.
She not some review meat for you to look at with your human eyes.
She does other stuff.
Deal with it.
>> No. 109351
I tried posting boxxy on 4chan /b/ they kept getting 404'd

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