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File 141193496139.jpg - (1.77KB , 175x109 , images.jpg )
109247 No. 109247

faggots on 4chan/b/ is saying laci green is queen. Is it true?
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>> No. 109248
File 141194755485.jpg - (8.58KB , 320x261 , 127536774933.jpg )
>Actually taking this b8
No, a feminist cannot be the Queen of /b/ under any circumstances. That should be obvious.
>> No. 109249
And anyone following Emma Watson and/or HeForShe on twitter can't be queen either. That's another rule that I made up that I think most /b/tards would agree with.
>> No. 109278
Yup, pretty sure Laci is now the queen of 4chan after moot SOLD US OUT
>> No. 109279
File 141623156874.jpg - (34.18KB , 302x294 , ZoeQuinn.jpg )
>Laci is now the queen of 4chan
No, Zoey is new Queen.
>> No. 109281
I thought 4chan's queen was Mallory Blair.
Since moot sold us out I don't really care.
>> No. 109284
File 141653446432.jpg - (79.30KB , 500x748 , tumblr_nahpagEPOg1rphc69o6_500.jpg )
Mallory is a false Queen. The true Queen is Zoey.
>> No. 109303
Does anyone care about 4chan anymore?
Last time I checked it was a non-stop stream of shitposting.
>> No. 109308
>Does anyone care about 4chan anymore?
>> No. 109311
Eh. Already mad the move to 8chan.
>> No. 109312
It's all the same shit.
>> No. 109336
Boxxy is the one true queen, now and forever.
>> No. 109339
8chan was amazing for the first week
nobody considers boxxy queen Of 8chan tho idk. She's queen of 4chan and the rest of the internet. Im trying to convert people om 8chan from cracky.
>> No. 109342
File 142124122614.jpg - (42.81KB , 600x450 , 1416920983936.jpg )
I've seen a lot of June being posted there, btw.
>> No. 109370
a handmaiden of boxxy

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